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Volume - 4 - 2021 Issue - 2 - March


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1 A review-The art and science of facelift surgery

Author: 1Dr. Gunjan Rawat, 2Dr. Vipul Garg, 3Dr. Sumit Chopra, 4Dr. Ankit Aggarwal
2 Wettability of three denture base materials to different forms of saliva substitute and distilled water – An Invitro study

Author: 1Dr. Soundaria Saravanan, 2Dr. Chalakuzhiyil Abraham Mathew, 3Dr. Dheepika Kittuchami
3 Treatment of gingival hyperpigmentation with laser and scalpel techniques: Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Sunanda Halder, 2Dr. Rambabu Dudala, 3Dr. Savan Sunari Rajaram, 4Dr. Amit De.
4 Evaluating the presence of golden percentage, golden proportion and red proportion in maxillary anterior teeth in the endemic region of Jaipur, Rajasthan

Author: 1Dr. Alok Sharma
5 Evaluation of the transverse strength of denture base resin repaired with glass fibre reinforced heat polymerizing and auto polymerizing acrylic resins – An in vitro study

Author: 1Dr. Sheela Kannan, 2Dr. Chalakuzhiyil Abraham Mathew, 3Dr. M. Vishwanathan, 4Dr. Shanmugapriya SV, 5Dr. Krishnapriya
6 A comparative evaluation of antimicrobial efficacy of laser assisted photo dynamic therapy, 1% sodium hypochlorite and 2% chlorhexidine in root canal disinfection of primary teeth: A clinical study

Author: 1Dr. Swathi Kakathkar, 2Dr. Ila Srinivasan, 3Dr. Jyothsna V Setty, 4Dr. Clarissa Suting, 5Dr Akhil P
7 Unilateral scissor bite correction of second molar using modified TPA

Author: 1Dr.Maheshwari Patil, 2Dr.Rajkumar S Alle, 3Dr.Bharathi V S
8 Clinical Selection Criteria for Ceramic Systems in Aesthetic Restorations: Review and clinical case report

Author: 1W. Elkhourani, 2A. El yamani
9 An in-vitro comparison of apical microleakage after immediate versus delayed post space preparation using different sealers – A glucose penetration leakage study

Author: 1Dr.Vijay .R, 2Dr.Shaik Althaf, 3Prof. Dr.Srirekha.A, 4Dr.Archana.S, 5Dr.Noufal Kallingal Usman, 6Dr. Durga Devi Dasari
10 Changing trends in paediatric dental practice post COVID; the new normal: A review

Author: 1Shrawani Mankar, 2 Parag Dhake, 3 Devendra Nagpal, 4 Gagandeep Lamba,5Purva Chaudhari,6 Kavita Hotwani
11 The effect of three different caries removal techniques on the microtensile bond strength of the composite resin to dentine - A comparative study

Author: 1Dr Manasa D.R , 2Dr Veenakumari R, 3Dr Anantha Krishna, 4Dr Pradeep P.R,5 Dr Shreya Maiti
12 Evaluation of the temperature rise in the pulp chamber during different interproximal reduction procedures – an in vitro study

Author: 1Dr. Santosh Voodi, 2Dr. Suresh Gorantla, 3Dr. Vizia Muddada, 4Dr. Ramoji Rao Lenka, 5Dr. Vamsi Krishna Gurugubelli, 6Dr. Sudha Sravani Konathala
13 Efficacy of Myristica fragrans extract in root canal irrigation of primary teeth - A clinical trial

Author: 1Dr. Jyothsna V Setty, 2Dr. Ila Srinivasan, 3Dr. Roopashree T.S, 4Dr. Mamata Kale, 5Dr. Swathi Kakathkar, 6Dr Akhil P
14 SEM Evaluation of effect of IgY based oral passive immunization against dental caries- An Invitro study

Author: 1Maj Dr Anubhav Chakrabarty, 2Lt Col Dr Sonali Sharma, 3Maj Dr Sourabh Sharma, 4Maj Sumit Sharma, 5Maj SGP Sudhir
15 Effect of light intensity and shade of material on depth of curing of bulk fill composite

Author: 1Dr. Sourabh Sharma, 2Dr. Sonali Sharma, 3Dr. Anubhav Chakrabarty, 4Dr. Priyanka Malviya
16 Surgical approaches in successful maxillary sinus lift implant-a step by step detailed guided intervention

Author: 1Dr. Mohammad Naffizuddin, 2Dr.Bharani Krishna, 3Dr. M.Sirisha, 4Dr. D. Lokanathan Balaji, 5Dr.Ch.Ram Sunil, 6Dr.V.Shivakumar
17 A comparison of temperature rise in pulpal chamber during fabrication of provisional restorations by direct method-an in vitro study

