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1 Isolation of Helicobacter Pylori in Saliva and Its Association with Upper Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Subjects with Minor Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis – A Cross Sectional Study

Author: 1Dr. Lavanya N, 2Dr. Vijayalakshmi KR.,
2 Evaluation of Bond Strength to Dehydrated Cross-Linked Dentin: A New Perspective

Author: 1Dr. Pradeep Pr.,2Dr. Saksham Narainia,3Dr. Veenakumari R.,4Dr. Dasari Vineela
3 Endodontic Management of Mandibular First Molars with Radix Entomolaris

Author: 1Mohamed Rahhali,2Majid Sakout, 3Faiza Abdallaoui
4 Comparison of dimensional changes of Compression molded vs Injection molded heat-cured resin with different thicknesses

Author: 1Dr. Rupal J. Shah, 2Dr. Sanjay B. Lagdive, 3Dr. Abhay H. Machchhar, 4Dr. Sherin Cherian, 5Dr. Kalaiarasi Periyanan
5 A study to evaluate dental traumatic injuries prevalent among children in Sport College, Saifai.

Author: 1 Dr Rahul Mishra, 2Dr Atul Kumar Singh
6 Effect of Antioxidants In Reducing Microleakage of Composite Restoration In Intracoronally - Bleached Teeth

Author: 1Dr.Harish Kumar, 2Dr.Aftab Damda, 3Dr.Rajaram Naik
7 Syndromic Odontogenic Keratocyst : A Rare Case Report With Review of Literature

Author: 1Amitayu Bhattacharya, 2Arunit Chatterjee, 3 Swagata Gayen, 4Sanjeet K Das, 5Sk. Abdul Mahmud, 6Mousumi Pal
8 Salvaging The Periodontically Compromised Teeth By Double-Crown Retained Partial Prosthesis Fabricated By CAD-CAM Technique - A Case Report.

Author: Dr. Krishna D. Gorde, Dr. Nazish Baig, Dr. Babita Yeshwante, Dr. Pranali Vaidya
9 Unicystic Ameloblastoma of the Mandible - Use of Modified Carnoys Solution after Enucleation

Author: 1 Dr K S Manjunath, 2Dr Fathima Shamra, 3Dr Bindhu Ghorpade, 4Dr Nivedita sajeev
10 Management of Odontogenic Keratocyst Crossing Mandibular Midline by Conservative Method

Author: 1Dr K S Manjunath, 2Dr Shashidhara kamath,3Dr Bindhu Ghorpade, 4Dr Fathima Shamra, 6Dr Nivedita sajeev
11 Evaluation and Comparative Study of Height, Weight and Body Mass Index with Active Maximum Mouth Opening In Normal Healthy Subjects: A Hospital Based Cross Sectional Study

Author: 1Dr. Manjiri Joshi, 2Dr. Mansi Tailor
12 Management of Necrotizing Fascitis by Surgical Debridement and Potato Peel Dressing

Author: 1Dr K S Manjunath, 2Dr Bindhu Ghorpade, 3Dr Fathima Shamra, 4Dr Nivedita sajeev,
13 Does free active chlorine in sodium hypochlorite is effected by other root canal irrigants ?

Author: 1R.Rajasekhar Naik, 2S.Anitha Rao, 3S.Srinivas, 4T.Muralidhar,
14 To Compare Influence of Commonly Used Food Colourants on Colour Stability of Different Heat Cure Denture Base Resins: An In Vitro Study

Author: 1Kaprate. T, 2Nagpal. A, 3Verma. R, 4Chaudhary. A,4 Bhat. I.A,6 Bakshi. S,
15 Comparison of corrosion of orthodontic miniscrew in different surface media: An electrochemical and SEM study

Author: 1Dr Anil Maheshwal,2Dr Prerna Hoogan Teja, 3Dr Shruti mittal,4 Dr Preetinder singh, 5Dr. Samarjit Singh Teja, 6Dr. Chandra Charu Tripathi,
16 Rhinosporidiosis of Parotid Duct Region: A Rare Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Himani Dadwal, 2Dr. Sumit Chopra, 3Dr. Priyanka Sharma, 4Dr. S. Shanmugasundaram, 5Dr. Tripti Mukherjee
17 Management of a Combination of Inflammatory Internal and External Resorption: Tooth Salvage.

