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Volume - 4 - 2021 Issue - 3 - June


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1 Rehabilitation of amputated single finger with customized silicone prosthesis along with acrylic resin custom made nail- A case report

Author: 1Dr. Kavipal Singh, 2Dr. Neelam Sumann, 3Dr. Komal Mittal, 4Dr. Nimish Sethi
2 Comparative evaluation of instrumentation time and quality of obturation between Kedo-S and Protaper rotary file in root canal preparation of primary lower molars: a non-randomised clinical trial

Author: 1Aswani Anil, 2T V Anupam Kumar, 3Rita Zarina A, 4Gibi Syriac, 5Raseena K T, 6Resmi Ramesh
3 Oral habit and their clinical implication in paediatric dentistry.

Author: 1Dr. Deepak P Bhayya, 2Dr. Rajiv Prajapati, 3Dr. Prabhat Singh, 4Dr. Saurabh Tiwari
4 Multiple Infected Odontogenic Keratocyst of Jaw: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Archana Chaurasia, 2Dr. Mohd. Asjad Raza, 3Dr. Abhishek Singh Panwar, 4Dr. Gaurav Bhagia
5 Linear vs Diagonal Odontometry in identification of an individual

Author: 1Dr. Vinita Murgod, 2Dr. Vinodkumar MP, 3Dr. Vina Vaswani
6 Lingual opening of mental foramen - An exclusive and unique presentation

Author: 1Marathe Ashlesha S., 2Shirsekar Vinayak U., 3Cherian Sherin, 4Bhavsar Nupoor D., 5Mahagaonkar Preetam A.
7 Custom 3D printed flexible attachments for the management of patients with limited mouth opening – A case report

Author: 1Dr. Gayathrie Balasubramanian, 2Dr. Murugesan Krishnan, 3Dr. Suganya Srinivasan, 4Dr. Muthukumar Balasubramanium
8 Rhomboid Flap versus Linear Closure for Odontogenic Oro-Cutaneous Fistula: A Case Series

Author: 1Aashish Deshmukh, 2Khushal Desai, 3Ayeshwarya Chaudhary, 4Manasi Bavaskar, 5Rhea Khanna, 6Mehul Bhoye
9 Comparative evaluation of different home-use remineralizing agents on microhardness of Glass Ionomer Restoration: An in vitro study

Author: 1Anvi Shah
10 Evaluation of effectiveness of pge2 gel on orthodontic tooth movement: An invivo study

Author: 1Aparna Mallineni, 2Kiran Kumar D, 3Ravi Krishna K
11 Awareness Regarding Cross – Infection and Infection Control Among Patients Attending Dental Clinics in Rajahmundry City, East Godavari District – A Cross Sectional Study

Author: 1Prasanth Tumarada, 2Naveen Kumar B, 3Narayana Rao V, 4Akhil P, 5Anvesh G, 6Krishna D
12 Beliefs about medicines and self-medication among patients with dental pain in outreach programs - A cross sectional study

Author: D.V.S.Krishna, B.Naveen Kumar, V. Narayana Rao, P. Akhil, G. Anvesh, K.S.Chaitanya Ram,
13 Effect of beverages on shear bond strength [SBS] and adhesive remnant index [ARI] of orthodontic metal brackets- An in-vitro study

Author: 1Dr. M. Ketaki Kamath, 2Dr. Karthikeyan M. K.
14 Peripheral ossifying fibroma –A case report with review of literature

Author: 1Dr. Srividhya. S, 2Dr. Anand
15 Recent advances in dental materials

Author: 1Saaransh Handa, 2Dr Vasanthi Swami
16 Knowledge, awareness and acceptance of Covid 19 vaccine among dental professionals across Karnataka - A Questionnaire Based Survey

Author: 1Dr Deepshika Pradhan, 2Dr Pushpalatha Govindaraju, 3Dr Kiran Tressa Tom, 4Dr Nikethana Dhanabal
17 An unusual report of bilateral double teeth with hypodontia in primary dentition- A case report

