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Volume - 4 - 2021 Issue - 3 - May


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1 Comparison of the loading force among various esthetic archwires at different deflections

Author: 1Gorantla Suresh, 2Kotta Mounica,3Muddada Vizia,4Veginadu Prabhakar, 5Lenka Ramoji Rao, 6Karri Tarakesh, 7Sah Sushila
2 Management of Post traumatic deformity of mandible: Report of two cases with review of literature

Author: 1Prof.(Dr.) Rajarshi Banerjee, 2Dr.Ritoban Saha Bhowmick, 3Dr. Sudipto Sahu
3 Ossification of Non-vascularized Free-Fibula Graft for Mandibular Reconstruction after Resection of Ameloblastoma: Review of Literature and Presentation of 2 cases

Author: 1Dr. B.M. Rudagi, 2Jain Rishabh, 3Dr. Bhavar Gaurav, 4Dr. Naikwade Shahbaaz, 5Dr. Dhalwale Georgina
4 Overextension of root canal filling: a leading cause of maxillary sinus aspergillosis- A review

Author: 1Dr Kiran Kumar N, 2Dr Priya Mariam Thomas, 3Dr Seema Merwade, 4Dr Savitha B Naik, 5Dr Biji Brijit, 6Dr Hari Prasad L, 7Dr Arun Kumar R
5 Comparitive mechanical testing of three different resins used for fabrication of provisional restoration before and after storage in artificial saliva: An in vitro study

Author: 1Dr Vaishnavi Inginshetty, 2Dr Preeti Astagi, 3Dr Parmeet Banga
6 Management of A Palatally Placed Mesiodens: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. M. Bhuvaneshwari
7 Hemisection: An alternative approach for preservation of hopeless mandibular molars - A case series

Author: 1Dr. Krishna Prasada L, 2Dr. Hithysh T Vidhyadhara
8 A clinical evaluation of papilla preservation reconstruction using sub-epithelial connective tissue graft

Author: 1Dr. Sahib Tej Singh, 2Dr. Pradeep Shukla, 3Dr. Vandana, 4Dr. Karandeep Kaur, 5Dr.(Prof.) Arvinderpal Singh, 6Dr. Simran Nut
9 Comparative evaluation of efficacy of tetracycline fiber as a LDD system in the treatment of chronic periodontitis as an adjunct to SRP – A clinical study

Author: 1Dr.Kausar Parwez Khan, 2Dr. Md. Shadab Anwar, 3Dr. Md. Raunaque Afroz
10 Automation in Restorative Dentistry: A Revolutionary Concept

Author: 1Dr. Pradeep Kumar, 2Dr. Vemula Akhila, 3Dr. Prathap M.S, 4Dr. Nishi Jayasheelan
11 Comparative evaluation of antibacterial activity of silk sutures coated with 0.2% hyaluronic acid gel and 0.2% chlorhexidine gel against Porphyromonas gingivalis: An Invitro study

Author: 1Dr. Aathira S Pradeep, 2Dr. Pushpa S Pudakalkatti, 3Dr. Preethi Ingalagi
12 Awareness of Prosthodontic Treatment in the General Population of the East-Godavari District

Author: 1Dr. G.V.R.S.R. Krishna Teja, 2Dr. B.L. Rao, 3Dr. T.S.V. Satyanarayana, 4Dr. T.L.G. Sravanthi, 5Dr. K. Aditya, 6Dr. P.K. Monika
13 Why not Math in Prosthodontics

Author: 1Santhi B, 2Rao B L, 3Satyanarayana T S V, 4Sravanthi T L G, 5Chakradhar V, 6Padmini D
14 Evaluation and treatment planning of the head and neck surgeries during the Covid – 19 Pandemic

Author: 1Dr. Amit Rawat, 2Dr. Jyotirmay Chakrawarty, 3Dr. Neha Jain, 4Dr. Ankit Goyal
15 Immediate and delayed implant placement in the era of covid-19 pandemic

Author: 1Dr. Sahib Tej Singh, 2Dr. Vandana, 3Dr. Gaurav Malhotra, 4Dr. Karandeep Kaur, 5Dr. Gauri Malik, 6Dr. Satpreet Singh Bhasin
16 Goldenhar Syndrome: A Rare Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Shivaprakash P. K, 2Dr. Akshatha Angadi, 3Dr, Sailakshmi P. P
17 Retrospective Evaluation of Various Surgical Approaches For Open Reduction And Internal Fixation of Fractures Involving Zygomati-Comaxillary Complex (ZMC) - A hospital based study.