Author: 1Dr. Bhavya Shetty, 1Dr.Disha Damodaran, 2Dr.Shruti Bhandary, 3Dr. Parimala Kumar
18 Photodynamic therapy and its effect on oxidative stress following nonsurgical therapy in patients with chronic periodontitis: A Clinico-Biochemical study

Author: 1Dr Pooja Palwankar, 2Dr Karunik Gupta , 3Dr Anjana Goyal, 4Dr Lipika Gopal
19 Extensive Chronic Osteomyelitis of Bilateral Maxilla in a Diabetic Patient: A Case Report

Author: 1Joyce Sequeira, 2Vinayakrishna Kolari, 3Anchal Mehra
20 Odontogenic Keratocyst: An Overview of Management Protocols

Author: 1Hani Yousuf Naik, 2G.K. Thapliyal, 3Himanshu Bhutani, 4Ambika Luthra
21 The Advent of Bioceramics in Dentistry- A Review

Author: Dr. Spandana
22 Effect of low-level laser therapy on rate of orthodontic tooth movement during Enmass retraction.

Author: 1Dr. Faiz Ahmad Bhat,2Dr. Nandish Shetty, 3Dr. Nazia Qurashi, 4Dr. Akhter Husain,
23 Kris ‘o’mit Technique: The Bull’s Eye for Implant Placement

Author: 1Jayakrishnan. U, 2Mithun K Naik, 3K. Nillan 4Shetty, Rohan Rai,
24 Multiple Supernumerary Teeth In A Non-Syndromic Patient- A Rare Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Divya Chadda , 2Dr. Anirban Shome, 3Dr. Swapan Kumar Majumdar, 4Dr. Soumen Mandal, 5Dr. Aritra Chatterjee, 6Dr. Chandan Sahana
25 Case of Multiple Impacted Permanent, 12 Supernuemeries and Completely Retained Primary Teeth with Transient Alkaline Phosphatemia

Author: 1Dr. Teena Maria Wilson, 2Dr. Sandhya Jain
26 Influence of Different Vehicles on Penetration of Calcium Hydroxide Pastes in Radicular Dentin - Evaluated Using Anthocyanin for the Colorimetric Analysis

Author: 1Dr. Sushma Sindhe S, 2Dr. Manjegowda P G., 3Dr. Jayalakshmi K B, 4Dr. Prasannalatha Nadig
27 Nanotechnology in Periodontics: A New Horizon

Author: 1Dr. Amit K Walvekar, 2Dr. Razeena Salam, 3Dr. Rugma U Menon, 4Dr. Sreelakshmi Sekhar, 5Dr. Sneha S Fal Dessai
28 A correlative evaluation between occlusal vertical dimension and the length of thumb and index finger: An Anthropometrical study.

Author: 1Dr. Ranjana Balla, 2Dr. Davinderjit Kaur Shergill, 3Dr. Anita Mehta, 4Dr. Nitin Khuller, 5Dr. Preetinder Singh
29 Comparative Evaluation of Different Dentin Deproteinizing Agents on Nanoleakage - An In-Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr Veenakumari R, 2Dr Niveditha S , 3Dr Pradeep P.R, 4Dr Arathi S Nair
30 Prosthodontic Rehabilitation of Combination Syndrome Using CAD-CAM Assisted Telescopic Prosthesis – A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Rajat Lanzara, 2Dr. Amit Khattak, 3Dr. Dinesh Kumar, 4Dr Anup Gopi

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