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Volume - 4 - 2021 Issue - 1- January


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1 Bruxism – Occlusal Parafunction and Its Clinical Significance

Author: 1Dr. K. Malathi, 2Dr.G.Sandhya, 3Dr. Lishamol. K. Thomas, 4Dr. N. Srividya
2 1Dr. G.Sandhya, 2Dr. N. Srividya, 3Dr. N. Narmathadevi

Author: 1Dr. G.Sandhya, 2Dr. N. Srividya, 3Dr. N. Narmathadevi
3 Sexual dimorphism of maxillary sinus on maxillary molars- A pilot study

Author: 1Mary Sheloni Missier, 2Ravindra Kumar Jain, 3Sruthi S, 4Sunita Sugumaran
4 Physical and Biological Properties of Calcium Silicate Based Sealers: A Literature Review

Author: 1Dr. Nithin Suvarna, 2Dr. Thaha.T.A, 3Dr. Prathap M.S
5 Fabrication of Closed Hollow Bulb Obturator: A Trouble-Free and Facile Method

Author: 1Vikrant Pardeshi, 2Jyoti Tembhurne, 3Arti Gangurde, 4Jay Dondani, 4Nikhil Kule
6 Proportion and Determinents of Traumatic Head Injury in Maxillofacial Trauma Patients Reporting At MCH Kottayam

Author: 1Dr Shiney Dominic, 2Dr George Philip, 3Dr Naveen Nandagopal, 4Dr Vipin E
7 Evaluation and Comparison of Salivary Alkaline Phosphatase Levels with Periodontitis and Assessment of Radiographic Features in Patients with Beta-Thalassemia Major

Author: 1Dr. Juhi Mehta, 2Dr. Ruchi Arora, 3Dr. Vivek Arora, 4Dr. Pallavi Jhawar, 5Dr. Piyush Kalsariya
8 Cannibalism- Another warfare mechanism of tumor cells

Author: 1Dr. Siva Kumar R, 2Dr. Jayashree S, 3Dr. Heera R, 3Dr. Geethu, 3Dr. Sruthy R
9 Customized Handle for Toothbrush by Using 3D Printer

Author: 1Line Droubi, 2Mohannad Laflouf, 3Preetinder Singh
10 Evaluation of neurosensory changes of inferior alveolar nerve in mandibular angle and body fractures – A descriptive study

Author: 1Dr. Prathibha Prakash, 2Dr. Shiney Dominic, 3Dr. Vidhya V , 4Dr. Vipin Edalath, 5Dr. Anish Poorna, 6Dr. Joshna E K
11 Non Surgical Management and Modified Apexification Procedure for Immature Permanent Teeth with Necrotic Pulp, Root Resorption and Large Periapical Lesion: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr Kanchana Devi A., 2Dr Sam Joseph V .G, 3Dr Mali G Nair, 4Dr Shabna Shajahan Illathuparambil, 5Dr Swathi P, 6Dr Rugma Raj, 7Dr Savitha S
12 ABO Blood Groups and Oral Malignancy- A Mini Review

Author: 1Smit Singla, 2Snehil Goyal, 3Akhilesh Verma, 4Itika Singla, 5Anjali Shetty
13 Clinical Efficacy of Subgingivally Delivered Cranberry Gel in Chronic Periodontitis Patients

Author: 1Dr. Suneetha. K, 2Dr. Nirosha.G, 3Dr. M.V.Ramoji Rao, 4Dr. M.Sathish
14 Comparison of 0.1% Chlorine Dioxide With 0.2% Chlorhexidine on Dental Plaque, Gingivitis, Stain and Taste Perception among Young Adults – A Randomized Controlled Trial

Author: 1Dr. Vaibhav Tandon,2Dr. Parmieka, 3Dr. Smita Chandra, 4Dr. Surbhi Agarwal
15 Effect of Ferocity of Alcohol on Robustness of Periodontium: A Case Control Study

Author: 1Dr. Aruna N Daware, 2Dr. Shweta Bhayade, 3Dr. Sagar H Mohkar, 4Dr. Roshan Dhonge, 5Dr.Anukriti R Dhonge, 6Dr. Indrajeet Deshpande
16 Urdu Version of Modified P-CPQ Analysis in North Bhopal City

Author: 1Dr. Asma Ansari, 2Dr. Deepak Viswanath
17 Temporomandibular Disorder Prevalence in General Dental Practice in Ahmedabad District, Gujarat

Author: 1Dr. Bhakti Choudhari, 2Dr. Deval Shah, 3Dr. Aumkar Trivedi, 4Dr. Adit Shah, 5Dr. Mitangi Talati, 6Dr. Nikee Desai
18 Awareness of Infection Control in COVID 19 Pandemic among Dental Practitioners of Ahmedabad District, Gujarat, India: A Cross Sectional Survey

Author: 1Dr. Nikee Desai, 2Dr. Deval Shah, 3Dr. Aumkar Trivedi, 4Dr. Adit Shah, 5Dr. Aesha Shah, 6Dr. Bhakti Choudhari
19 Oral health status and Treatment needs among Banjara Community in Jaipur city Rajasthan, India.