Author: 1Dr. Manasi Pradeep Kulkarni, 2Dr. Amol S Shirkande, 3Dr. Sayali Sudhir Magdum, 4Dr. Sandhyarani B
18 Estimation of serum zinc level in type 2 diabetic individuals with and without periodontitis: A comparative study

Author: 1Seba Abraham, 2Devika G, 3Reejamol M K, 4Aparna M Nair
19 Comparative evaluation of the effect of dexamethasone and ketorolac tromethamine infiltration on postoperative pain after single visit endodontics in lower molars with irreversible pulpitis: An in vivo study

Author: 1Dr. Varsha Rani Bangaru, 2Dr. Ashwija Shetty, 3Dr. Supritha Atavali, 4Dr. Srirekha Aswathnarayana, 5Dr. Champa Chikkamallaiah, 6Dr. Preetham CN
20 Comparative study on efficacy of intralesional peripheral blood derived mesenchymal stem cell therapy and intralesional drug therapy for oral submucous fibrosis: A randamoized control trial

Author: 1Dr.Satishkumar G. Patil, 2Dr.Pooja Chandrashekhar Sulgante, 3Dr.Udupi Krishna Joshi, 4Dr.Nitin Thakur, 5Dr.Anand Mangalgi, 6Dr.Kavyashree Sagare, 7Dr.Aaquib Hashmi,
21 An Unusually Exaggerated Postoperative Complication of Cervico-Thoracic Flap: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Mohit Negi, 2Arjun Agarwal, 3Anurag Yadav, 4Priyank Gupta
22 Comparative Study of Arthrocentesis with Intra Articular Injection of Hyaluronic Acid versus Arthrocentesis Alone In Temporomandibular Dysfunction

Author: 1Dr. Mohammed Nishad MV, 2Dr. Shreyas Sorake, 3Dr. Priyanka Acharya, 4Dr. Ashish Kumar Shetty, 5Dr. Lida Mary Nidhin Philip
23 Ozonoterapia- An alternative to conventional dentistry

Author: 1Dr. Sidratul Muntaha, 2Dr. Praisy Francis, 3Dr. Pradeep M.C, 4Dr. Zeenath Ambareen, 5Dr. Prashant Babaji, 6Dr. Shashibhushan K.K
24 Comparative evaluation of the accuracy and reproducibility of the probing depth measurements using unc-15 and a pressure sensitive periodontal probe: An Invitro-study

Author: 1Dr. Aishwarya Udawant, 2Dr. Varsha Rathod
25 A study on the trends of dental implant practice in present scenario among dental practitioners in Nagpur

Author: Dr. Suyog Bahiramwar, Dr. Tushar Mowade, Dr. Usha Radke
26 Evaluation of Golden Proportions of face in Ethnic Himachali Population

Author: 1Jain S, 2 Mehra A, 3Singh S, 4Christy, 5Kaur J, 6Dadwal R
27 Evaluation of Fixation of Mandibular Angle Fracture by Intraoral External Oblique Ridge with Transbuccal Lateral Cortical Plate

Author: 1Dr Pooja Shroff Parikh, 2Dr Dwarkadas G Adwani, 3Dr Milind V Naphade
28 Efficacy of Various Desensitizing Agents in Treatment of Dentinal Hypersenstivity following Scaling and Root Planing: A Systematic Review

Author: 1Dr. Tajinder Pal Singh, 2Dr. Nymphea Pandit, 3Dr. Shalini Gugnani, 4Dr. Deepika Bali, 5Dr. Monal Soni
29 Comparative evaluation of fracture strength of reattached anterior tooth fragment using difference reattachment procedures: an in vitro study

Author: 1Nithin A K, 2Noushad M C, 3Anish Sebastian, 4Nisha Ann John
30 Biocompactibility and Properties of Alloys in Dentistry-A Review

