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Volume - 5 - 2022 Issue - 1- February


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1 Evaluation of curcumin gel compared with chlorhexidine gel as an adjunct in the treatment of chronic gingivitis: A randomised controlled clinical trail

Author: 1Dr. Soumya Mundhra, 2Dr. Raja Sridhar, 3Dr. Sudeep HM, 4Dr. Ela Shree Chatterjee, 5Dr. Wajeeh Khan
2 Comparative assessment of buccal corridor, arch width and incisor inclination in cases treated with damon and conventional bracket system

Author: 1Taufique Anwer, 2Preeti Bhattacharya, 3Shivani Singh, 4Anil K. Chandna, 5Ravi Bhandari, 6Shubhi Gangwar
3 IgG-4 related disease in Maxillofacial Region- A Rare case report

Author: 1Vivek Saxena, 2Narendra Babu BK, 3DK Gupta, 4Akash Sehgal
4 Effect of Adjunctive Supplementation of Melatonin in Periodontal Therapy in Patients with Periodontitis

Author: 1Dr. Kranti Konuganti, 2Dr. Priyanka Singh
5 Assessment of various factors related to attitudes and anxiety of parents accompanying their children for dental treatment

Author: 1Suma G, 2Kishanraj K
6 Volumetric analysis of mandibular condyle for sexual dimorphism using cone beam computed tomography-A cross sectional study

Author: 1Dr. Ancy Kuriakose, 2Dr. Chaya M David, 3Dr. Namitha Jayapal, 4Dr. Ram Narayan BK.
7 Attitudes and practices of use of e-learning among dental students during covid 19 pandemic – A cross sectional study

Author: 1Aysha Sithara C, 2Vaishakh Nath P, 3T V Anupam Kumar, 4Jeeva PP, Rehna S, 5Krishna Priya P
8 Updated Guidelines Regarding Antimicrobial Resistance in Dentistry: A Concise Review

Author: 1Bhumika D Raiyani, 2Deepak Viswanath, 3Dipti Bhagat
9 A holistic strategy to prevent transmission of covid virus disease-19 in the dental office

Author: 1Ioannis Tilaveridis, 2Panagiotis Karakostas, 3Vasilios Tilaveridis, 4Stavros Tilaveridis, 5Sofia Tilaveridou
10 Clinical study of titanium mesh in reconstruction of maxillofacial defects

Author: 1Chandresh Jaiswara, 2Naresh Kumar Sharma, 3Vinay Kumar Srivastava, 4 Neeraj Kumar Dhiman
11 Endodontic management of three different aberrant root canal anatomies in maxillary second molar: A case series

Author: 1Dr. Soham Datta, 2Dr. Debaprasad Das, 3Dr. Anirban Bhattacharyya, 4Dr. Asim Bikash Maity, 5Dr. Gayatri Majumder, 6Dr. Abhisek Guria
12 Digital versus conventional implant impressions-Finding the evidence

Author: 1Dr. Jyoti Yadav, 2Dr. Virender Kumar, 3Dr. Sharique Rehan, 4Dr. Sunint Singh
13 Evaluation of morphologic variation of the mandibular condyle in Degenerative Joint Disorders using Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Author: 1Nandana Sumitran,2Nileena R Kumar, 3Soumya Mohanan T V
14 Gingival depigmentation & crown lengthening by laser & bur abrasive technique - A case report

Author: 1Dr. Lakshminarayanan. S, 2Sowmiya Jaikumar, 3Kennedy Babu S.P.K, 4Manoj Margabandhu
15 Evaluating the efficacy of the combination of 1% metformin gel with platelet- rich fibrin in the management of periodontal intrabony defects – A clinic- radiographic study

Author: 1Dr. Reshmi V Nair, 2Dr. Darshan B M, 3Dr. Suchetha A, 4Dr. Sapna N, 5Dr. Apoorva S M, 6Dr. Divya Bhat, 7Mrs. Shwetha Baliga B
16 What Is Under the Denture

