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Volume - 4 - 2021 Issue - 6 - December


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1 Management of skeletal Class III malocclusion with face mask therapy in a 10 year old male patient- A case report

Author: 1Dr Munnasha Rastogi, 2Dr. Karan Thakur, 3Dr Vinay Bal Singh Thakur
2 Diagnosis and management of nonsyndromic hereditary gingival fibromatosis in a 9 year old girl: Report of a rare case

Author: 1Dr. Karan Thakur, 2Dr. Munnasha Rastogi, 3Dr. Amit K Sharma
3 Platelet concentrates: An Asset in Periodontology and Oral Implantology -The richest of resources in nature, lie in the nature itself

Author: 1Dr. Farah Shaikh, 2Dr. Sangeeta Muglikar, 3Dr. Mahavish Khan, 4Dr. Bhagyashree Jabade, 5Dr. Zeba Nandrekar
4 Efficacy of salivary alkaline phosphatase enzyme as a non-invasive biomarker for skeletal maturation indicator in growing subjects - An Invitro study

Author: 1Dr. Anjali Aneja, 2Dr Suma T, 3Dr Rajkumar S. Alle
5 Knowledge and perception of dentist and endodontist towards the use of endodontic spacer in central India

Author: 1Dr. Prajakta Ambulkar, 2Dr. Rajesh Kubde, 3Dr. Pratima Shenoi, 4Dr. Himani Thawale, 5Dr. Ankita Niswade, 6Dr. Vinay Tiwari
6 An innovative method to standardize facial photographs in frankfort horizontal plane

Author: 1Dr. Suresh Gorantla, 2Dr. N. Ankitha, 3Dr. ViziaMuddada, 4Dr. Sushila Sah, 5Dr. RavaliTankala
7 Peri-implant stress distribution in axially loaded implant and angled corrected smart abutment in maxilla: 3d Finite Element Study

Author: 1Sejal Gopani, 2J R Patel, 3Vilas Patel, 4Sareen Duseja, 5Avani Patel
8 Protocol of Comparative evaluation of MMP 2 and E-cadherin in saliva with MMP 9 in serum by ELISA method in Oral Squamous cell Carcinoma (OSCC) patients

Author: 1Dr. Sonalee Shah, 2Dr. Madhuri Gawande
9 Assessing the efficacy of liquid-based cytology over conventional cytology in oral lesions: A comparative study.

Author: 1Dr. Khushali Shah, 2Dr. Sima Odedra, 3Dr. Vaishali Dodia, 3Dr. Pooja Monoara, 4Dr. Tarang Mehta, 5Dr. Jayasankar Pillai
10 Localized overgrowth of oral mucosa - A review and report of 2 cases.

Author: 1Dr Neetika Datta, 2Dr Navneet Kaur, 3Dr Gurpreet Kaur
11 Natal Tooth with Riga-Fedé Disease Affecting Breastfeeding: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Pooja, 2Dr. Nikhil Marwah, 3Dr. Bharathi Padiyar, 4Dr. Saket Yadav
12 Frankel Functional Regulator - A Literature Review

Author: 1Jibin Joy, 2Asjad Nizar, 3Nillan K Shetty, 4Anil Kumar
13 Oral variant of Acantholytic Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Report of a case and review of the literature

Author: 1Chaware Smita J, 2Sangle Varsha A, 3Kendre Shilpa M
14 A comparative evaluation of the influence of various storage Medias on the fracture resistance of tooth fragment re -attached using an adhesive system- An in vitro study

Author: 1Dr. Jasmit Kaur Ragi, 2Dr. Zinnie Nanda, 3Dr. Kranthikumar Reddy, 4Dr. Kavita Rudagi, 5Dr. Diksha Rajendra Dubey, 6Dr Supriya Sangade
15 Biomechanical evaluation and comparison of the stress distribution at bone implant interface of one piece and two-piece dental implants: 3-D Finite Elemental Study

Author: 1Dr. Sampath, 2Dr. Smitha Sharan, 3Dr. Sreeharsha T.V, 4Dr. Brunda K., 5Dr. Pradeep Chandra
16 Comparative evaluation of structural changes in enamel induced by 37% phosphoric acid before and after enamel deproteinization with 5.25% sodium hypochlorite – An sem study .

Author: 1Darsana Krishnan, 2K Korath Abraham, 3Ektah Khosla, 4Arun Roy James,5 Dr.Elza Thenumkal, 6Dr.Jacob Kuruvilla
17 Comparison of apical microleakage in different root canal obturation techniques: An in-vitro study

Author: 1Dr. Monika Rawat, 2Dr. Dakshita Joy Sinha, 3Dr. Sarita Singh, 4Dr. Beenish Parvez, 5Dr. Pranshu, 6Dr. Isha Singh
18 Knowledge, attitude and practice guidelines of LSTR therapy as an alternative endodontic treatment modality for primary or permanent teeth among dentists.