Author: 1Dr. Jeegisha Trada, 2Dr.Ananth Kumar G.B., 3Dr.Rakesh Shah, 4Dr. Vikram Prajapati, 5Dr. Parth Shah, 6Dr. Krishna Panchal
18 Estimation and comparison of serum procalcitonin levels in patients with chronic periodontitis and chronic migraine after non-surgical periodontal therapy: a clinico biochemical study

Author: 1Dr. Gurprabjit Kaur , 2Dr. Supreet Kaur, 3Dr. Vandana Sarangal, 4Dr. Raman Deep Singh Narang, 5Dr. Sahib Tej Singh, 6Dr. Karandeep Kaur, 7Dr. Aradhana Sharma
19 Comparision of shear bond strength of stainless steel brackets on porcelain fused metal and zirconium crowns with different types of surface conditioning techniques: An in vitro study

Author: 1Dr.Varigonda Satya Prathyusha, 2Dr. Dodda kiran Kumar, 3Dr. Kanuru Ravi Krishna, 4Dr. Singamshetty Eswar Prasad, 5Dr. Siddhartha Nalluru, 6Dr. Naresh Vattikunta, 7Dr. Gorthi Naveen, 8Dr. Shruthi Laxmi Ghanta
20 Optical Coherence Tomography in Dentistry – An Updated Review

Author: 1Sowmya Hemanthakumar, 2P. Mahesh Kumar, 3K. Saraswathi Gopal
21 Tissue Engineering: A Boon to Dentistry

Author: 1Bhattacharya M, 2Chattopadhyay J, 3Shetty R, 4Sen S, 5Bose S, 6Agarwal, A, 7Rathi A
22 A survey to assess the awareness and knowledge of Clinical students(III &IV BDS), Interns, and Postgraduates on dental considerations of patients with some systemic diseases in Andhra Pradesh – an online survey

Author: 1Sravanthi T L G, 2Rao B L, 3Nibha Kumari Singh, 4Satyanarayana T S V, 5Krishna Teja G, 6Aditya K
23 Smart materials – future stepping stone in dentistry

Author: 1Dr. Krishnaprasada. L, 2Dr. Amitha Ponnath
24 Airway and Orthodontics

Author: 1Dr. Snehal Jagtap, 2Dr. JiwanAsha Agrawal, 3Dr. Shraddha Shetti, 4Dr. Sangamesh Fulari, 5Dr. Lalita Nanjannwar, 6Dr. Vishwal Kagi
25 Richmond crown: Restoration of badly broken endodontically treated posterior teeth - A case report

Author: 1Dr Amit Kumar, 2Dr. Alisha, 3Dr.Parikshit Gupt, 4Dr. Vishal Rometra.
26 Maxillary Hollow Denture Using Innovative Technique for Resorbed Ridges: Case Report

Author: 1Shrivastava M, 2Parlani S, 3Shrivastava KJ
27 Prevalence and characteristics of referred pain of pulpal origin in the head and neck region

Author: 1Dr. Bharati Patil, 2Dr. Sikha Poudyal
28 Determination of cervical posture and head posture with respect to sagittal jaw position: A Cephalometric Study

Author: 1Dr. Gauri Khade, 2Dr. Manish Agrawal, 3Dr. JiwanAsha Agrawal, 4Dr. Sangmesh Fulari, 5Dr.Shraddha Shetti, 6Dr. Amol Shirkande
29 Dentist perception and action toward domestic violence patient in current pandemic corona time: A cross –sectional study

