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1 Prevalence of molar-incisor hypo mineralisation of school going children's in Nanded district

Author: 1Dr. Mukul Joshi, 2Dr. Manohar Bhat, 3Dr. Shantanu Choudhari, 4Dr. Jigyasha Saklecha
2 Comparative assessment of impacted maxillary canines- opg and cbct study

Author: Dr. 1Manimala S., 2Dr. Falguni Mehta, 3Dr. Renuka Patel, 4Dr. Hemangi Raiththa, 5Dr. Nipa Prajapathi, 6Dr.Monisha V.
3 Surgical management of Ameloblastoma - A Prospective Study

Author: 1Dr. A. Bhagavandas Rai, 2Dr. Mitulkumar K Bhut, 3Dr. Manju A Nair, 4Dr. Bipin A Bulgannawar
4 Minimally invasive periodontal surgery- review

Author: 1Dr. Rabees Ahmed, 2Dr. Anil Melath, 3Dr. Subair K, Dr. Arjun m r, 4Dr. Arunagiri
5 Covid 19 and periodontal disease - An intriguing relationship

Author: 1Dr. Ankita Vanmali, 2Pushpalatha Govind Raju, 3Santhosh Kumar R
6 Pulp width as an indicator of age estimation - A CBCT study in Indian population at tertiary care hospital

Author: 1Dr. Harmi Patel
7 The rehabilitation of hemi mandibulectomy in a young female patient – A case report

Author: 1Dr. Hema Agnihotri, 2Dr. Purushotam Manvi, 3Dr. Anju Roy
8 Compound odontoma – case report

Author: 1Naresh Kumar, 2Tejveer Singh, 3Deepak Narang
9 Comparative Assessment of antimicrobial efficacy of various root canal irrigants against Enterococcus Faecalis in roots of primary molars-An in vitro study

Author: 1Dr. Sangeetha. S, 2Dr. Suma N.K
10 Prosthetic rehabilitation for a scleroderma patient with severe microstomia - A clinical report

Author: 1Fz. Ghazzar, 2K. Kaoun, 3S. Bellemkhannate
11 Successful Non-surgical management of a large periapical lesion using Calcium Hydroxide as an intracanal medicament- A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Neel J Patel, 2Dr. Dipti Choksi, 3Dr. Barkha Idnani, 4Dr. Jaini Thakkar
12 Endodontic management of radix entomolaris - A case series

Author: 1Dr. Jaini Thakkar, 2Dr. Dipti Choksi, 3Dr. Barkha Idnani, 4Dr. Riddhi Doshi
13 The benefit-risk ratio of wearing face masks during the Covid-19 pandemic

Author: 1Fatima Zahra KAISS, 2Tarik ROCHD
14 Osseo densification - A novel technique for implant placement

Author: 1Dr. Nilima Rajhans, 2Dr. Nikesh Moolya, 3Dr. Neha vasudeo kumthekar, 4Dr. Pradnya Ashok Morey, 5Dr. Aparna Pathare
15 A case of an erupted compound odontome

Author: 1Dr. Rajesh Anegundi, 2Dr. Sayli Rajendra Khanvilkar
16 A case report on delayed replantation of avulsed permanent anterior tooth

Author: 1Dr. Parvathy D Kumar, 2Dr. Rejula F, 3Dr. Archana N Nair
17 The Magical Effect of Light in Dentistry - A Review

Author: 1Dr. Ramesh Kunusoth, 2Dr. Kotya Naik, 3Dr. Megha Kadani, 4Dr. Aditya Mohan, 5Dr Rathod Prakash, 6Dr. Sampreeti Shalini
18 Piezocision assisted orthodontics – Evidence based perspective

Author: 1Dr. Mohan Valia than, 2Dr. Ramya Vinaya gam, 3Dr. Sajid Hussain, 4Dr. A. Arif Yezdani
19 Delineating the importance of General Pathology in Dental Education

Author: 1Dr. Anjum Ara, 2Dr. Aditi Verma
20 Endodontic management of mandibular premolar with vertucci’s type iv and type v root canal system – A case series

Author: 1Dr. Riddhi Doshi, 2Dr. Dipti Choksi, 3Dr. Barkha Idanani, 4Dr. Neel Patel
21 Comparative evaluation of cyclic fatigue resistance of three different rotary files after immersion in sodium hypochlorite

Author: 1Dr. Malasiddappa Metri, 2Dr. Prahlad A. Saraf, 3Dr. Malasiddappa Metri
22 Oral Cancer Awareness and Screening of Smokers, Non-smokers and formerly smokers

Author: 1Dr. Saurabh Kumar Roy, 2Dr. Karnika Yadav, 3Dr. Pritam Raj, 4Dr. Parbhakar Kumar
23 Management of large periapical lesion with non-surgical intervention- A Case Report

Author: 1Bonny Paul, 1Kavita Dube, 2Charu Kapur, 3Nupur Bhatnagar, 4Ashutosh Kumar, 4Sushil Pandey
24 Is interruption of antiplatelet drugs prior to extraction mandatory? - A case study

Author: 1Dr. Akhilesh Prathap, 2Dr. Nidhin R S, 3Dr. Ravi Rajan Areekkal
25 Management of horizontal fracture of central incisor - A reattachment case report with one year follow up

Author: 1Sadia Ada K, 2Pooraninagalakshmi J, 3Shibani Shetty, 4Jayalakshmi K.B, 5Prasannalatha Nadig
26 Magnet-retained cheek prosthesis for a large defect following squamous cell carcinoma - A case report

Author: 1Dr. Sneha H, 2Dr. Sindhu D S, 3Dr. Vikas B. Kamble
27 Parastyle with double cusp formation- Report of a very rare entity

Author: 1Dr. Laboni Ghorai
28 Prosthodontic rehabilitation of midfacial defects secondary to Sino-orbital mucormycosis associated with sars covid-19 - A case report

Author: 1Dr. Sindhu D S, 2Dr. Sneha H, 3Dr. Vikas B. Kamble
29 Prevalence of Oral Potentially Malignant Disorders and Oral Malignant Disorders among various Blood groups

Author: 1Zoya Chowdhary, 2Neeti Swarup, 3Chandarani Sagolsem, 4Megha Chopra, 5Meghanand T Nayak, 6Anjali Nayak
30 Comparing the effectiveness of various sterilization methods on orthodontic instruments for bacteriological assessment

Author: 1Dr. Shekhar K. Asarsa, 2Dr. Renuka Patel, 3Dr. Falguni Mehta, 4Dr Vishal Kathiriya
31 Comparative evaluation of viscosity, volumetric shrinkage, microleakage, penetration depth and marginal adaptation of two hydrophilic and a contemporary hydrophobic pit and fissure sealant- A multiparametric in vitro study

Author: 1Dr Ann Sonnet,2Dr Jaya Naidu
32 An in vivo study to evaluate four different post systems in restoring primary anterior teeth

Author: 1Dr. Shiminder Bhangoo, 2Dr. Tanya Goyal, 3Dr. Ruchika Goyal

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