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Volume - 4 - 2021 Issue - 4 - August


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1 Evaluation of antimicrobial efficacy of absorbable suture material against staphylococcus aureus, enterococcus faecalis and escherichia coli - An in vitro study

Author: 1Dr Vatsala Raghunath, 2Dr Pallavi Urs, 3Dr Priya Nagar, 4Dr Richa Lakhotia, 5Dr Anisha Jenny
2 Prevalence of supernumerary teeth among outpatients attending a tertiary care center in Bhopal (Central India)

Author: Shikha Singh, Guru Prasad Ramamurthy
3 Comparison of Staining of Mitotic Figures By Haematoxylin And Eosin, Crystal Violet And Giemsa Stains In Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Author: 1Bhavna Rai, 2Saurabh Kumar Roy, 3Madhusudan Astekar, 4Gaurav Sapra
4 Interrelationship between Dental Pathology and Maxillary Sinus Pathology –A CBCT Study

Author: 1Dr Hina Handa, 2Dr Kriti Shrivastava, 3Dr Vikalp Raghuvanshi, 4Dr Poorva Tiwari, 5Dr Anuja Gupta
5 Basaloid squamous cell carcinoma - review of literature and report of a case

Author: 1Dr.Geethu, 2Dr.Manju M Stephen, 2Dr. Heera R, 3Dr. Jayashree S, 3Dr. Sruthy R
6 Basal Implants: An Alternate Treatment Modality for the Atrophied Ridges

Author: 1Prameetha George Ittycheria, 2Saumya John, 3Sunu Alice Cherian
7 Association between nutritional status and malocclusion among government school going children Tamil Nadu-A Cross sectional study

Author: 1Dr. Lavanya P
8 Evaluation of online session over class room teaching program – A questionnaire based survey

Author: 1Dr. Bhupendra Babaria, 2Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh, 3Dr. Naveen Malik, 4Dr. Krishan Gauba
9 Richmond crown for anterior and posterior teeth: A report of 2 cases

Author: 1Dr. Garima Garima, 2Tushar Kohli, 3Namrata Mehta, 4Deepti Sreen, 5Alpa Gupta
10 Hemangiopericytoma- A case report

Author: 1Dr Nitin Agarwal, 2Dr. Nisha Kumari, 3Dr K.k. Chaudhary, 4Dr Somi Fatima, 5Dr Anchal Rai, 6Dr Nadia Irshad
11 Comparative study of television and smartphone as distraction aid with conventional behaviour management technique in 4-8 year old anxious pediatric dental patients – A non randomized clinical trial

Author: 1Vaishak Nath, 2T V Anupam Kumar, 3Jeeva Reghu, 4Anagha S, 5Jinku Joseph, 6Aysha Sitharan C
12 Volumetric Evaluation of Maxillary and Frontal Sinuses in Children aged 9–14 years using Cone-Beam Computed Tomography — A Pilot Study

Author: 1Dr. Rajesh Ijalkar, 2Dr. Ritesh Kalaskar, 3Dr. Ashita Kalaskar
13 Oral keratotic lesions in children

Author: 1Shreya Shrivastava, 2Ankur Jain, 3Rinky Sisodia, 4Satish Maran, 5Anaya Kale, 6Krishna Sagar
14 Desmoplastic Ameloblastoma of Anterior Mandible: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Amrutha Murali, 2Dr. Tinky Bose C, 3Dr. Girija K L, 4Dr. Sunu Ramachandran, 5Dr. Geethu R.G, 6Dr. Gopal Srivastava
15 Solitary Bone Plasmacytoma of Posterior Mandible: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Amrutha Murali, 2Dr. Girija K L, 3Dr. Tinky Bose C, 4Dr. Ramesh S, 5Dr. Mini M M, 6Dr. Remya Yogidas
16 Detection of micro metastasis in histopathologically negative nodes of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma using pan cytokeratin

Author: 1Mulla A F, 2Shah A A, 3Ingle Y , 4Vibhute N A, 5Srivastava S R, 6Bussari S
17 Detection of Antimicrobial Property of Ayurvedic Toothpaste formulation on common Oral Microbial Flora: In-Vitro Study

Author: 1Himanshu D. Dhanodkar, 2Shradha Jaiswal, 3Bhupesh Bagulkar, 4Amisha Jain
18 Comparison of shear bond strength of metal brackets bonded with conventional and high-power led curing lights

Author: 1Dr. Suresh Gorantla, 2Dr. Ravali Tankala, 3Dr. Ramoji Rao Lenka, 4Dr. Vizia Muddada, 5Dr. Sushila Sah, 6Dr. Venkateswarulu Kantheti
19 A Rare Case Report - An Unusual Bilateral Superolateral Dislocation and Sagittal Fracture of Condyles of Mandible