Author: 1Dr Rupal J Shah, 1Dr Sanjay Lagdive, 1Dr Bhavisha Gadhiya, 2Dr Urvashi Rai, 2Dr Anchal Kapoor, 3Dr Nikita Goel
18 Effect of various mouth rinses at different time interval on color stability of different provisional restorative materials: An in vitro study

Author: 1Dr Rupal J Shah, 1Dr Sanjay Lagdive, 1Dr Urvashi Rai, 2Dr Bhavisha Gadhiya, 2Dr Anchal Kapoor, 3Dr Kalaiarasi Periyanan
19 The role of an oral physician in the pandemic era – An Insight

Author: 1Dr. G. Jeevitha
20 Retrospective analysis of prevalence of cleft lip & cleft palate cases and their types at a tertiary care centre in Bihar

Author: 1Dr Nivedita, 2Dr Priyankar Singh, 3Dr Sonal Lahoti, 4Dr Vijay Kumar, 5Dr AK Sharma
21 A quantitative analysis of apical debris extrusion in root canals with varying root canal curvature using rotary and reciprocating system - An in-vitro study

Author: 1Dr. Jadeep Nambiar, 2Dr. Lekha Santhosh, 3Dr. Srirekha Aswathnarayana, 4Dr. Pooja Vodela P, 5Dr. Champa Chikkamallaiah, 6Dr. Ashwija Shetty
22 Custom made Eye prosthesis with permanent denture soft lining tissue surface: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Alok Sharma, 2Dr. Rajesh Saini, 3Dr. Paaras Kotwal
23 Management of anterior open bite using temporary anchorage device: A 2 case report

Author: 1Dr Tanzin Palkit, 2Dr Isha Aggarwal, 3Dr Mandeep Kaur Bhullar, 4Dr Merry, 5Dr Neetika Singh, 6Dr.Vinit Kumar Singh
24 Post-covid-19 prevention protocols for the dental clinics: A necessity

Author: 1Dr Kirti Saharan, 2Dr Ashok L., 3Dr. Arpita Deb
25 Complications in the treatment of a lower jaw fracture with standard straps by the vasilev’s method

Author: 1DMD Rosen Tsolov, 2A/Prof. G. Yordanov
26 Dental management of 9- yr old child with congenital heart disease: A case report

Author: 1Harsha Sawant, 2Sargam Sortey, 3Devendra Nagpal, 4Gagandeep Lamba, 5Purva Chaudhari, 6Kavita Hotwani
27 Implant in the anterior area: A real esthetic challenge

Author: 1Ghita Kadri, 2Layla Assila, 3Zouheir Ismaili
28 Management of multiple impacted teeth with guided eruption: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr Paridhi Gupta, 2Dr Nithin V. Joy, 3Dr Jyothi Kiran H , 4Dr Bhagyalakshmi A., 5Dr Munaif V.
29 Role of magnification in endodontics

Author: 1Dr. Tanu Mahajan, 2Dr. Manu Mahajan
30 Antioxidants in Oral Health

Author: 1Dr. Henna Mir, 2Dr. Shivalingesh KK, 3Dr. Adeeba Saleem, 4Dr. Divya Srivastava, 5Dr. Swati Pathak
31 Root resection therapy in the treatment of advanced furcation involvement

Author: 1Ait-ou-amar Soumia, 2Erraji Samir, 3Ennibi Oum Keltoum
32 Traumatic dental injuries in children in Ghaziabad: Across sectional study

Author: 1Dr Vikas Verma, 2Dr Sumera Pervaiz Khan, 3Dr Abhishek Jain, 4Dr Aaquib Nazir, 5Dr Vaishali Bajaj, 6Dr Sonal Jain
33 In vitro evaluation of push-out bond strength of fiber posts cemented using two different adhesive approaches

Author: 1Elsy P Simon, 2Dinsha P, 3Ravi SV, 4Mohammed Ashik P
34 Neurofibromatosis type –I, A rare genetic entity in adolescent patient: A case report and literature review.