Author: 1M. Reshma Nasreen, 1S. Felix Samuel Spurgeon, 2Dr. K. Sheela Kumari
31 Radiomorphometric Evaluation of Orbit and Inter-Orbital Distance for Gender Determination

Author: 1Altaf Hussain Chalkoo, 2Diksha Koushal
32 Hypermethylation status of the promotor region of pitx1 gene in oral leukoplakia, oral submucous fibrosis

Author: 1Poongodi V, 2Uthara Menon, 3Kannan Ashokan, 4C.L. Krithika, 5Kanmani
33 The effect of eugenol and resin based endodontic sealer on the bond strength of prefabricated fiber posts luted with two different resin cements

Author: 1Dr. Dimple Jethwani, 2Dr. Sadashiv Daokar, 3Dr. Kalpana Pawar, 4Dr. Pawan Raktade, 5Dr. Suraj Rathi, 6Dr. Aishwarya Mantri
34 A Comparative Evaluation of Marginal Adaptation of Cention N, Zirconomer and Amalgomer CR in Class II Box Preparation - A Scanning Electron Microscopic Study

Author: 1Dr. Alisha, 2Dr. Srirekha Aswathnarayana, 3Dr. Srinivas Panchajanya, 4Dr. Lekha Santhosh, 5Dr. Champa Chikkamallaiah, 6Dr. Ashwija Shetty
35 An insight in to Parameters influencing Platelet rich Fibrin characterization

Author: 1Dr. Vinaya Shree M. P., 2Dr. Suchetha A.
36 Evaluation of serum vitamin d in chronic periodontitis patients – A clinical study

Author: 1Raina JP Khanam, 2Rajan Gupta, 3Parveen Dahiya, 4Mukesh Kumar, 5Sunita Melwani, 6Saleeta Mushtaq
37 Comparative evaluation of acid etched, cross linked dry and wet bonding procedures against conventional bonding: an in vitro study

Author: 1Nisha Ann John, 2Noushad M C, 3Anish Sebastian, 4Nithin A K
38 A CBCT Assessment of Temporomandibular Joint- A retrospective study to analyze the osseous components

Author: 1Dr Reema Talat Ayesha, 2Dr Balaji Pachipulusu, 3Dr Poornima Govindaraju
39 A cephalometric evaluation of correlation between dimensions of frontal sinus and maxillary sinus in different skeletal patterns

Author: 1Dr. Unnati Parekh, 2Dr. Shraddha Shetti, 3Dr. Someshwar Golgire, 4Dr. Sangamesh Fulari, 5Dr. Manish Agrawal, 6Dr. JiwanAsha Agrawal
40 Selection and Application of Mini implants for MARPE

Author: 1Dr. Tarpit Bhargava
41 Dermal Cylindroma of Face: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Archana Chaurasia, 2Dr. Ramakant Dandriyal, 3Dr. Sakshi Gupta, 4Dr. Gaurav Bhagia, 5Dr. Abhishek Singh Panwar, 6Dr. Vishal Mishra, 7Dr. Uday Rastogi
42 Comparative assessment of enamel surface after debonding the ceramic brackets using three different techniques - An invitro study

Author: 1Dr.Divakar K P, 2Dr.Anadha N Gujar, 3Dr.Pavan kulkarni, 4Dr. Rony T Kondody
43 Validity and reliability of measurements of the parameters of smile aesthetics: a comparison between digital and plaster models

Author: 1Dr. Sumit Pagar, 2Dr. Manish Agrawal, 3Dr.Sangamesh Fulari, 4Dr.Vishwal Kagi, 5Dr.Amol Shirkande, 6Dr.Nikita Agrawal
44 Evaluation and comparison of spatter-reduction effectiveness and aerosol containment of five dry-field isolation techniques – In vitro study

Author: 1Dr. Surabhi Labh, 2Dr. Sampada Thobbi , 3Dr. Sharmila JP, 4Dr. Veena S. Prakash, 5Dr. Abhishek Nagraj
45 Dental Management of a child with Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa under general anaesthesia.

