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Volume - 4 - 2021 Issue - 6 - November


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1 Cognizance of sports related dental injuries amongst paediatric age group players

Author: 1Dr Vartika Vashistha, 2Dr Amir Sohail Khan, 3Dr Shilpi Dadarya, 4Dr. Deepak P Bhayya
2 Case series of in office teeth bleaching with ultradent opalescence boost

Author: 1Dr Vinaykumar G Suryavanshi, 2Pratiksha Shetty, 3Dr Payal M, 4Dr Nawal Abdul, 5Dr Chandini Gupta, 6Dr Shravya G
3 Percentage of failure in identifying gender: A comparative study combining mandibular canine index, rugae pattern and lip prints.

Author: 1Dr Sandhya Jain, 2Dr Merin Kuriakose, 3Dr Divya Bharathi, 4Dr. Shristi Jain
4 Knowledge and perceptions about Covid-19 among the undergraduate and postgraduate dental students in east Godavari district: A cross-sectional survey

Author: 1Dr. Santhi Priya Bhupathi,2Dr. Boppana Naveen Kumar,3Dr. Vinnakota Narayana Rao,4Dr. Pallepati. Akhil,5Dr. Gandham. Anvesh,6Dr. Injeti. Sandhya Rani
5 L?ser Bioenergrtics and Biosynergetics phenomena in prosthodontics

Author: 1Prof. Dr. J. Kamenoff
6 To evaluate the suitability of using Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) in fabrication of telescopic prosthesis (Double crowned retained prosthesis) in terms of resistance to load and surface wear - A Systematic Review

Author: 1Harsh Kasabwala, 2Dr Deepak Nallaswamy
7 Cystic variant of conventional follicular ameloblastoma

Author: 1Dr. Gotmare Swati Shrikant, 2Dr. Rutuja Gajanan Vidhale, 3Dr. Subraj Shetty, 4Dr. Treville Pereira
8 Comparison of Cd105 (Endoglin) Expression In Odontogenic Keratocyst And Dentigerous Cyst – An Immunohistochemistry Study

Author: 1Dr. A. K. Anjali, 2Dr. Suresh Yadav, 3Dr. Sourabh Kumar, 4Dr. Mayura Chande, 5Dr. Abhishek Jadhav, 6Dr. Treville Pereira
9 Cross Linking Agents in Adhesive Dentistry-A Systematic Review

Author: 1Dr. Ruqsana Taj, 2Dr. Mohammed Naumaan A Mujawar, 3Dr. Sujatha I, 4Dr. Manje Gowda P.G., 5Dr. Jayalakshmi K.B.,6Dr. Prasanna Latha Nadig
10 Prevalence of dental wear and association with age and presence of systemic diseases

Author: 1Dr. Asha S Hariharan, 2Dr. Rakshagan
11 Maxillary first molar with two roots and two root canals: A case report

Author: 1Dr. Akshita G Rathi, 2Dr. Anantkumar A. Heda, 3Dr. Yogesh L.Tandil, 4Dr. Sagar Mohkar, 5Dr. Neelam Rahul, 6Dr. Gayatri Deshmukh
12 Comparison of occlusal calibration between efficiency of articulating paper versus t-scan in evaluating occlusal force and occlusal contact points in patients undergoing dental treatment: A systematic review

Author: 1Aman Merchant, 2Deepak Nallaswamy, 3Marina M.
13 A stereomicroscopic analysis of microleakage of epoxy based resin sealer by using three different natural antioxidants after use of sodium hypochlorite - An Invitro study

Author: 1Dr. Diksha Rajendra Dubey, 2Dr. Kranthikumar Reddy, 3Dr. Zinnie Nanda, 4Dr Jasmit Kaur Ragi, 5Dr Akshay Gomare, 6Dr Jinet Joseph, 7Dr Supriya Sangade
14 A proposed nomogram for prediction of dental caries in school going children of Bhopal city

Author: 1Dr. Deepak Viswanath, 2Dr. Palini Pradhan, 3Dr. Dipti Bhagat
15 Peurile Dental In advertences And Its Costly Ramifications

Author: 1Dr. Vidisha Punetha, 2Dr. Vipul Garg, 3Dr. Sumit Chopra, 4Dr. Ankit Aggarwal, 5Dr. Swati Roy
16 Revisiting Guttman Scale in Bhopal City (in 2021)

Author: 1Dr Deepak Viswanath, 2Dr Nayanlata Saxena, 3Dr Dipti Bhagat
17 Dental Students knowledge, perception and readiness towards virtual education in east Godavari district - A cross sectional study