Author: 1Dr. Pallavi Srivastava, 2Dr. Vidhi C.Rathi, 3Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, 4Dr. Akanksha Kumari
20 Comparison of Handedness and Toothbrush-Related Cervical Dental Abrasion in Left- And Right-Handed Individuals

Author: 1Dr. Vaibhav Tandon, 2Dr. Diya Kumari, 3Dr. Monika
21 Impact of low dose dexamethasone in third molar surgery outcomes

Author: 1Dr. Vijay Mishra, 2Dr. Shelly Sharma, 3Dr. Chanchal Sareen, 4Dr. Anshul Jain, 5Dr. Vidhi C. Rathi, 6Dr. Abhishek Rathi
22 Placing short implant using osteotomes: Solution to resorbed maxilla

Author: 1Dr Dushyant Soni,2Dr Swathi Kumari Sharma, 3Dr Sheen Singh Mehta, 4Dr Tondon Devi Athokpam
23 Management of Instrument separation - A review and a case report of conservative management of a separated instrument

Author: 1Dr. Aswathi P, 2Dr. Sabir Muliar, 3Dr. Ranjith K, 4Dr. Harsha Haridas, 5Dr. Shilna Kunju Mohamed
24 Analysis of Pharyngeal Airway Parameters in Vertical Growth Pattern: CBCT vs Lateral Cephalometric Study

Author: 1Dr. Vimal Parmar, 2Dr. Renuka Patel, 3Dr. Falguni Mehta, 4Dr. Megha Goswami, 5Dr. Shekhar K. Asarsa, 6Dr. Manimala S.
25 Knowledge attitude and practice of oral hygiene methods among mothers caregivers of children with special care needs in dakshina kannada during covid

Author: 1Dr Savitha N S, 2Dr Shainitha C M, 3Dr Nandan S, 4Dr Krishnamoorthy S H, 5Dr Aravind A
26 Comparative evaluation of intracanal calcium hydroxide removal with Hand file Neohybrid Rotary file Endoactivator & passive ultrasonic Irrigation - An In-vitro study

Author: 1Dr. Akshay Ankush Gomare, 2Dr. Zinnie Nanda, 3Dr. Kavita Rudagi, 4Dr. Kranthikumar Reddy, 5Dr Srinidhi SR, 6Dr Jinet Joseph, 7Dr Diksha Dubey
27 Pleomorphic adenoma involving minor salivary glands of upper lip: A rare entity

Author: 1Dr. Nupur Hingad, 2Dr. Garish Kumar, 3Dr. Pavan Gujjar, 4Dr. Jyoti Zingade
28 To compare the amount of separation for four different types of separators - An in vivo study

Author: 1Dr. Thiyam Nickychandra Singh, 2Dr.Moon Ramraika, 3Dr.Abha Chansoria,4Dr.Shubhada Pai, 5Dr.Sameer Pathan, 6Dr.Yogesh Bande, 7Dr.Sonali Agrawal, 8Dr.Divya Ramraika
29 Nasal Changes Post Presurgical Nasoalveolar Moulding: A Systematic Review

Author: 1Nishant Das, 2Himanshi Jindal, 2Ruchi Gupta, 3Amol Mhatre, 2Abhijeet Tribhuvan, 2Maiqlin Fernandes
30 A Training Denture with acrylic Bead for the Management of Completely Edentulous Hyper-Gag reflex patient: A Case Report

Author: 1Bhavika Nagpal, 2Amit Sharma, 3Kanav Garg, 4Manmeet Kaur
31 Coronavirus Outbreak: Busting common misconceptions about COVID-19 in a village of Maharashtra, INDIA: A questionnaire based cross sectional study

Author: 1Dr. Chirayu Jain, 2Dr.Vikram Garcha, 3Dr. Vittaldas Shetty, 4Dr. Kashmira Gurav, 5Dr. Pallavi Divekar
32 Management of C shaped canal using CBCT, ultrasonic activation and warm vertical obturation - A case series

Author: 1Prof.(Dr.) Neelam Mittal, 2Dr. Sakshi Gupta
33 Application of Image Processing Techniques for improving the quality of Dental X-Ray

Author: 1Sovamayee, 1Debasmita Das, 2Raghunath Dey, 2Rakesh Chandra Balabantaray
34 Mini Implants through Finite Element Analysis