Author: 1Al Shidani A, 2Al Mullahi A
46 Emerging trends in periodontal pocket diagnosis: current to future perspective

Author: 1Seba Abraham, 2Devika G, 3Reejamol M K, 4Aparna M Nair
47 Management of garre’s sclerosing osteomyelitis in a pediatric patient with the help of endodontic therapy- A case report

Author: 1Dr. Sunita Agarwalla, 2Dr. Biswaroop Chandra, 3Dr. Poulam Guha
48 Retrieval of the displaced implant from maxillary sinus – A case report

Author: 1Dr. Arushi Mahajan, 2Dr. Poonam Bali, 3Dr. Ramandeep Brar, 2Dr. Rajnish Bansal, 4Dr. Manpreet Brar
49 Management of Radix Entomolaris: A Case Series

Author: 1Dr. Priyanka Swapnil Kolhe, 2Dr.Swapnil Janardan Kolhe, 3Dr. Meenal Nitin Gulve, 4Dr. Unnati Dharmin Desai
50 Clinical periodontal response in posterior metal-ceramic crowns with either deep chamfer or shoulder tooth preparation: An invivo study

Author: 1Dr. Preksha Jain, 2Dr. Lakshmi S, 3Dr. Vigneshwaran S, 4Dr. Annapoorni H.
51 Questionnaire survey on the use of rotary nickel titanium instruments by dentists in Udaipur

Author: 1Dr. Preeti Kalura, 2Dr. Sandhya Kapoor Punia, 3Dr. Rahul Bhargava, 4Dr. Yogender Kumar, 5Dr. Priyanka Parihar
52 The knowledge of the dental post graduate students of Vadodara to recognize potential drug–drug interactions (DDIs) - A Questionnaire Study

Author: 1Dr. Apurv Shah, 2Dr.Amit Mahajan, 3Dr.Neha Shukla, 4Dr.Shubham Dubey, 5Dr.Nikunj Gupta, 6Dr.Vikram Prajapati
53 Oral ecological response and RPD: A review

Author: 1Dr. Neha Sachdeva, 2Dr. Nidhi Nagar, 3Dr. Nitin Kumar
54 Relationship of the maxillary teeth display with the smile zone shape and upper lip mobility during smile- A cross sectional study

Author: 1Poonam Kulkarni, 2Rupal J. Shah, 3Kavita Maru
55 Assessment of Hematological Parameters in patients with Chronic Periodontitis after Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy

Author: 1Dr. Suryakanth Malgikar, 2Dr. Cherukupally Sindhuri Reddy, 3Dr. Shyam Prasad Reddy, 4Dr. Basavaraju Mounika
56 Management of Open Bite Malocclusion- A Literature Review

Author: 1Jibin Joy, 2Anil Kumar
57 Evaluation and comparison of different obturation techniques in primary teeth through volumetric analysis using cone beam computed tomography: An In-Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Deepak Bhayya, 2Dr. More Shubham Bapurao, 3Dr. Shilpi Dadarya, 4Dr. Prabhat Kumar, 5Dr. Saurabh Tiwari, 6Dr. Anushka Waghmare
58 Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) Regarding Novel Corona Virus (Covid -19) Pandemic amongst Health Care Assistants In Dakshina Kannada District-A Cross-Sectional Study

Author: 1Dr. Moksha Nayak, 2Dr. Lakshmi Pandey, 3Dr. Sarath Das K.
59 Comparative evaluation of remineralization potential of two agents on artificially demineralized human enamel using laser fluorescence (DIAGNOdent): An in vitro study

