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Volume - 4 - 2021 Issue - 5 - October


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1 Evaluation of accuracy of dies obtained from impressions in four different impression trays using addition silicone impression material – An in vitro study

Author: 1Dr. P. Vijayalakshmi, 2Dr. S. Raghavendra Jayesh, 3Dr. Sanjna Nayar
2 Comparative evaluation of penetration depth of irrigant into dentinal tubules using four different agitation Protocols - An in vitro comparative study

Author: 1Dr. Sweety Agarwal, 2Dr. Shahina Parvez, 3Dr. Manoj Agarwal, 4Dr. Rohit Khatri, 5Dr. Kamal Kishore Binawara, 6Dr. Monika Choudhary
3 Comparative evaluation of shear bond strength of mta and a newer bioceramic material- ‘meta bonemedik’, with a dual cure composite resin- ‘multilink speed’ in regenerative endodontics: An in-vitro study.

Author: 1Dr. Syeda Karishma Mazid, 2Dr. Jayalakshmi K. B, 3Dr. Prasanna Latha Nadig, 4Dr. Sujatha. I, 5Dr. Shibani Shetty, 6Dr. Sowmya. B
4 The effectiveness of various home needs used as denture cleansing agents on Candida albicans- An In-Vitro study

Author: 1Dr. Venkat Raghu, 2Dr. Sumaiyya S
5 Resin-modified glass ionomer cement versus resin-based material as a pit and fissure sealant: split mouth randomized clinical trial.

Author: 1Dr. Aakash Vijay Patil, Dr. Bhushan Pustake, Dr. Swapnil Patil, Dr. Darpan Kothawade, Dr. Anuradha Jagtap
6 Digital Innovations: A boon to dental practitioners during Covid 19 pandemic

Author: 1Dr. Deepak S, 2Dr. Sunil Vasudev, 3Dr. Sahana M S, 4Dr. Balavikhram K
7 Benign Vascular Tumor of the Lower Lip: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Nandesh Sheety, 2Dr. Tejkiran Shetty, 3Dr. Anjali Ravi, 4Dr. Vaibhavi
8 Flapless surgery using tissue punch: A review of literature and case report

Author: 1Dr. Tondon Devi Athokpam, 2Dr.Dushyant Soni, 3Dr.Sheen Singh Mehta, 4Dr Swathi Kumari Sharma
9 Investigating the relationship between actual amount of plaque in children and parent awareness of their children oral hygiene

Author: 1Abdullah Mubarak Rasheed
10 A systematic review of the relationship between Liquid medicines and Dental caries in chronically ill children

Author: 1Dr. Ankita Goyal, 2Dr. Ridhi Narang, 3Dr. Sonali Saha, 4Dr. Harmanpreet Kaur, 5Dr. Deepika Nahar, 6Avnica Agararwal
11 Comparative evaluation of antibacterial efficacy of QMix, 2% chlorhexidine and curcumin against E. faecalis-An In-vitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Muhamed Sabin, 2Dr. Rani Somani, 3Dr. Payel Basu, 4Dr. Hridya VG, 5Dr. Layeeque Ahmed, 6Dr.Arwah Bashir, 7Dr. Dilip Kumar, 8Dr. Hiba Sherin,9Dr.Aiswarya Madhu
12 Chemo-mechanical Caries Removal Agents: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Author: 1Dr Dipti Bhagat,2Dr Deepak Viswanath
13 Childhood Salivary Gland Tumors - An Update

Author: 1Dr Deepak Viswanath, 2Dr Nayanlata Saxena
14 Giant Cell Tumor of mandible: A case report

Author: 1Panat Sushmita Sunil, 2Shashi Singh Pawar, 3Priyanka Singh, 4Jawed Iqbal, 5Swati Singh, 6Arbind Kumar Sharma
15 The effect of non-surgical periodontal therapy on systemic inflammatory markers

Author: 1Aysha A Khatri, 2Neeta V Bhavsar, 3Atul Parashar
16 Evaluation of antimicrobial efficacy of four different natural extracts against persistent root canal pathogens: E. faecalis and Candida albicans

Author: 1Arun Teja S, 2Manje Gowda, 3Jayalakshmi K.B, 4Arul Selvan, 5Prasanna Latha Nadig
17 Comparative evaluation of the efficacy of sdf with that of various caries excavating methods- an in-vitro study

Author: 1Dr Hridya V G, 2Dr Shipra Jaidka, 3Dr Rani Somani, 4Dr Aiswarya Madhu, 5Dr Layeeque Ahmad,
18 A comparison between direct and indirect bonding techniques

