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1 An In-vivo comparative study for evaluating marking ability of qualitative occlusal indicators for occlusal contacts on different surfaces with and without interference

Author: 1Dr. Chandrasinh Rajput, 2Dr. Shruti Mehta, 3Dr. Hitendra Shah, 4Dr. Kavan Doshi, 5Dr. Naman Brahmbhatt, 6Dr. Nidhi Gupta
2 Vertical maxillary excess correction with infra zygomatic mini plates – A Case Report

Author: 1Rishikesh Sukumaran, 2Shoukathali P.H, 3Vaisakh , 4Terrance Abraham, 5Hariprasad A, 6Biswas P P
3 In Vitro Comparison of Enamel Remineralization in Primary Teeth using Polyamino Amine vs. Casein Phosphopeptide-Amorphous Calcium Phosphate Fluoride

Author: 1Sanka Sri Meghana, 2Kavitha Ramar
4 Influence of Preparation Design on Fracture Resistance of Occlusal Veneers Constructed from Gradient Zirconia Compared to Zirconia Reinforced Lithium Silicate - In-Vitro Study

Author: 1Lamia Almadani Etbega, 2Yara Sayed Attia, 3Tamer Hamza
5 Mastoid process as a forensic tool for sexual dimorphism: A Retrospective CBCT Study

Author: 1Dr. Payal Priya, 2Dr. Archana Sudheer, 3Dr. Kumar Anand, 4Dr. Priya Sinha, 5Dr. Abhishek Kumar, 6Dr. Vasundhara
6 Let us forget about the doom and gloom the best is yet to come - case report of idiopathic gingival fibromatosis.

Author: 1Dr. K. Malathi, 2Dr. N. Srividya, 3Dr. G. Sandhya, 4Dr. Varshini. S, 5Dr. Rachana Anagol
7 A comparison of the effects of twin block and herbst appliances in the treatment of skeletal class II malocclusions - A Cephalometric Study

Author: 1Shoukathali P.H, 2Varsha Vijayan, 3Hanna Varghrse, 4Vaisakh , 5Hariprasad A, 6Terence Abraham
8 Primary Intraosseous squamous cell carcinoma of mandible mimicking odontogenic lesion: An enigma to surgeons – A case report

Author: 1Dr. Shweta S. Sonwane (Kamble), 2Dr. Pooja Umathe, 3Dr. Abhay Datarkar, 4Dr. Prashant Pandilwar
9 Cranioplasty: evidenced based evaluation of consequences and management of frontal bone fracture – A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Navin Shah, 2Dr Nikhil Angre, 3Dr Anurag Jain, 4Dr Het Shah, 5Dr Vraj Patel, 6Dr Rashi Jain
10 Advancing Clinical Standards: A Review of 3D Printing Applications in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Author: 1Dr. Kanchan Shah, 2Dr. Amol Lahoti, 3Dr. Jayant Landge, 4Dr. Ashlesha Ghormade, 5Dr. Shelly Sharma, 6Dr. Pankaj Gavali,
11 Exploring Frontiers in Oral Implant Research: A Comprehensive Review of Recent Development

Author: 1Dr. Kanchan Shah, 2Dr. Amol Lahoti, 3Dr. Jayant Landge, 4Dr. Shelly Sharma, 5Dr. Ashlesha Ghormade. 6Dr. Pankaj Gavali
12 Illuminating Dental Diagnostics: The role of fiber optic transillumination

Author: 1Richa Wadhawan, 2Sandana Borah, 3Soumya Bharti, 4Pritam Kumar, 5Poulomi De, 6Swapnil Singh, 7Neha Sharma
13 To evaluate and compare the retention of glass fibre post with varying lengths luted using resin cement

Author: 1Dr. Jnanadev K R, 2Dr. Prerana H K, 3Dr. Anupama N M
14 Pterygoid Implant for Atrophic Posterior Maxilla – A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Santosh Dixit, 2Dr. Satishkumar Yadav, 3Dr. Varun Deshpande, 4Dr. Vikram Rathod, 5Dr. Nikita Mehta, 6Dr. Priyanka Jeve, 7Dr. Shraddha Jambbhe
15 Cognitive behavioural therapy in the management of sleep bruxism in children- A review

Author: 1Dr. Maliha Sultana, 2Dr. Megha Kadani
16 Implant fundamentals - A comprehensive review

Author: 1Arjun M R, 2Anil Melath, 3Subir K, 4Paventhan Jolie Coeur,5Rathesha S, 6Rida Javad
17 An insight into the digital evolution in Periodontics - A Narrative Review

Author: 1Dr. Pranisha P. K, 2Dr. Apoorva S.M, 3Dr. Suchetha. A, 4Dr. Darshan B.M
18 Taming the bacterial battlefield: unlocking the power of antibiotics in periodontal therapy- A review

Author: 1Dr. Sanjay Vasudevan, 2Dr. P. Ajay Reddy, 3Dr. Abhinav Atchuta, 4Dr. B. Manisha, 5Dr. Anahita Punj
19 Prosthetic Rehabilitation of a Patient with Ameloblastoma using a hollow open bulb obturator- A case report

Author: 1Dr. Santosh Dixit, 2Dr. Satishkumar Yadav, 3Dr. Varun Deshpande, 4Dr. Vikram Rathod, 5Dr. Ravikiran Asbe, 6Dr. Priti Mehta, 7Dr. Shraddha Jambbhe
20 Comparative evaluation of the efficacy of two different rotary retreatment systems and manual instrumentation in removing gutta-percha/sealer from root canals – An in vitro study

Author: 1Ananthakrishna S., 2Iffath Hussain, 3Pradeep P.R., 4Akshata M.H., 5Sai Radhika Priyanjali
21 A comparative evaluation of direct and indirect digital impressions obtained from two dental scanners by their superimposition on CBCT image of prepared teeth to receive a prosthesis – An in-vivo study

Author: 1Shraddha Agarwal, 2Jayanta Bhattacharyya, 3Dr. Samiran Das, 4Soumitra Ghosh, 5Preeti Goel
22 In vitro development and investigation of a novel nano-structured biomaterial implant coating: An original research

Author: 1Dr. Rucha Kashyap, 2Dr. Kirti Somkuwar, 3Dr. Tejal Vikas Sayre, 4Dr. Shaiq Gajdhar, 5Dr. Sanjana Agrawal, 6Dr. Snehal Wanjari

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