Author: 1Dr. Pawan Krishna Murti, 2Dr. Harish.K , 3Dr. D. Ashwani Lahari, 4Dr. S.S. Sandeep Kumar
30 To estimate the effect of papaya, kiwi, and synthetic vitamin C on gingival health during experimental gingivitis: A randomized clinical trial

Author: 1Dr. Amrita Kumari, 2Dr. Malvika Bagati, 3Dr. Karan Asrani, 4Dr. Ashish Yadav, 5Dr. Swati Sharma, 6Dr. Meenakshi Meena
31 Clinical effects of bovine derived xenograft and platelet rich fibrin in the treatment of periodontal intrabony defects - A comparative study

Author: 1Dr. Karandeep Kaur, 2Dr. Vandana, 3Dr. Supreet Kaur, 4Dr. Sahib Tej Singh, 5Dr. Aradhana Sharma, 6Dr. Gurprabjit Kaur, 7Dr. Surbhi Kapoor
32 Prosthetic rehabilitation of microtia using cad and rapid prototyping: A case report

Author: 1Dr. Vikas B. Kamble, 2Dr. Danveera S. Raut Dessai, 3Dr. Aparajita Lal
33 Pyogenic Granuloma: A Review

Author: 1Dr. Priyanka Padlkar, 2Dr. Manjiri Prakash Amte, 3Dr. Mayur Awchar, 4Dr. Shaikh Mohd Zubair
34 Coronavirus: A Global Pandemic

Author: 1Dr. Mridul Sharma, 2Angad Mahajan, 3Dr. Sadhvi Gupta, 4Dr. Vishnu Surendran, 5Dr. Abhinav, 6Dr. Megha Mahajan, 7Dr. Pratibha Marya
35 A comparison of the oral health status of the children with and without autism in the Delhi NCR region of India: A cross – sectional study

Author: 1Dr. Rafia, 2Dr. Waseem Raja, 3Dr. Ashish Singla, 4Dr. Ravneet Kaur, 5Dr. Ambar Khan, 6Dr. Divyangi Goel
36 Morphometric analysis of facial landmarks as a guideline for selection of maxillary central incisor

Author: 1Dr. Jyothsna MK, 2Dr. Abdul Sameeh M
37 Comparative evaluation of coronally advanced flap using bilayer bioresorbable collagen membrane and platelet rich fibrin membrane in the treatment of gingival recession: A randomized clinical study

Author: 1Dr. Aradhana Sharma, 2Dr. Vandana Sarangal, 3Dr. Sahib Tej Singh, 4Dr. Supreet Kaur, 5Dr. Karandeep Kaur, 6Dr. Gurprabjit Kaur, 7Dr. Pallavi Prashar
38 Immediate loading in dental implants – A Review

Author: 1Dr. P. Abhigna, 2Dr. P. Lakshmi Preethi, 3Dr. M. V. Ramoji Rao, 4Dr. M. Sathish, 5Dr. A.V.N. Sri Harsha, 6Dr. Sravya Sri Prudhvi, 7Dr. Shruthi laxmi Ghanta, 8Dr. G. Divyasri
39 Studies on Dental Health Status to Correlate Between Detrimental Food Habits and Oral Hygiene: A Questionnaire Based Survey

Author: 1Sonali N. Gawande, 2Vijay D. Nanoty
40 Recent advances in vital pulp therapy

Author: 1Dr. Sayanti Ghosh, 2Dr. Manjeet Uke
41 Knowledge, attitude and practice about Teledentistry among general population in Kerala during covid-19 outbreak: A cross –sectional online survey

Author: 1Joby Peter, 2Vijai. S, 3Krishna Kumar, 4Anaswara MS, 5Litty Prince.P
42 A customized bondable Transpalatal Arch

Author: 1Dr. Vikas Veera, Dr. Sangamesh B, Dr. K. T. Manjula., Dr. Vishwanath Akarapu,
43 A study to evaluate superoxide dismutase levels in chronic periodontitis patients before and after non-surgical periodontal therapy

Author: 1Dr. Surbhi Kapoor, 2Dr. Aashish Verma, 3Dr. Vandana, 4Dr. Sahiba Kukreja, 5Dr. Supreet Kaur, 6Dr. Sahib Tej Singh, 7Dr. Karandeep Kaur
44 Post Covid-19 Mucormycosis: A Sudden rising trend