Author: 1Dr. T. Jones Raja Devathambi, 2Dr. A. Winnifred Christy, 3Dr. K. Vel Latha, 4Ms. R. Varsha
17 An innovative perspective to analyze the morphology of velum in OSMF patients-A radiographic study

Author: 1Dr. Aiman Mahfooz, 2Dr. M.K. Sunil, 3Dr. Upender Malik, 4Dr. Roopika Handa, 5Dr. Chhavi Srivastava, 6Dr Vaishali
18 Traumatic Ulcerative Granuloma with Stromal Eosinophilia (TUGSE): A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Anima A.S, 2Dr. Fasil V.P., 3Dr. Bindu P., 4Dr. Nileena R Kumar
19 Qualitative research in health care

Author: 1Alfiya M, 2Rekha P Shenoy, 3Praveen Jodalli, 4Imran Pasha, 5Junaid, 6Supriya. A
20 Evidence based decision-making

Author: 1Pallavi Ammu Thomas, 2Rekha P Shenoy, 3Praveen Jodalli, 4Imran Pasha, 5Junaid, 6Supriya. A
21 Evaluation of plasma cotinine, serum vitamin b12 and serum ferritin between smokers and nonsmokers with and without recurrent aphthous stomatitis -A cross sectional study

Author: 1Dr. S.V. Dhanya, 2Dr. Shashikiran. M, 3Dr. Tatu Joy. E, 4Dr. Suresh. C.S., 5Dr. Redwin Dhas Manchil. P., 6Dr. Lakshmi. P.S.
22 Comparison of two restorative materials Vitremer and Cention N for restoring primary molars over a period of 12 months: An in- vivo study

Author: 1Dr. Preetika Yadav, 2Dr. Mandeep Singh Virdi
23 Anterior Composite Stratification: A Practical Guide

Author: 1Dr. Ridyumna G, 2Dr. Priyansha Singh, 3Dr. Vijaykumar G S, 4Dr. Nikita Sharma
24 Evaluation of Facial changes in patients with Class II Division 1 malocclusion with convex facial profile after treatment with functional appliance (Twin-block) followed by fixed orthodontic mechanotherapy – A Cephalometric Study

Author: 1Dr Milan Mashru
25 Self-Ligating Brackets- A review

Author: 1Dr. Tarun Sharma, 2Dr. Prajwal Pathak, 3Dr. Narayana Prasad P, 4Dr. Tarun Kumar, 5Dr. Rini Banerjee, 6Dr. Sparsh B Srivastava
26 Recent advances in orthodontic diagnostic aids

Author: 1Dr. P. Narayana Prasad, 2Dr. Shipra Bisht, 3Dr. Tarun Sharma, 4Dr. Tarun Kumar, 5Dr. Vedika Joshi, 6Dr. Sakshi Agarwal
27 Oral Care During Orthodontic Treatment

Author: 1Dr Tarun Kumar, 2Dr. Princy Garg, 3Dr. P. Narayana Prasad, 4Dr. Tarun Sharma, 4Dr. Sonali Bhatt, 4Dr. Anu Grover
28 Dr. Shruti Gupta, Dr. Neelam Das, Dr. Vaishali Sachan, Dr. Shravan Kumar

Author: 1Dr. Shruti Gupta, 2Dr. Neelam Das, 3Dr. Vaishali Sachan, 4Dr. Shravan Kumar
29 Esthetic Options for Restoring Primary Molars: A Review

Author: 1Dr. Preetika Yadav, 2Dr. Mandeep Singh Virdi
30 A prospective care with tobacco counselling and medication in a patient with oral submucous fibrosis – A Case report.