Author: 1Kaluram Yadav, 2Jitender Solanki, 3B.R. Adyanthaya, 4Mahinder Singh, 5Anil Kumar
20 Impact of Covid-19 on Higher Education – A Review Article

Author: 1Dr. Riya Satish, 2Dr. Anuradha Bhaskar, 3Dr. Biju Balakrishnan
21 Current scenario of violence against doctors and the medico legal considerations

Author: 1Sarika Gupta, 2Jitender Solanki, 3Vinod Kr Bagri, 4Manoj Meena
22 Dentigerous Cyst Excision: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr Abhishek Jain, 2Dr Kusumlata Sinha, 3Dr Sumera Pervaiz Khan, 4Dr Thongbam Lakshmi, 5Dr Laiphrakpam Victoria Devi, 6Dr Shivani Agrawal
23 Case Report on - Auricular Prosthesis

Author: 1Sruthi YSS, 2Rao BL , 3Parvathi PSHL, 4Chakradhar V
24 Prevalence of Mandibular Asymmetry in Different Occlusion Patterns in Chennai Population- A pilot study

Author: 1Mary Sheloni Missier, 2Dr S P Saravana Pandian
25 Peripheral Neurectomy in a Patient with Trigeminal Neuralgia: A Clinical Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Mayank Vermani, 2Dr. Megha Chopra, 3Dr. Sumita Singh
26 Atypical presence of Hyperplastic Pulpitis in all four first permanent molars in a 13-year old child – A Rare case report.

Author: 1Dr. Sharanbasappa R.Japatti, 2Dr. Merchant Arif Fareed, 3Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Mohammad Farooque Ansari, 4Dr. Anuradha Bhatsange
27 In vivo comparative evaluation of microbial reduction after biomechanical preparation of human root canals containing necrotic pulp tissue when using three endodontic irrigants by culture test

Author: 1Dr. Sonal Gupta, 2Dr. Niketa Sahu, 3Dr. Vinay Mohan Agarwal, 4Dr. Suneel Kumar Gupta
28 Infection Control Strategies and Recommendations for Oral Radiologists in Covid-19

Author: 1Dr. Ayushi P. Mangulkar, 2Dr. Aaditi Kadam, 3Dr. Freny Karjodkar, 4Dr. Kaustubh Sansare
29 Recurrent Pyogenic Granuloma In Children: Do We Know It Well Enough? - Deciphering The Enigma – A Case report

Author: 1Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh, 2Dr. Ashima Goyal, 3Dr. Aditi Kapur, 4Dr. Krishan Gauba, 5Dr. Manoj Jaswal
30 Invitro evaluation of shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets bonded with modified orthodontic adhesive and / primer containing various concentrations of tio2 nanoparticles

Author: 1Dr. V. Teja Mounika, 2Dr. K. Soumya,3Dr.Tivanani Venkata Durga Mahendra
31 Assessment of CD10 in Dentigerous cyst and Ameloblastoma variants

Author: 1Dr.Mitul Prajapati, 2Dr.Ruchi Shah, 3Dr.Monali Shah, 4Dr.Amena Ranginwala, 5Dr.Dhruval Acharya, 6Dr.Shreya Thakkar
32 Psychological Profile & Quality of Life in Patients with Stress and Immune Mediated Oral Lesion. An institutional based study.

Author: 1 Ismat Fakhra, 2Priya Singh, 3Neeta Misra, 4Deepak Umapathy, 5Akansha Mishra
33 Rehabilitation of Atrophic Maxillary Arch with Different Fixed Treatment Modalities - A Case Series

Author: 1Dr.Sudhindra Mahoorkar, 2Dr.Amol Sangewar,3Dr. Arvind Moldi, 4Dr. Nagesh Ingleshwar, 5Dr. Bhagirathi Lakkam, 6Dr. Basawakumar Majage 7Dr. Manju George
34 Understanding Genderwise Inheritance of Facial Characteristics in Class II Subjects from Their Parents

Author: 1Dr. Falguni Mehta, 2Dr. Roshni Koli, 3Dr. Renuka Patel, 4Dr.Yashpreetsingh Bhatia, 5Dr. Harshik Parekh
35 Knowledge, Awareness and practice about Biomedical waste management among undergraduate BDS students in Bihar

