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Advertise With US

International Journal of Dental Science And Innovative Research (IJDSIR) offers advertising facility. IJHDC acts as a platform between the advertiser and the consumers. It provides space to the advertisers to promot their product which lead to successful business.

Advertising Policies and Conditions

International Journal of Dental Science And Innovative Research (IJDSIR) accepts advertisements from organizations whose goals are to serve intellectual or academic oriented purposes.

For instance, academic and independent press and publishers, Conference organizers, academic and industrial exhibitors, event organizers and book publishers.

The publisher would like to serve this group through offering variety of Main Banner advertisement and Flag Advertisement facility available in the website. 

International Journal of Dental Science And Innovative Research (IJDSIR) International offers Main banner advertising space on top of the journal home page with 650 pixels in width and 85 pixels in length.

IJDSIR International offers Flag advertising space in the left bar of journal home page with 250 pixels in width and 550 pixels in length and right bar of journal home page with 200 pixels in width and 200 pixels in length.

To advertise with IJDSIR, please contact the advertising Editing Manager  at :

Warranty and Indemnity

The customer authorizes the Journal or Publisher to display the advertisement in any form and free of royalty.

1. The advertisement will be displayed after an agreement signed by both the parties.

2. IJDSIR reserves all rights of the advertisement.

3. Before finalizing the advertisement, the customer should justify the rules and laws of state legislature of marketing and will be responsible for the content and display items.

4. The contact details of the customer should contain full name, complete address, E-mail ID and phone number.

5. Customer’s personal information will not be shared with any third party, it will be used only for invoicing purpose.

6. Both the parties must ensure the confidentiality of the agreement and shall not disclose

     A. The terms and conditions stated in the agreement

     B. Data related to advertising schedules, advertising, prices, or volumes etc.

7. Each party should take all the necessary steps to prevent any unauthorized use, dissemination or disclosure of the confidential information.

Benefits by Advertising with IJHDC

International Journal of Dental Science And Innovative Research (IJDSIR) is an Open Access publisher and International conference organizer which peer-reviewed Journals and hosts conferences across the globe.

1. IJDSIR Journals have more than million readers.

2. IJDSIR Journals are indexed in some of the prestigious indexing databases.

3. IJDSIR Juornal is associated with scientific and academic societies and several journals are being endorsed by those reputed societies.


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