Author: 1Amar Kumar Shaw,2Pranali Bahadure, 1Vikram Garcha,2Daya Jangam,1Vittaldas Shetty,1Dr. Saurabh Chandra Pawar
31 Comparison of Demirjian’s Method and Willems Method for Estimation of Dental Age in Bengaluru Population

Author: 1Boraiah Shivakumar, 2Vina Vaswani, 3Leena Pramod, 4Sheethal, 5Balagangadharaswamy Shobha, 6Boraiah Niveditha, 7Manju Prasad
32 Estimation of Total Antioxidants capacity levels in blood plasma by new modified ferric reducing abilility of plasma (FRAP) Assay Method

Author: 1Dr. Maya Mhaske, 2Dr. Sanjay Sarode, 3Dr. Mithila Kakade, 4Dr. Shraddha Bhandari
33 Arteriovenous hemengioma of left submandibular region: A case report and review of literature

Author: 1Dr.Gopal Srivastava, 2Dr.Tinky Bose C, 3Dr.Girija K L, 4Dr.Sunu Ramachandran, 5Dr.Remya Yogidas, 6Dr.Amrutha Murali
34 Evaluation of the feasibility of extraction socket preservation using I-PRF & hydroxyapatite matrix

Author: 1Dr. Sudeep Shrivastava, 2Dr. Shaji Thomas, 3Dr. Shubhanshi Kangloo, 4Dr. Kanchan Dahare, 5Dr. Monica Gupta
35 Comparative evaluation of effect of rotary file and lentulo spiral usage at different speeds on apical extrusion of calcium hydroxide: An Invitro study

Author: 1Dr. Pooja Vinayak Gaikwad, 2Dr. Sarvesha Bhondwe, 3Dr. Vishal Mahajan, 4Dr. Sonam Muthiyan, 5Dr. Sharmika Chechare, 6Dr. Priti Kendre
36 Knowledge and Awareness about the signs and symptoms of Corona viral infection (COVID-19), and the required infection control measures to prevent its spread among undergraduate dental students in Sumandeep Vidyapeeth: Questionnaire study

Author: 1Dr. Mrudula Ravindra Mulay, 2Dr. Amit Mahajan, 3Dr. Prachur Malhotra, 4Dr. Apurv Shah
37 Comparative Study of Lip Prints Using Conventional and Sudan Black Method

Author: 1Dr. Varsha Ajit Sangle, 2Dr. Smita Chaware, 3Dr. Gauri Ugale, 4Dr. Ashwini Biradar, 5Dr. Tejashri Mantri, 6Dr. Shilpa Kendre
38 Evaluation of teeth & bone changes among children and adults: A study conducted in fluoride endemic areas of Garhwa district

Author: 1Dr Santosh T, 2Dr. Meghna, 3Dr Frank Antony Britto, 4Dr. Varsha R Shetty J, 5Dr. Pramod S Ingaleshwar, 6Dr. Alka Pandey
39 Mucormycosis: The Deadly Black Fungus – Review

Author: 1Dr. Akshay Khajuria, 2Dr. Abhishek Jain, 3Dr. Smriti Singh, 4Dr. Pankaj Verma, 5Dr. Manisha Tyagi, 6Dr. Sumera Pervaiz Khan
40 A study on oral health related quality of life in consideration to prosthodontic status and treatment needs during covid-19 pandemic among elderly people in Jammu

Author: 1Dr Reecha Gupta, 2Dr Falak Mukhtar, 3Dr Renuka
41 Management of amelogenesis imperfecta and Dentinogenesis imperfecta: A comprehensive review

Author: 1Dr. Shreyasee Maity, 2Dr. Sarandha DL, 3Dr. Smitha Sharan, 4Dr. Pradeep Chandra K.
42 The rising oral concerns in recovered covid patients

Author: 1Dr. Ruchita Thakkar, 2Dr. Nayana Patel, 3Dr. Radha Changela, 4Dr. Nisha Verlianey, 5Dr. Malav Sheth, 6Dr. Prerna Pandey
43 Comparision of the cross-section dimension change of various non-coated and aesthetic coated orthodontic NiTi Archwires after oral exposure

Author: 1Dhiman. S, 2Singh. S, 3Mehra. A, 4Nayyar. C, 5Kaur. J, 6Agrawal. N
44 Effect of asthmatic inhalers on oral health in children: A review

Author: 1Vinay K, 2Deepika. K, 3Suma G3
45 3D Printing and Its Application in Pediatric Dental Practice