Author: 1Dr. B. M. Rudagi, 2Dr. Jain Rishabh, 3Dr. Naikwade Shahbaaz, 4Dr. Bhavar Gaurav, 5Dr. Patil Prachi
45 Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Single Amputed Finger - A Case Series

Author: 1Dr. Vikas B. Kamble, 2Dr. Aparajita Lal, 3Dr. Danveera S. Raut Dessai
46 Finite Element Analysis of Biomechanics of Total Arch Distalization of Maxillary Arch in Adult Skeletal Class II Pattern with Infrazygomatic Crest Bone Screws

Author: 1Dr. Sheetal Potnis, 2Dr. N. G. Toshniwal, 3Dr. Shilpa Pharande, 4Dr. Rutuja Devadkar
47 Association of insulin resistance with periodontal disease – Cause or effect

Author: 1G. Sreenivasulu, 2Krishnan Vishwanathan, 3KA Ravi Varma Prasad, 4C. Yashaswini
48 Assessment of Knowledge and Practice of Evidence Based Dentistry by Indian Dental Professionals: A Systematic Review

Author: 1Dr. Anandmayee Chaturvedi, 2Dipti S Shah, 3Dr. Rekha Gupta
49 Maxillary Sinus Lift: Review Article

Author: 1Dr. Aanchal Tyagi, 2Dr. Nitin Tomar, 3Dr. Mayur Kaushik, 4Dr. Soundarya Singh
50 Endodontic specialists and general dentists perceptions of single and multiple visit root canal treatment: A survey in India

Author: 1Dr. Manish Sundesha , 2Dr. Drashti Bhalodi , 3Dr Nitin Mirdha, 4Dr Bobbin Gill , 5Dr. Monika Tomar , 6Dr. Swarneet Kakpure
51 Silk Fibre Reinforced GIC – A Promising Alternative to Conventional GIC

Author: 1Dr. Saicharan G, 2Dr. George Thomas, 3Dr. Sunil Jose, 4Dr. Sona Joseph, 5Dr. Adarsh, 6Dr. Vivek VJ
52 Laser curettage -a novel approach in treatment of chronic inflammatory gingival enlargement - A case series

Author: 1Dr. Lalitha Shiggoan, 2Dr. Gunderao Kulkarni, 3Dr.Rinnu Mathew, 4Dr. Palak Agrawal, 5Dr. Vaishali Mane
53 Treatment of skeletal class ii malocclusion in a permanent dentition using a two-phase approach – a case report

Author: 1Dr Shruti Choudhary, 2Dr Ratendra Singh
54 A Review on Remdesivir: An Antiviral Drug

Author: 1Dr. Kanika Thakur , 2Dr. Rajan Gupta , 3Dr. Shilpa Kaundal, 4Dr. Yutso Tenzing Bhutia, 5Dr. Raina JP Khanam, 6Dr. Deepti Shakya
55 Patient's perception and practices to combat dental pain- A KAP survey in North Indian population

Author: Ishita Mittal , Pragya Kumar , Sonali Taneja , Preeti Bhagia
56 The Attitude and Practice of postgraduate dentists towards research dissertation work

Author: 1Dr. Reet Kamal, 2Dr. Kanika Thakur, 3Dr. Parveen Dahiya, 4Dr. Shilpa Kaundal
57 A comparative evaluation of effectiveness of chewable tooth brush v/s manual tooth brush in reduction of oral bacterial load in children of 6-10 years of age

Author: 1Dr Nameeda K S, 2Dr Parul Singh, 3Dr Priya Nagar, 4Dr Fathimath Nihala K, 5Dr Anagha Saseendran
58 Evaluation of change in salivary ph, following consumption of tea and comparing it with change in salivary ph after rinsing with normal saline and consumption of chewng gum

Author: 1Gauri Kiran Vanjari, 2Dr. Abhishek Talathi , 3Prachi Dabholkar
59 Prevalence of variations in maxillary labial frenum attachment among various skeletal malocclusions - a cross sectional study

Author: 1Dr. Shashikanth Hegde, 2Dr. S. Sai Sravan, 3Dr. Rajesh Kashyap S, 4Dr. Arun Kumar M. S, 5Dr. Vinita Boloor, 6Dr. Priyanka Menon
60 Tethered Oral tissues and Nursing: A review of literature.