Author: 1Dr. Ramakant Dandriyal, 2Dr. Niranjan Prasad Indra B, 3Dr. Archana Chaurasia, 4Dr. Swati Dandriyal, 5Dr. Sakshi Gupta
35 A correlation of chronic periodontitis with chronic renal disease using salivary urea and ph as biomarkers – a clinico-biochemical study

Author: 1Amit Mani, 2Shivkanya Bhadange, 3Shubhangi Mani, 4Shivani Sachdeo, 5Rujuta Mhaisekar, 6Gaurav Shinde
36 Early spontaneous exposure of implant cover screw: A review on diagnosis and Management

Author: 1Dr. Surjargha Mukherjee, 2Dr. Piyush Dongre, 3Dr. Swagata Deb, 4Dr. T. K. Giri
37 Awareness and risk factors of needle stick injuries among dental undergraduate and postgraduate: a cross sectional study

Author: 1Dr. Snehasish Basu, 2Prof. (Dr). Amitabha Chakraborty, 3Prof.(Dr). Bibhas Dey, 4Dr. Sinjana Jana, 5Dr. Krishnendu Bhowmik, 5Dr. Asmita Paul
38 Assessment of oral health status and tooth wear among glass factory workers in Bangalore

Author: 1Raj Kumar Jha, 2Prasanna Kumar YS , 3Shafi Ahmad, 4Manish Kumar
39 Practicing sheltered dentistry during COVID-19 era –A review

Author: 1Dr. Amrutha.B, 2Dr.Prasanna Kumar Bhat, 3Dr.Aishwarya.N
40 Ocular prosthesis: a clinical case report

Author: 1Dr. Juhee Naresh Mehta
41 Epigenetics in periodontics – A brief review

Author: 1Dr.Zunaidha, 2Dr. Parimala Kumar
42 Ecodentistry- the art and science of sustainable dentistry

Author: 1Dr. Rohini Dua, 2Dr.Ripin Garewal, 3Dr.Annupriya Sikri, 4Dr. Disha Jandial
43 Minimally Invasive Corticotomy Facilitated Orthodontic Tooth Movement: Piezocision

Author: 1Dr. Arun Kumar M. S., 2Dr. Belim Wasim Siraj, 3Dr. Rajesh Kashyap S, 4Dr. Shashikanth Hegde,5Dr. Vinita Boloor
44 Prosthodontic management of fused primary maxillary central and lateral incisor- A case report

Author: 1Dr Nidhi Agarwal, 2Dr Zohra Jabin, 3Dr Ashish Anand, 4Dr Nandita Waikhom
45 Historical and modern classification systems for periodontal diseases

Author: 1Gowhar Nazir
46 Awareness, state of mind and implementation of online education during covid-19 outbreak in dental professionals and students in Gujarat.

Author: 1Dr. Shilpa Shah, 2Dr. Nishtha Patel , 3Dr. Kritika Bhatia, 4Dr. Rajvi Jadav, 5Dr. Setu P Shah, 6Dr. Harshvardhan Chaudhary
47 Safety Standards: As We Reconsider Dentistry during Covid-19

Author: 1Dr. Renuka Patel, 2Dr. Girish Parmar, 3Dr. Falguni Mehta, 4Dr. Shekhar Asarsa
48 Restoration of the periodontally treated tooth

Author: 1Dr. Babu Salam C, 2Dr. Talat Mohammadi, 3Dr. Anwesha Das, 4Dr. Lipsa Surovita, 5Dr. Aftab Nawab, 6Dr. Ambati Kiranmaye
49 Onplants and its clinical application in children and adolescents.- An overview

Author: 1Dr. Mylavarapu Krishna Sagar, 2Dr. Priyanka Tiwari, 3Dr. Suyog Jain, 4Dr. Satish Maran, 5Dr. Juhi Lohiya, 6Dr. Christopher Vinay Shinde
50 A case report of verrucous carcinoma of maxilla

Author: 1Dr. Sunil Vasudev, 2Dr. Maneesha Sree Rajendran, 3Dr. Deepak S, 4Dr. Shreya Singh
51 Recreating Smiles for Dental Fluorosis – A Minimally Invasive Technique Using Opalustre – A Case Report

Author: 1Palak Nayyar, 2Rohini Dua, 3Ripin Garewal, 4Annupriya Sikri
52 Comparative reliability of dermatoglyphics, cheiloscopy and rugoscopy for the predilection of dental caries

Author: 1Palak Nayyar,2Rohini Dua, 3Ripin Garewal, 4Annupriya Sikri
53 Clinical assessment of variations in the gingival biotype of individuals of Mahe population with regard to age, gender and arch location

Author: 1Dr.D.M.Hemalatha, 2Dr.Anil Melath, 3Dr. Mohammed Feroz T.P, 4Dr. Subair. K
54 Elastography -A new boon in oral and maxillofacial imaging

Author: 1Dr Raina Susan Reji, 2Dr Beenakumary T.P. , 3Dr Anu Vijayan. , 4Dr Sonia Susan Philip, 5Dr Anju Elizabeth Thomas
55 Reattachment of fractured crown fragment in maxillary incisor- A holistic intervention approach and review