Author: 1V. Harikrishnan, 2Dr. S.K. Srinath
46 Comprehensive Prosthetic Rehabilitation of a case of Hemifacial Microsomia – Clinical Report

Author: 1Dr. Rajat Lanzara, 2Dr. Dinesh Kumar, 3Dr. M Viswambaran
47 Assessment of Apically Extruded Debris Produced by the Self-Adjusting File System and ProTaper Universal: An in-vitro study

Author: 1Dr. Priti Prabhakar Kendre, 2Dr. Sarvesha Bhondwe, 3Dr. Vishal Mahajan, 4Dr. Rohit Dhoot, 5Dr. Sharmika Chechare, 6Dr. Pooja Gaikwad
48 Possible role of human cytomegalovirus in the pathosis of ameloblastoma: A QRT-PCR study

Author: 1Dr. Meghashyama Kulkarni, 2Dr. Sahana N.S., 3Dr. Suganya G, 4Dr. Renuga S, 5Dr. Hajira Khatoon, 6Dr. Abhisikta Chakrabarty, 7Dr. Rhea Verghese
49 Unicystic Ameloblastoma of Maxilla misdeemed as a Dentigerous Cyst: A Unique Case Report of a 9year-old child

Author: 1Dr. Keerthi R, 1Dr. Ashwin D P, 2Dr. Monica Roy Chandel,2Dr. Priyanka Umarani
50 Comparative evaluation of ultrasonic scaling using two different magnification loupes and dentifrices in patients with dentinal hypersensitivity

Author: 1Dr. Anilkumar R, 2Dr. Rekha Rani Koduganti, 3Dr. Haripriya Rajaram, 4Dr. P. Veerendranath Reddy, 5Dr. J.S. Prasanna, 6Dr. Himabindu Gireddy, 7Dr. Manasa Ambati, 8Dr. Bharathchandra G
51 A Novel Mandibular Reconstruction Technique Using 3D Printed Titanium Implant with Functional Joint Component: A Case Series

Author: 1Dr. Gopinath A L,1Dr. Reyazulla M A,2Dr. Allan Abraham Rence, 2Dr. Jyotsna Arun,2Dr. Monica Roy Chandel,2Dr. Somak Saha
52 Management of aberrant frenum with lateral pedicle flap technique: A case series

Author: 1Dr. Subharthi Dutta, 2Dr. Ellora Madan, 3Dr. Swati Agarwal, 4Dr. Kabyik Goldar, 5Dr. Vaishali, 6Dr. Vishal Kumar, 7Dr. Snehi Tandon,8Dr. Ritam Chandra Pati
53 A study for assessing the functional outcome of closed reduction in mandibular condylar fractures

Author: 1Dr. Keerthi R, 2Dr. Vishnu Venugopal, 3Dr. Thiyam Sophia Devi
54 Status of dental caries in Normal Children versus mentally challenged Children

Author: 1Dr. Vinayam, 2Dr. Mishan Manohar Jaiswal, 3Dr. Rashmi, 4Dr. MD Imtiyaz Ahmad, 5Dr. Neha Kumari
55 Recommendation for Pediatric Dental Practice during Third Wave of Covid-19

Author: 1Dr. Apexa Yadav, 2Dr. Vishal Shrishail Kudagi, 3Dr. Lilavanti L. Vaghela, 4Dr. Shreya Lunia, 5Dr. Rituraj Kesri, 6Dr. Milind Rajan
56 Orofacial rehabilitation with implants - A boon for retention: A review

Author: 1Dr. Roma Goswami, 2Dr. Avi Pahwa, 3Dr. Deepesh Saxena, 4Dr. Arushi Chopra, 5Dr Anshul Trivedi
57 Recent advancement of materials in prosthodontics

Author: 1Aishwarya Mundlik, 2Bhagyashri Katade, 3Nazish Baig, 4Ruchi Kasat
58 Effect of disinfection on the dimensional stability of impression material in fixed dental prosthesis

Author: 1Bhagyashri Katade, 2Aishwarya Mundlik, 3Nazish Baig, 4Ruchi Kasat

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