Author: 1Sayali B. Katkar, 2Iqbal E. Musani, 3Shikha Choubey, 4Prajakta Sanap
61 Apexification using mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA): A case report

Author: 1Dr. Atiksha Sharma, 2Dr. Devendra Chaudhary,3Dr. Ravi Nagpal, 4Dr. Harmeet Singh
62 Awareness about the specialty branch of dentistry - Oral Medicine and Radiology among Medical Practitioners, Dental Surgeons and general population

Author: 1Dr. Vikas Batra, 2Dr. Nisheeth Saawarn, 3Dr. Siddharth Saurabh, 1Dr. Shubham Jain
63 Aggressive Periodontitis: A Narrative Review

Author: 1Dr. Shilpa Kaundal, 2Dr. Rajan Gupta, 3Dr. Parveen Dahiya, 4Dr. Mukesh Kumar, 5Dr. Sunita Melwani
64 Disinfection potential of glycerol, chitosan and clove oil along with triple antibiotic paste against root canal microorganisms

Author: 1Dr. P Shanti Priya,2Dr. Raji Viola Solomon, 3Dr. Ashish Jain, 4Dr. Divya Talla
65 An unusual presentation of unilateral peripheral buttressing bone in maxilla: A Case report and its management

Author: 1Dr. Shilpa Kaundal, 2Dr. Rajan Gupta, 3Dr. Parveen Dahiya, 4Dr. Mukesh Kumar
66 Enhancing Smile Through Lip Repositioning And Crown Lengthening Procedures: A Combined Approach

Author: 1Dr Vidisha Gaur, 2Dr Venkitram N.J, 3Dr Rakhi Soni, 4Dr Abhishek Jain, 5Dr Aaquib Nazir, 6Dr Sonal Jain
67 Evaluation of the push out bond strength on smear layer using three different root canal sealers - A comparative study

Author: 1Dr Shreya Maiti, 2Dr Veenakumari R, 3Dr Anantha Krishna, 4Dr Pradeep P.R , 5Dr Manasa D.R, 6Dr Aravindhkumar
68 Prevalence of Temporomandibular disorder and its severity in Ahmedabad population: A Questionnaire survey

Author: 1Dr. Pooja Sawarmal Poonia, 2Dr. Ina Bhupesh Patel, 3Dr. Kinjal Solanki, 4Dr. Shachi Pankajbhai Patel
69 Assessment of parental knowledge, attitude and practices related to the use of pediatric liquid medications

Author: 1Dr. Shaima Sayyed Sajjad Zahir, 2Dr. Thomas Manjooran, 3Dr. Hemjith Vasudevan, 4Dr. Reshma Rajan, 5Dr. Sangeetha J Kadavan
70 Comparison of plaque removal efficacy of chewable, electronic and conventional tooth brushes in visually impaired children

Author: 1Dr. Shivagami, 2Dr. Ummey Salma, 3Ms. Neelu Farhath Abdullah Basha, 4Mr. Atiqulla Shariff
71 Mask mouth & Covid tongue: An update

Author: 1Dr. V. Chakradhar, 2Dr. B.Lakshmana Rao, 3Dr. PSHL parvathi, 4Dr.D.Padmini
72 To study the effects of various agents on the shear bond strength of resin modified glass ionomer cement: In-vitro study

Author: 1Noushad M C,2Anish Sebastian ,3Nisha Ann John ,4Nithin A K
73 Modified implant supported fixed prosthesis- A novel approach

Author: 1Shivkumar A. Mule, 2Shankar P. Dange, 3Arun N. Khalikar, 4Smita P. Vaidya, 5Shubhendra S. Khandewale, 6Babita Suryawanshi, 7Nazish Baig

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