Author: 1Dr. Sabahath Kibriya, 2Dr. Ila Srinivasan, 3Dr. Jyothsna V Setty, 4Dr. Anu. S, 5Dr. Bisma Saher Khan, 6Dr. Sreeraksha Radhakrishnan
19 Evaluation of biocompatibility of human dental pulp stem cells with plasma rich fibrin, two dimensional and three-dimensional fibrin glue scaffolds in rregenerative eendodontics- An in-vitro study

Author: 1Needa Ansari, 2Abhishek Parmar, 3Girish Parmar, 4Shikha Kanodia, 5Geeta Asthana, 6Amee Krishnakumar
20 Assessment of psychological impact on dental students during corona virus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic

Author: 1Dr. Geeta Paul,2Dr. Suprabha Rathee, 3Dr. Rahul Paul, 4Dr. Jitesh Sehgal, 5Dr. Kanika Sethi, 6Dr. Ankita
21 Micro abrasion with new & effective made in India product anti-vet for mild to moderate discoloured tooth: A case report

Author: 1Dr Vinaykumar G Suryavanshi, 2Dr Veena Pai, 3Dr Parvathy J, 4Dr Arpita P, 5Dr Jibin K, 6Dr Nivas Kumar
22 Course and Curriculum Feedback From Graduating BDS Students

Author: 1Dr Chaitali M, 2Dr Anilkumar Y, 3Dr Vinaykumar G S
23 Optical Coherence Tomography: A novel 3-Dimensional biophotonic imaging technique for endodontic diagnosis and treatment outcome- A case report

Author: 1Maj Dr Sumit Sharma, 2Col Dr Sonali Sharma, 3Lt Col Vivek Singh Guleria, 4Maj Dr Sgp Sudhir, 5Maj Dr Sourabh Sharma, 6Maj Dr Anubhav Chakrabarty
24 Management of fractured anterior tooth using novel fiber post by minimally invasive method

Author: 1Dr Dileep Kumar CN, 2Dr Sheela N V, 3Dr B S Keshava Prasad, 4Dr H Murali Rao, 5Dr Supreetha S Naik
25 To evaluate antimicrobial efficacy of ozone oil against streptococcus mutans and E faecalis microorganisms using disk diffusion method - An in vitro study

Author: 1Dr Suryavanshi Vinaykumar G, 2Dr Abijeeth B, 3Dr Ashok H K, 4Dr Sathendra C, 5Dr Swapna D V, 6Dr Krishna Kumar
26 Comparative evaluation of substantivity of 0.2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate and 10%Momordica charantia (bitter gourd) mouth rinses using spectrophotometric analysis: An in vitro study

Author: 1Dr Tejaswini M A, 2Dr Sunil S,3Dr Pallavi Nanaiah, 4Dr Archana Naik
27 Evaluation of pH of Saliva and SpO2 with PPE usage: A Pilot study

Author: 1Maj Dr SGP Sudhir, 2Col Dr Sonali Sharma, 3Brig B Jayan, 4Maj Dr Sumit Sharma, 5Maj Dr Sourabh Sharma, 6Maj Dr Anubhav Chakrabarty
28 Evaluation for the effect of Personal Protective Equipment on the isometric force of the Craniocervical flexor muscle in dental practitioner during COVID-19 pandemic by using custom-made load cell device: A Comparative Analysis

Author: 1Maj Dr Sumit Sharma, 2Col Dr Sonali Sharma,3Brig B Jayan, 4Maj Dr SGP Sudhir, 5Maj Dr Sourabh Sharma, 6Maj Dr Anubhav Chakrabarty
29 Restorations of endodontically treated premolar caused by wedge-shaped cervical lesion: A fracture resistance test

Author: 1Supakwinee Sakkayakornmongkol, 2Dr. Prarom Salimee
30 An assessment on the relevance of Jean Piaget’s cognitive principles among 4-7 year old children - A cross sectional study

Author: 1Dr. Jerin Mary Issac, 2Dr. Korath Abraham, 3Dr. Ektah Khosla, 4Dr. Arun Roy James, 5Dr. Elza Thenumkal,6Dr. Jacob Kuruvilla
31 Telescopic dentures - A treatment modality for patients with ectodermal dysplasia: Report of two cases

Author: 1Dr. Monika Nandan, 2Dr. Amala Nancy S, 3Dr. Rekha Gupta, 4Dr.Shubhra Gill
32 Evidence based decision making: One size fits all