Author: 1Desh Deepak, 2Abhishek Gupta, 3Kumari Sonam Jha, 4Rohit, 5Anshu Singh, 6Swagat Kumar Mahanta
36 A Strategic Mode to Unravel Challenging Retention in Conventional Complete Dentures- A Case Report

Author: 1Dr Deepa Jayashankar, 2Dr Vyoma Grandhi, 3Dr Ashish Kumar, 4Dr Syed Javad Saleem
37 Incisional biopsy versus punch biopsy: a comparative study

Author: 1Dr. Archana Chaurasia, 2Dr. Sakshi Gupta, 3Dr. Kumar Abhishek Pandey, 4Dr. Gaurav Vishal, 5Dr. Asjad Raza, 6Dr. Gaurav Bhagia, 7Dr. Ankita Kapoor
38 Regenerative Endodontics- Clinical Guidelines and Protocol - Review

Author: 1Dr. Varalakshmi R. Parasuraman, 2Vasanthakumar Vanmathi, 3Ramya Vanmathi
39 A New Remedy for Alveolar Osteitis: Prospective Study of One Year

Author: 1Dr. Archana Chaurasia, 2Dr. Sakshi Gupta, 3Dr. Asjad Raza Khan, 4Dr. Shreya Maheshwari, 5Dr. Pratibha Sharma, 6Dr Gaurav Bhagia, 7Dr. Abhishek Singh Panwar
40 Current Protocols in Regenerative Endodontics: A Review

Author: 1Dr. Nihal R Kothari, 2Dr. N S Sahana, 3Dr. S K Srinath
41 Management of Sjogren’s Syndrome induced Xerostomia with Artificial Saliva- A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Mrinal Shate, 2Dr. Anagha Shete, 3Dr. Ashwini Rajbhoj, 4Dr. Tejas Kulkarni
42 Application of Robotics in Dentistry - A Review

Author: 1Rohit Raghavan, 2Shajahan P A, 3Anju Vijay L V
43 An Association Of Supernumerary Teeth With Aggressive Periodontitis: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr.Veena Kalburgi , 2Dr.Sravya Leburu, 3Dr.Neha Awadhiya, 4Dr.Rohit Yadav, 5Dr.Sai Sri Harsha, 6Dr.Aman Singhal
44 Herd Immunity Play in Covid-19 Pandemic

Author: 1N Rakesh , 2Sujatha S Reddy, 3L Fabina Sharma, 4T Pavan Kumar, 5Shwetha V.
45 Oral Lichenoid Lsions Associated With Amalgam Restorations and Its Management: A Case Report

Author: 1M. Kishore, 2Wahid Zargar, 3Madhuri Sakaray, 4M. Sreejayadav, 5L. Md. Wasim Bari, 6Cheemalapenta Mamathapriya , 7Daniel Abhishek. S
46 A Comparative Evaluation of Smear Layer Removal by Using EDTA, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Normal Saline as Root Canal Irrigants: An In Vitro Scanning Electron Microscopic Study

Author: 1Dr.Omkar Eswara Babu Danda, 2Dr.Gayatri, 3Dr.Sadasiva Butchiram Muvva, 4Dr. Manikanta Veesam
47 Coronavirus Pandemic 2019: Implications for Oral & Maxillofacial Pathologists and Microbiologists operating in Histopathology, Cytology and Hematology Laboratories

Author: 1Dr Shoborose Tantray
48 A Clinical Case Report of Endodontic Treatment of a 33-mm Length Maxillary Canine

Author: 1Dr. Pradnya V. Bansode, 2Dr. Seema D. Pathak, 3Dr. M.B. Wavdhane, 4Dr. Rinky Hajong
49 Prosthetic rehabilitation of class III Seibert defect in patient with ectodermal dysplasia using ingenious bar attachments – A case report

Author: 1Dr. Abhishek kumar gupta, 2Dr. Rekha Gupta, 3Dr. Shubhra Gill
50 Non-surgical periodontal therapy: Does it affect the salivary pH?