Author: 1Dr. Nasir H AlHamlan, 1Dr. Lujain A AlGhrairy, 1Dr. Waad E. AlSaadi, 2Dr. Khalid W AlBawardi, 2Dr.Rana A AlOlaiq, 2Dr. Afnan T AlZomaili
19 Acceptance, attitude and experience towards COVID – 19 vaccines – A cross sectional study

Author: 1Dr. Harmanpreet Kaur, 2Dr. Ridhi Narang, 3Manhar Shinh, 4Dr. Amanish Singh, 5Dr. Sudhir Rishi, 6Dr. Deepika Nahar
20 Evaluation of the effects of power scope in late adolescent patients

Author: 1Dr. Hiba Ikhlas Zain, 2Dr. Anil Kumar, 3Dr. Shresha Shetty, 4Dr. Kishore Kumar
21 Recession coverage using modified coronally advanced flap with and without leukocyte & platelet-rich fibrin: A Histologic & Histomorphometric Study

Author: 1Raison Thomas, 2Archana Kale, 3Rucha Shah, 4Triveni M G, 5Shivani Bhagat, 6Dhoom Singh Mehta
22 Is there a link between oral health, systemic health and Covid-19 disease – A Review

Author: 1Dr Mayank Das, 2Dr Avnica Agarwal, 3Dr Abhishek Kumar Dubey, 4Dr Omveer Singh, 5Dr Mandar Todkar, 6Dr Jyoti Adwani
23 Comparative Evaluation of Canal Transportation and Canal Centering Ability of three different continuous Nickel Titanium Rotary File Systems using Cone Beam Computed Tomography: An In Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Arthanareswaran Andamuthu Sivakumar, 2Dr. M. Chittrarasu, 3Dr. Saranya Sivara
24 Buccal bone reconstruction using injectable platelet rich fibrin (i-prf) combined with xenograft (sticky bone) covered with a-prf+ (advanced injectable platelet rich fibrin+) membrane in periodontally hopeless tooth socket: radiographic analysis- A case series

Author: 1Dr. Apoorva B Badiger, 2Dr. Triveni M Gowda, 3Dr. Tarun Kumar, 4Dr. Rucha Shah
25 Stem cells in periodontal regeneration

Author: 1Vasileios Zisis, 2Stefanos Zisis, 3Andreadis Dimitrios, 4Poulopoulos Athanasios
26 Oral and maxillofacial operations in children and adolescents : A retrospective cohort stydy of 471 patients

Author: 1Ioannis Makrygiannis, 2Ioannis Tilaveridis, 3Gregory Venetis, 4Konstantinos Arapostathis, 5Konstantinos Antoniadis
27 Curious scripture about dentin graft as universal graft for novel periodontal regeneration – A review

Author: 1Dr M. Amudha Saravanan, 2Dr A.S. Maniyammai, 3Dr. R. Renuka Devi, 4Dr. H. Esther Nalini, 5Dr P.Arun kumar, 6Dr. K. Saravanan
28 Gain more with less loss: Decisive rehabilitation factors for ailing worn dentition

Author: 1Poonam Kadian, 2Shefali Goel, 3Rekha Gupta, 4Shubhra Gill, 5Divyajoti Das
29 SVE- Fast lane endodontics - A review

Author: 1Jose Jacob, 2A. Devadathan, 3Suja Joseph, 4Nazia Rasheed, 5T. Mohankumar, 6Rene Kuriakose, 7Suja Mathew, 8Pradeep C. Dathan
30 Oral Submucous Fibrosis and its Dose-Response Relationship with Habit - A hospital based observational study

Author: 1Dr. Manjiri U. Joshi, 2Dr. Deepa Patil, 3Dr. Mukta V. Vanjani, 4Dr. Riddhi Dave
31 A study to compare post cementation hypersensitivity between glass ionomer and resin luting cement: A split mouth study

Author: 1Dr. Ruyina Asma, 2Dr. Dhanya Kumar, 3Dr. Nandeeshwar
32 The challenge of the management of periapical lesions of large extension in the permanent immature tooth

Author: 1Laila Azzahim, 2Majid Sakout, 3Faiza Abdallaoui
33 Perception of parents towards the importance of deciduous dentition and its preservation

Author: 1Dr. Savitha Sathyaprasad, 2Dr. Amogha K B, 3Dr. Krishnamoorthy, 4Dr. Anjali N, 5Dr. Prapti Raval, 6Dr. Leema Cherian
34 A Pull back to dentistry: Case report with Review and Possible Hindrance Prospects.