Author: 1Shefali Goel, 2Poonam Kadain, 3Rekha Gupta, 4Shubhra Gill, 5Aishwarya Saini, 6Nikita Singh
33 Comparison of the dentinal crack formation at the resected root ends prepared with conventional and ultrasonic technique during surgical apicoectomy using Dental Operating Microscope at 20 X, Otoscope at 4X and Ophthalmoscope at 15X magnification

Author: 1Dr. Pradnya Nikhade, 2Dr. Manoj Chandak
34 To compare the efficacy of annual biannual and triannual topical application of silver diamine fluoride solution in treatment of dentinal caries in primary molar teeth using diagnodent pen

Author: 1Dr. Rachel Gupta, 2Dr. Yusuf Chunawla, 3Dr. Vanishree B K, 4Dr. Abhinav Talekar
35 Pain management in Oral and maxillofacial surgery – A review

Author: 1Dr. Aishwarya Jayachandra, 2Dr. Lida Mary Nidhin Philip, 3Dr. Priyanka, 4Dr. Joel D’ Silva, 5Dr. Jeff K. Zacharia
36 Comparison and evaluation of fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth with different access cavity designs: An in-vitro study

Author: 1Dr Pranshu, 2Dr Dakshita Joy Sinha, 3Dr Sugandha Bhalla, 4Dr Nidhi Sharma, 5Dr Honap Manjiri Nagesh,6Dr Beenish Parvez
37 Assessment of cytotoxic and antioxidant properties of copper nanoparticles using green tea and neem formulation-An in-vitro study

Author: 1Anjali Anna Thomas, 2Dr. Harish Babu, 3Dr. S Rajesh Kumar
38 Patient-specific three-dimensional (3D) printed titanium prosthesis in mandibular reconstruction- Literature Review

Author: 1Dr. Priyanka Govind Belgal
39 Complication of N95 mask having adjustable clip

Author: 1Dr. Jitendra Kumar, 2Dr. Milan Soni, 3Dr. Vineeta Yadav, 4Dr. Shalini Pareek
40 Ameloblastoma: A Case Report and Treatment design for Ameloblastoma

Author: 1Vijay Kumar, 2Mohammad Muneeb Mubashir
41 Post BDS scope of practicing veterinary dentistry with the help of expert veterinary physicians –A thought process

Author: 1Tanvi Marathe , 2Dr Sandhya Tamgadge, 3Dr Bhagyashree Agre
42 Furcation Involvement: A Review

Author: 1Aditi S. Sarda, 2Priyanka S. Padalkar,3Manjiri P. Amte,4Utkarsha D. Vhatkar,
43 Prevalence of Wisdom Teeth and its associated Pain among Saudi Population, KSA: A Cross-sectional Study

Author: 1Dr. Mervat Said Bamani, 2Dr. Manal Abdulaziz Murad, 3Dr. Hoda Jehad Abousada, 4Dr.Haitham Faisal Algharbi , 4Dr. Bander Khaled Almotairi, 5Dr.Bilqis Abdu Shararah , 5Dr. Khadijah Mousa Hawsah, 5Dr. Khaled Jamman S Alzahrani, 5Dr.Khalid Salem Alharbi, 5Dr .Mohammed Abdulsalam Alkhayat, 5Dr. Abdullah Saleh Alannaz, 5Dr. Abdulrahman Ayidh Alharbi, 5Dr Najd Mohammed Alrasheed, 5Dr. Aziz Mohammed Aloufi, 6Dr. Majd Abbass Eskndrani
44 Modified Groper’s Appliance- Natural is always better than artificial- A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Priyanka Lekhwani, 2Dr. Nikhil Marwah, 3Dr. Renuka Chinchalkar, 4Dr. Karan Bharvada
45 Parental Awareness to Baby Bottle Tooth Decay in KSA

Author: 1Dr. Abeer Badraldeen Sennary, 2Dr. Abdulaziz Saeed Alharbi, 3Dr. Bashaier Naser Bugis , 3Dr. Ayesha Nasser Alshahrani, 3Dr. Asrar Mohammed Al Manie, 3Dr. Faris Sulaiman Aldakheel, 3Dr. Abdullah Khalid Alharbi, 3Dr. Ohoud Humoud Alshammari, 3Dr. Amani Mohammed Alasiri, 3Dr.Mohammed Turaid Alanazi, 3Dr. Khaled Jamman Alzahrani, 3Dr.Fatma Abdulqader Azouz, 3Dr.Fatmah Fahaid Alhemaidani, 4Dr.Marah Fouad Bardi, 4Dr.Mona Abdulrahman Albusaymi
46 Radio morphometric comparison of frontal and maxillary sinus in south eastern Punjab population by conventional methods.