Author: Dr. Moksha Nayak, Dr. Sarath Das K, Dr. Lakshmi Pandey
60 Assessment of attitude towards Community Services among Dental Undergraduate Students in Davangere City- A Cross Sectional Survey

Author: 1Sapna B , 2Adrij D, 3Abia B, 4Ankita Kumari, 5Ansar
61 Nano fiber incorporated intra canal medicaments and its antibacterial effect against enterococcus faecalis: An Invitro study

Author: 1Sanjay Kumar.P, 2Sebeena Mathew, 3Karthick Kumaravadivel, 4Boopathi, 5Deepa N T
62 Questionnaire survey to investigate antibiotic prescribing habits reported by general dentists in specific clinical situations in Udaipur.

Author: 1Dr. Deepesh Mehta, 2Dr. Sandhya Kapoor Punia, 3Dr. Rahul Bhargava, 4Dr. Yogender Kumar, 5Dr. Pritu Bansal
63 Changing trends of Dental patients after covid-19 lockdown at a tertiary healthcare centre in the most backward district of India

Author: 1Dr Amita Sharma, 2Dr Megha Jain, 3Dr Monika Vigarniya, 4Dr Tanvi Bihani, 5Dr Meenu Dhiman, 6Dr Rajiv
64 Prosthodontic practice in post Covid era: A new protocol

Author: 1Dinesh Kumar, 2Amit Khattak, 3Ranjoy Hazra, 4Ayush Srivastava, 5Deepak Kalia, 6Aakash Sethi, 7Shikha Singh
65 Removal of metal post and fractured instrument using ultrasonic – A case report

Author: 1Dr Sagar Chaudhary, 2Dr Pooja Kabra, 3Dr Ekta Choudhary
66 Role of mesenchymal stem cells in the periodontal tissue regeneration of class II & class III furcation defects: A systematic review

Author: 1Dr Monal Soni, 2Dr Deepika Bali, 3Dr Nymphea Pandit, 4Dr Shalini Gugnani, 5Dr Tajinder Pal Singh
67 Estimation of salivary uric acid as a biomarker to determine the antioxidant capacity of saliva in smoker and non-smoker periodontitis patient

Author: 1Dr.Amrita Mishra, 2Dr. Kanteshwari IK, 3Dr Gagan Jaiswal, 4Dr Rajesh Kumar, 5Dr Heena Agrawal,6Dr Krati Bakhliwal
68 Comparison of radio density between cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and multi slice computed tomography (MSCT) scan – an in vitro study

Author: 1Dr. Indra G, 2Dr. Maragathavalli G
69 Evaluation of healing of large periapical lesion by synergistic effect of Simvastatin and autologous PRF – A randomized controlled trial

Author: 1Dr. Sourav Bhattacharya, 2Dr. Debaprasad Das, 3Dr. Anirban Bhattacharyya, 4Dr. Asim Bikash Maity, 5Dr. Gayatri Majumder, 6Dr. Chirantan Maity
70 Prevalence of malocclusion & various variables associated with it in school going children of age 12-16 years native of Hyderabad city, Telangana, India – Cross-sectional study

Author: 1Dr. G Durga Prasad, 2Dr. K Raja Sigamani, 3Dr. Kurinchi Kumaran, 4Dr. Bhaskar, 5Dr. Ramesh Goud, 6Dr. Sai Rohith, 7Dr. Yashaswini K.V
71 An online survey on Indian dental professionals for the treatment and management of dentine hypersensitivity: a questionnaire based cross-sectional study

Author: 1Dr. Vidushi Narang, 2Dr. Gurpreet Kaur, 3Dr. Navneet Kuar, 4Dr. Shilpa Jaryal
72 Orthodontics in covid-19 pandemic: changed routine of practice

Author: 1Dr. Gaurav Ahuja, 2Dr. Akshay M Waingankar, 3Dr. Ankit Sikri, 4Dr. Mitasha Sachdeva, 5Dr Shilpi S Garg

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