Author: 1Dr. Injeti. Sandhya Rani, 2Dr. Boppana Naveen Kumar, 3Dr.Vinnakota Narayana Rao, 4Dr. Pallepati. Akhil, 5Dr. Gandham. Anvesh, 6Dr. Pandu Martin Rodhe Priyadarsini,
18 Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Maxillary Flabby Ridge Using Liquid Supported Denture: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr Shashank Narasimhan, 2Dr Anisha Koul, 3Dr Varun Tyagi, 4Dr Shradha Tiwari,5Dr Dipanshu Aggarwal, 6Dr Vinita Dahiya, 7Dr Ashish Sharma, 8Dr Himanshu Bhutani
19 Age Estimation Using Cameriere’s Method in South Kerala Children

Author: 1Renu Mathew, 2Sunu Alice Cherian, 3Nisha Kurian, 4Anuna Laila Mathew, 5Gibi Syriac
20 Efficacy of two varieties of lingual bonded retainers using little’s irregularity index- An in vivo study

Author: 1Dr Akram Sheikh, 2Dr Sameer Narkhede, 3Dr Sushma Sonawane, 4Dr Nitin Gadhiya
21 Methods of Maxillary Expansion in Cleft lip and palate Rehabilitation Cases- A review

Author: 1Dr Abhishek Ashok Rathod, 2Dr Mikisha Kishore Shetty
22 Common oral health issues faced by the undergraduate students of Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra

Author: 1Suman Madan, 2Dr. Richa Verma, 3Prof. Gul Mathur
23 Comparative In-Vitro Evaluation of Remaining Dentinal Thickness at Peri-Cervical Region Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography with Four Different Rotary Ni-Ti File Systems

Author: 1Dr. Soham Datta, 2Dr. Debaprasad Das, 3Dr. Anirban Bhattacharyya, 4Dr. Asim Bikash Maity, 5Dr. Gayatri Majumder, 6Dr. Trishagni Chaudhury
24 Assessment of Fear and Volunteering services of Oral Health Practitioners (OHP) in Karnataka during Covid19 – A Cross sectional Study

Author: 1Bindu S. Patil, 2Satish Patil, 3Nagappa. G., 4Humera Hamreen
25 In vitro physical, chemical and biological evaluation of commercially available metal orthodontics brackets

Author: 1Dr. Sushma S A, 2Dr.Vuggirala Vikram, 3Dr. Harish Kumar M., 4Dr. Kola Srikanth Reddy, 5Dr. Shaik Rizwana, 6Dr.V.V.N Sunil
26 Effectiveness of toothbrushing technique among school children

Author: 1Prof (Dr.) Amitha M. Hegde, 2Sanjna K Sreenivasan, 3Nagashree Prabhu, 4Ngangbam Reenayai
27 Rational of Periodontal Therapy by Papillectomy

Author: 1Dr. Divya Kadali, 2Dr. Venkatasshalmeeja Annem, 3Dr. Punnapu Vijaya Swetha, 4Dr. Vishnu Vardhan Katta
28 Colors are the real emotions: A short review on the relation between colors and the anxiety level of children

Author: 1Dr. Aiman Haider
29 Role of Selenium in General and Oral Health

Author: 1Ngangbam Reenayai, 2Prof. (Dr.) Manju R
30 Double trouble: A review on the ongoing mucomycosis crisis and the dental outlook

Author: 1Dr. Aiman Haider,2Dr. Priyanka Khadatkar, 3Dr. Pragya Kumari, 4S. Suresh, 5S. Arisutha
31 Knowledge and Practice Regarding Covid 19 and Alternative Therapies for Its Prevention among Out Patients in a Private Dental Institute

Author: 1Sanjay Varshan M, 2Dr. D. Sri Sakthi
32 Green today for a safer tomorrow: A short communication on practising eco-friendly dentistry

Author: 1Dr. Aiman Haider
33 Erosivity Potential of Paediatric medicament on deciduous teeth: A systemic review

Author: 1Dr. Aiman Haider, 2Dr. Arpana Bansal, 3Dr. Babita Niranjan, 4Dr. Kartik Choudhary, 5Dr. Prachi Sijeria
34 Effect of vibrotactile device during injection of local anaesthesia in Pediatric patients: A Systemic Review

Author: 1Dr. Bansi Vekariya, 2Dr. Arpana Bansal, 3Dr. Kartik Choudhary, 4Dr. Babita Niranjan, 5Dr. Prachi Sijeria
35 Dentigerous cyst associated with mesiodens in maxilla: A rare case report