Author: 1Dr Naveen Kumar Ramagoni, 2Dr K Raja Sigamani, 3Dr Kurinchi Kumaran, 4Dr Bhaskar, 5Dr G Durga Prasad, 6Dr Shakir MK
35 Awake blind nasal intubation in 12 years old TMJ ankylosis patient with nil mouth opening – A live demonstration

Author: 1Dr. Bhavana Valvi, 2Dr. Prashant Pandilwar, 3Prof. Kanchan Shah, 4Dr. Suraj Parmar 5Dr. Wahab Shaikh, 6Dr. Saurabh Ramtekkar
36 Emergence of Antimicrobial Resistance in bacterial isolates among COVID-19 individuals and General Population in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Rural Chengalpattu District, Tamil Nadu, India

Author: 1Sridhar G, 2Prasanna S, 3Karnaboopathy R
37 Hermans-Herzberg Phakomatosis - A Rare Case Report of 11-Year-Old Male Patient

Author: 1Dr. Bhavana Valvi, 2Prof. Kanchan Shah, 3Dr. Suraj Parmar, 4Dr. Wahab Shaikh, 5Dr. Bhagyashri Landage
38 Polymicrobial pathogenesis in Covid-19 with emphasis on oral manifestations: A review

Author: 1Dr. Hajira Khatoon, 2Dr. Sahana Srinath, 3Dr. Suresh T
39 Comparative evaluation of submucosal injection of hyaluronidase with dexamethasone on postsurgical effects after surgical removal of bilateral impacted mandibular third molar

Author: 1Dr. Raghvendra singh Arvind Narela , 2Dr. Vardan Maheshwari , 3Dr. Bipin A. Bulgannawar, 4Dr. Pooja Sarda
40 Neoadjuvant Treatment Modalities for Peri Implant Diseases

Author: 1Sreelakshmi.C, 2Arunima P.R, 3Ambili. R, 4Reeja Mol. MK
41 Treatment of Gingival Hyperpigmentation by Surgical Scalpel Technique- A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. K. Rajashekar, 2Dr. K. Naresh, 3Dr. S. Gangaraju
42 Vaccine: A Protective Barrier Against Covid-19

Author: 1Vinita Campbell, 2Dr. Pardeep Mahajan
43 Journey of nanoparticles in orthodontics - A review

Author: 1Dr. S.V Ramesh Goud, 2Dr. K Raja Sigamani, 3Dr. Kurinchi Kumaran, 4Dr. Bhaskar, 5Dr. Sugareddy, 6Dr. Durga Prasad, 7Dr. Sai Rohith, 8Dr. Yashaswini K.V
44 A pilot study to evaluate the role of stabilization splint therapy and self-management based instructions in the treatment of Temporomandibular disorders (TMD)

Author: 1Dr. Hardik K Ram, 2Dr. Darshana N Shah
45 Management of teeth with revascularization failure by two visit Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Apexification – A case report

Author: 1Dr. Arpitha CM, 2Dr. Keerthana G
46 Management of invasive cervical resorption by surgical approach – A case report

Author: 1Dr. Keerthana G, 2Dr, Jigaysa Duhan, 3Dr. Arpitha CM
47 Estimation of maximum occlusal bite force of school going children in Hyderabad city – A cross sectional study

Author: 1Niharika H M, 2Manoj Kumar M G, 3Nageswara Rao K, 4Srinivas N CH, 5Shanthan Mettu, 6Dwitha Animireddy
48 An in-vitro comparison of hardness and SEM-EDS micro analysis after inclusion of 1% Octenidine Dihydrochloride in tissue conditioners for treatment of denture stomatitis

Author: 1Dr Pooja Srivastava, 2Dr Ashish Choudhary, 3Dr Bhawana Tiwari, 4Dr Anil Sharma, 5Dr Aparana Sharma
49 Current Advances in Forensic Dentistry-A Review Article

Author: 1Dr. Renuga S, 2Dr. Sahana N.S, 3Dr. Satish T Yadav, 4Dr. Hajira Khatoon, 5Dr. Meghashyama Kulkarni, 6Dr. Abhisikta Chakraborty
50 Assessment of knowledge, awareness and practices observed by dental undergraduates regarding the use of masks during covid-19 pandemic – A questionnaire study

Author: 1Dr Amitha M Hegde, 2Dr Deepshikha Mehrotra, 3Dr Harshita Reddy
51 Knowledge and implementation of dental implant impression techniques among dental practitioners in Bhopal city- A cross-sectional study

Author: 1Dr. Deepali Dongle, 2Dr. Shreyans Damade, 3Dr. Swapnil Parlani, 4Dr. Kirti Jajoo, 5Dr. Pushkar Dwivedi, 6Dr. Nimit Jain

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