Author: 1Dr Gadadasu Swathi, 2Dr T Reshmi, 3Dr KV Lokesh, 4Dr B Venu Naidu
35 Tissue Engineering and Its Implication in Dentistry

Author: Dr. Lavesh Kumar, Dr. Priyatam Mishra, Dr. Mrinalini Mathur
36 Quantitative analysis of serum retinol in oral squamous cell carcinoma - A case control study

Author: 1Dr.Veda Priya, 2Dr.Vijay Srinivas, 3Dr. Anuradha, 4Dr.Vignatha
37 Comparison of bovine bone mineral to demineralized freeze- dried bone allograft in the treatment of periodontal infrabony defects: A Clinico-Radiographic Study

Author: 1Dr. Divya M. Dubey, 2Dr. Ajita Meenawat, 3Dr. Vivek Srivastava, 4Dr. Yasir S. Khan, 5Dr. Vinod Kumar, 6Dr. Shivam Yadav
38 Comparative Evaluation of Antibacterial Efficacy and Salivary pH on Consumption of Immunoglobulin Y (IgY) Containing Tablets in Preventing Dental Caries in Children – An in vivo study

Author: 1Dr. Payel Basu, 2Dr. Rani Somani, 3Dr. Muhamed Sabin, 4Dr. Dilip Kumar, 5Dr. Tanushree Basu
39 Comparative evaluation of the clinical efficacy of locally delivered 1 % curcumin gel as an adjunct to scaling and root planing in the treatment of chronic periodontitis- A Triple Blind Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Author: 1Dr. Akanksha Gaud, 2Dr. Ashish Yadav, 3Dr. Swati Sharma, 4Dr. Meenakshi, 5Dr. Gaurav Pal Singh, 6Dr. Saroj Nehra
40 Gene therapy in periodontics

Author: 1Dr. Ramya Gattu, 2Dr. Juliet Josephin, 3Dr. Jagadish Reddy, 4Dr. Suryakanth Malgikar, 5Dr Basavaraju Mounika
41 Oral health inequalities among rural and urban population of north India: Short survey study

Author: 1Dr. Anandmayee Chaturvedi, 2Dr. Dipti S Shah, 3Dr. Rekha Gupta, Dr.Lisa Malik
42 Modified techniques for restoring non-carious cervical lesions – A case report

Author: 1P. Karunakar, 2M.S. Rangareddy, 3Umrana Faizuddin, 4Basa Srinivas Karteek, 5Chigurupati Swetha
43 Yield of covid-19 screening prior to elective procedures in pediatric dentistry in Govt. Dental College Srinagar: A retrospective study

Author: 1Dr. Mohamad Arshid Khanday, 2Dr. Nazia Lone, 3Dr. Mohsin Sidiq
44 A comparative study on smear layer removal with three different herbal irrigants and fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth

Author: 1Dr. Aksa Mariam Varghese, 2Dr. Pradeep P R, 3Dr. Ananthakrishna S, 4Dr. Vijayshankar, 5Dr.Kiran J Kasti, 6Dr. Rashmi Nagaraj
45 Pineal hormone-melatonin -therapeutic potential in oral medicine

Author: 1Dr Nanma Surendran, 2Dr Sheeba Padiyath
46 Minimally invasive surgery for management of sialolithiasis involving whorton’s duct- A case report

Author: 1Dr. Bathini Dilip Chakravarthy, 2Dr. Abhijeet Kakani, 3Dr. Alekhya Yeso, 4Dr. Aella Balakrishna
47 Clinical and Radiographic Changes in Endo-Periodontal Lesions Managed By Regenerative Periodontal Therapy: An Interdisciplinary 5-Year Retrospective Study

Author: 1Dr. Anubha Srivastav, 2Dr. Divya Chowdhary, 3Dr. Amrita Tandon, 4Dr. Rajneesh Maheshwari, 5Dr. Mamta Singh, 6Dr. Manisha Mallik
48 Reduce, reuse, recycle - To evaluate the impact of recasting on the useful properties of nickel chromium alloy (an in-vitro study)

Author: 1Dr Kiran Jagtiani, 2Dr Vishwas Kharsan, 3Dr Kaveri Chakrabortty, 4Dr Chanda Gupta
49 Barriers of Dental Service Utilization during Covid-19 Pandemic – A Systematic Review

Author: 1Dr Nivedha K., 2Dr Aparna S., 3 Dr Parangimalai Diwakar Madankumar
50 Benign Fibrous Histiocytoma: A Rare Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Anjani Kumar Jha, 2Dr. Md Mahbubul Hoda, 3Dr. Tauseef Fazal
51 Efficacy of sodium bicarbonate alkalinisation on three nerve blocks inferior alveolar, lingual, and long buccal on pain and onset of local anaesthesia

Author: 1Dr. Shivam Agarwal, 2Dr. Hiral Dholakia, 3Dr. Himani Dogra, 4Dr. Balram Garg, 5Dr. Radhika Garg, 6Dr. Mamta Singh

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