Author: 1Ruhi Sidhu, 2Navdeep Kooner Shergill, 3Neeraj Taneja, 4Ravindra Setru Veerabhadrappa
47 Surgical management of Angio granuloma: A case series

Author: 1Dr. Liberia Libertina D’souza,2Dr. Sandeep Anant Lawande, 3Dr. James Samuel
48 Investigation of the anatomical relationship and average distance of apices of the posterior mandibular teeth with inferior alveolar canal using CBCT

Author: 1Sajad Ghorbanizadeh, 2Mohammad Nagi Beiranvand, 3Shrin Jaydari Fard, 4Arshak Razlansari, 5Mahsa Bourbour
49 Biocompatibility of White Portland cement Mixed Sodium Hypochlorite 2.2% Gel

Author: 1Saleh Al Kurdi, 2Nada Bshara, 3Ahmad Al Manadili,4Dalia AlSharif
50 An Investigation of Dental and Periodontal Health of Pregnant Women by DMF and GI Indices in Khorramabad

Author: 1Sajad Ghorbanizadeh, 2Mohsen Mohammadi, 3Mohammad hasan Imaninasab,4Ali Shahverdi, 5Hamid Badrian
51 Tribocorrosion-titanium dental implant allergy- do we really know what we know -An overview

Author: 1Dr. Tushar Ranjan, 2Dr. Johbin Joseph, 3Dr. Aranyak Das
52 Evaluation of glycated hemoglobin levels in systemically healthy patients with various stages of periodontitis

Author: 1Taania Saana Aarif, 2Salika Sheikh, 1Zeba Nandrekar, 4Sangeeta Muglikar, 3Bhagyashree Jabade, 5Fouzia Shaikh, 1Kanchan Jagtap
53 A Radiographic Study on the Visualization of Anterior Loop in dentate subjects using Orthopantomograph - An Original Research

Author: 1Dr. S. Arul kumar Sengottaiyan, 2Dr. P. B. Yogesh, 3Dr. R. Ganesh Kumar, 4Dr. B.Gajapathi, 5Dr. B.Arjun, 6Dr.Aishwarya Raju
54 An Innovative way to calculate Bolton's Discrepancy in cases with Impacted or Congenitally Missing teeth

Author: 1Dr. Abhishek Bansal, 2Dr. Mandar shah, 3Dr. Sudha R halkai, 4Dr. Kasturi Patil, 5Dr. Harshavardhan Reddy, 6Dr. Kailash L. Rathi
55 Response of electric pulp testing towards dental fluorosis – A review

Author: 1Dr Isha Singh, 2Dr Heena Gandhi, 3Dr Sagar Chaudhary, 4Dr Nabila Sharif, 5Dr Priyanka Rani, 6Dr Swati Jha
56 Opening the minds to revoke the understanding of Hypnosis – The Mind Theory

Author: 1Dr Umadevi E, 2Dr Jaya Naidu,3Dr Kumar NC, 4Dr Sujay Kumar B, 5Dr Jerin Mary Issac
57 Rehabilitation with calibrated alveolectomy for extruded alveolus on maxillary quadrant

Author: 1Dr. Aditya Mohan, 2Dr Satya Kinnera Chippada, 3Dr. Eluru Maheswari, 4Dr. Gadela Neelasree, 5Dr. Dangeti Reshma Sahithi
58 A comparative study to evaluate the mechanical property of chemically activated denture base material, heat activated denture base material and nylon denture base material by immersion in water and disinfectant-An in vitro study

Author: 1Dr. Tanveer Fatima, 1Dr. Parvez Abubakar, 2Dr. Venkatesh Babu. D. B., 3Dr. Syed Abdul Qayum, 3Dr. Farhath Parveen, 4Dr. Nazia Afreen
59 Knowledge, practice and attitude towards COVID- 19 among undergraduate dental students in Karnataka: A cross sectional questionnaire based survey

Author: 1Dr. G. Suchitra, 2Dr. Mohd. Mohsin Ainapur, 3Dr. Syed Fazalullah Khadri, 4Dr. Vanishree B K, 5Dr. Krishna Pradeep K N, 6Dr. Parappa Sajjan
60 Evaluation of fracture resistance of endodontically treated maxillary premolars with mod cavities reinforced by horizontal metal and fiber posts.

Author: 1Dr. Saurabh Garg, 2Dr. Neeraj Sharma, 3Dr. Shweta Verma, 4Dr. Gauri P. Tiwari, 5Dr. Ankush Kumar
61 A diabetic patient with Median Rhomboid Glossitis on tongue and kissing lesion on palate – A Case Report

Author: 1Dr Manisha Singh, 2Dr Anjana Bagewadi

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