Author: 1Dr. Punam N Nagargoje, 2Dr. Pravin Andhare, 3Dr. Amol M Doiphode,4Dr. Samruddhi Danve, 5Dr. Gopal L Nagargoje, 6Dr. Ruchika Raj
36 Alveolar Cleft Closure with Iliac Bone Graft: A Case Series

Author: 1Dr. Sakthisri Vivekanandan, 2Dr. Balaguhan Balasubramaniyan, 3Dr. Karthikeyan G.R., 4Dr.Veeramuthu M.
37 Assessment of healing in periodontitis after treatment with microsurgical and conventional flap surgery by Histopathology and Scanning electron microscopy: A controlled clinical trial

Author: 1Dr. Bebika Thoudam, 2H.N. Santosh, 3Aditi Bose, 4Dr. Moirangthem Niteshore Singh
38 Digital workflow in implant dentistry: A review

Author: 1Dr. Mahavish Khan, 2Dr. Sangeeta Muglikar, 3Dr. Salika Sheikh, 4Dr.Farha Shaikh, 5Dr. Bhagyashree Jabade
39 Anaplastology - A new era in Maxillofacial Rehabilitation

Author: 1Dr. Nischitha A B, 2Dr Padmaja S
40 Evaluation of tear strength of room temperature vulcanizing maxillofacial silicone by incorporating different materials - An In-Vitro Comparitive Study

Author: 1Dr Surendra Kumar GP, 2Dr Tenzin Phuntsok Bhutia, 3Dr Anupama N M, 4Savitha Rao
41 Effect of submucosal application of tramadol on postoperative pain after single dental implant placement: A randomised double-blind controlled trial

Author: 1Abid Majeed Rather, 2Mohammad Muneeb Mubashir, 3Arun Negi
42 Evaluation of masticatory function in operated cases of adult bilateral temporomandibular joint ankylosis treated with interpositional arthroplasty

Author: 1Ejaz Ahmad Mokhtar, 2Sumit Kumar Roy, 3Sumit Verma, 4Pallavi Priyadarshini, 5Pawan Kumar, 6Qalbi Fatima
43 Modulating the role of mast cell stabilizers in the treatment of gingival enlargements. Running title- Mast cell stabilizers in gingival enlargements

Author: 1Dr. Dipanshu Aggarwal, 2Dr. Devi Charan Shetty, 3Dr. Saurabh Juneja, 4Dr. Meenakshi Singhal, 5Dr. Anshi Jain, 6Dr. Nikita Gulati
44 Ameloblastic fibro-odontoma A 24 year post operative follow up - A case report

Author: 1Dr Raghuveer HP, 2Dr Chirag S, 3Dr Sudeeptha Raghuveer
45 The role of sphenozygomatic suture for zygoma complex fracture - A prospective study.

Author: 1Dr. Raja Sethupathy Cheeman S., 2Dr. Sathyanarayanan, 3Dr. Raghu Kumaravelu, 4Dr. Saileshkumar R, 5Dr. Manoj Kumar
46 Hemangioma of the Tongue: Case Report

Author: 1Dr Somi Fatima, 2Dr Jay Kishan A Solanki, 3Dr Mohd Salim, 4Dr Khusboo Arif
47 Tobacco - A slow poison - A Review

Author: 1Dr Vikram Singh, 2Aarti Charokar, 3Dr Sakshi Sharma
48 Comparative evaluation of microleakage and microhardness of newer restorative materials - An in vitro study

Author: 1Dr. Arwah Bashir, 2Dr. Deepti Jawa, 3Dr. Rani Somani, 4Dr. Imtiyaz Ahmad Magray, 5Dr. Layeeque Ahmad, 6Dr. Muhamed Sabin, 7Dr. Aiswarya Madhu
49 Effectiveness of cold therapy in reducing post-surgery oedema, pain and Trismus after impacted mandibular third molar surgery: a randomized observer-blind split-mouth clinical trial

Author: 1Abid Majeed Rather, 2Umer Mukhtar, 3Amit Thakur, 4Ejaz Ahmad Mokhtar
50 Comparison of Submucosal injection of dexamethasone and methylprednisolone for the control of postoperative sequelae after apicectomy in maxillary teeth: Randomized controlled trial

Author: 1Abid Majeed Rather, 2Umer Mukhtar, 3Amit Thakur, 4Ejaz Ahmad Mokhtar

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