Author: 1Dr Maaz Asad,2Prof. Asaad Javaid Mirza, 3Dr Muhammad Taqi , 4Dr Marwah Berkath, 5Dr Arwa Habib, 6Dr Farjad Zafar
51 Our Experience in Orthognathic Surgery – Study of 10 Years

Author: 1Dr. Madhumati Singh, 2Dr. Anjan Shah, 3Dr Rohit N R
52 Efficacy of Autogenously Bone Ring Augmentation with Simultaneous Implant Placement In Inadequate Socket

Author: 1Ashish Gupta,2N Srinath, 3Mahadeepa Kar, 4Umashankar DN, 5Haris Ali Bhat, 6Ankita Dahiya
53 In-Office Dental Treatment Considerations amongst Dental Professionals during COVID -19: A Cross-Sectional Survey

Author: 1Dr. Ila Rajendra Patel, 2Dr. Abhijeet Ramchandra Kore , 3Dr. Pronob Kumar Sanyal
54 An Intraoral Variation of Polyembolokoilamania: Self-Introduction of Carpenter Screw In Decayed Tooth by Children: A Series of Two Case Reports

Author: 1Dr. Krishna P. Biswas, 2Dr. Drishti Kaushal, 3Dr. Navin Mishra, 4Dr Isha Narang
55 Acute Case of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura with Oral Haemorrhage- A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Neha Patyal, 2Dr. Kirti Arya, 3Dr. Ekagrata Mishra, 4Dr. Shilpa Mahapatra, 5Dr. Chandan Acharyaj
56 Reiki Therapy: A Touchstone for Cancer

Author: 1Dr. Shruti Sinha, 2Dr. Sunira Chandra, 3Dr. Siddharth Kumar Singh, 4Dr. Vanshika Yadav
57 Assessment of Prevalence and Pattern of Tobacco use Amongst Adult Population in Bidadi - A Cross-Sectional Survey

Author: 1Manish Kumar, 2C NAruna, 3Shafi Ahmad, 4Vini Mehta, 5Abhishek Kumbhalwar, 6Rajkumar Jha
58 Single implant restoration in a reduced crown space situation – A case report

Author: 1Dr Arpit Oza, 2Dr Sunil K Bapure, 3Dr Yaiphaba Rajkumar
59 Lasers in Orthodontics – A Review

Author: 1Dr. Shaeeb Rashid,2Dr. Ruqia Rashid
60 Evaluation of Modified Micro-Osteoperforation on the Rate of Enmasse Retraction - A Prospective Clinical Study

Author: 1Dr. Shaeeb Rashid , 2Dr. M B Halkati , 3Dr. Amir Shaikh, 4Dr. Srinivas Amberkar, 5Dr. Ruqia Rashid, 6Dr. Atif Bhat
61 Normal anatomy and clinical significance of attached gingiva: A review

Author: 1Rambabu Dudala, 2Sunanda Halder, 3Savan Sunari Rajaram, 4Sandip Kulavi, 5Shahnaz, 6Amit De
62 Effectiveness of different tooth brushing techniques and teaching methods on the removal of dental plaque in school children

Author: 1Dr. Sailendra Sharma, 2Dr. Deoyani Doifode, 3Dr. Rituraj Kesri, 4Dr. Pratik Surana, 5Dr. Ruchi Gopal, 6Dr. Pooja Sharma
63 The Management of Emergency Department and Services in Different Hospitals of Ahmedabad – A Short Study

Author: 1Dr. Varun B. Bajaj, 2Dr. Stuti V. Bajaj, 3Dr. Akanksha H. Keswani, 4Dr. Nileshwariba R. Jadeja, 5Dr. Mansi R. Thakrar, 6Dr. Nehal V. Patel
64 Assessment of Oral Health Literacy, Attitudes, Behavior and Oral Health Related Quality of Life among primary school children in Punjab: A Cross- Sectional Survey

Author: 1Dr. Rohini Dua, 2Dr. Kritika Bajaj, 3Dr. Tejinder Pal Singh, 4Dr. Steven Godin
65 Influence of Rotary File System and Obturating Technique on the Apical Microleakage of Root Canal Treated Tooth

Author: 1Dr. Ashish Jain, 2Dr. P Shanti Priya, 3Dr. Raji Viola Solomon, 4Dr. Basa Srinivas Karteek, 5Dr. B. Shravan Kumar, 6Dr. Md Abdul Wahed
66 Indigenous Remedies for Oral Health In The Current Covid-19 Pandemic

Author: 1Vishal Karmani, 2Afreen Merchant, 3Aishwarya Dhumale, 4Dr. Jayeeta Verma
67 Prevalence of Temporomandibular joint disorders in orthodontic patients of Mahakoshal Region, India

Author: 1Dr. Tarulatha R Shyagali, 2Dr. Ruchi Jha, 3Dr. Shanya Kapoor, 4Dr. Payal Goyal, 5Dr. Rahul Patidar, 6Dr. Ayesha Ratore
68 Apexification- Methods and Materials Employed

Author: 1Naik Soumya Suresh, 2Shyamoli Sanjay Bhemat, 3Dr Amit Patil
69 Excessive Gingival Display- An Overview

Author: 1Dr Shireen Mann, 2Dr Gurpreet Kaur, 3Dr Shilpa Jaryal

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