Author: 1Dr. Neha Patyal, 2Dr. Shilpa Mahapatra, 3Dr. Atual Sankhyan
56 Consent in Dental Practice: A literature review

Author: 1Dr. Mahesh Hiregoudar, 2Dr. Suma B. Satenahalli
57 Comparative Evaluation of the Efficacy of Various Herbal Dentifrices Alone and In Combination against Streptococcus Mutans and Lactobacillus Acidophilus– An In Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Suma B. Satenahalli, 2Dr. Mahesh Hiregoudar
58 Prevalence of Rubber Dam usage among Indian Dentists & Dental Students in Everyday Practice: A Cross Sectional Questionnaire-based study

Author: 1Dr. Chein Shee Antoinette Yen, 2Dr. Shweta Annaldasula
59 Comparative evaluation of microleakage and shear bond strength of cention-n, lightcure gic and nanohybrid composite

Author: 1Dr Ishfaq Ahmad Bhat, 2Dr Zohra Jabin, 3Dr Nidhi Agarwal, 4Dr Ashish Anand
60 Nuclear imaging - an evolutionary shift in diagnostic radiology

Author: 1Dr Poosa Manasa, 2Dr Shravan Kumar, 3Dr Sandeep vankdoth, 4Dr Surya vamshi
61 Be sensitive: Towards sensitive tooth

Author: 1Dr. Jandel Singh Thakur, 2Dr Shikha Rathi
62 Comparative evaluation of retention of conventional pit and fissure sealant versus flowable composite- An In-vivo Study

Author: 1Dr. Shikha A Patel, 2Dr. Deep Devendrabhai Patel, 3Dr. Radhika J. Kachhadiya, 4Dr. Himani Janakbhai Patel, 5Dr. Nidhi Radadia, 6Dr. Rucha Thakkar
63 Smile care: compassionate prevention, pursuit of excellence

Author: 1Dr. Srishti Baghel, 2Dr. Bharati Dewangan, 3Dr. Deoyani Doifode, 4Dr. Pratik Surana, 5Dr. Sailendra Sharma, 6Dr. Pooja Sharma
64 Comparative Clinical and Radiographic Evaluation of Conventional GIC with A New Alkasite Restorative Material (Cention N) In Primary Molar

Author: 1Dr. Vaishali Mangotra, 2Dr. Parminder Dua, 3Dr. Ritu Mangla, 4Dr. Sunny Sharma
65 Management of an unusual size of sialolith by submandibular salivary gland exicion: a case report

Author: 1Dr.Sunil Vasudev, 2Dr.Partha Pratim Debnath ,2Dr.Sahana M S, 4Dr. Jehan Koshy Jacob
66 Odontogenic keratocyst in maxillary sinus associated with an ectopically placed maxillary third molar: a rare clinical sighting

Author: 1Dr.Sunil Vasudev, 2Dr.Partha Pratim Debnath ,3Dr.Sahana M S, 4Dr. Jehan Koshy Jacob
67 Chronic gingival hyperplasia, systematic diagnosis and management: A Case Report

Author: 1Vilas Pattar, 2Rohita Pendyala, 3Gauri Aware
68 Chondrolipoma of the Lower Lip: A Rare Clinical Entity Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Sunil Vasudev, 2Dr. Jehan Koshy Jacob, 3Dr. Partha Pratim Debnath, 4Dr. K Bala Vikhram
69 Restoration and reinforcement of endodontically treated teeth with a cast post and prefabricated fiberglass post: A case report

Author: 1Marikinda Manzoor, 2Rakhshunda, 3Krishna Poppat, 4Bibin Jacob Emmanuel, 5Maroofa Hafiz
70 Single visit endodontics - A review

Author: 1Somya Sahu
71 Comparative evaluation of Indirect Composite Shell Crowns and Direct Composite restorations in primary anterior teeth

Author: 1Dr. Apurva Vaidya, 2Dr. Parminder Dua, 3Dr. Ritu Mangla, 4Dr. Ankur Sharma
72 Assessment and Improvement in Oral Health Status of Visually Impaired Students of Nashik, India

Author: 1Aditya Raveendran Menon, 2Shermeen Sultan Merani, 3Dr Juhi Puri
73 Periodontal therapy in the female patient

Author: 1Dr. Mukesh Kumar, 2Dr. Kanika Thakur, 3Dr. Shilpa Kaundal, 4Dr. Tenzing Yutso
74 Esthetic Crown Lengthening and Midline Diastema Closure - A Case Report

Author: 1Dr Shilpa Jaryal, 2Dr Shireen Mann, 3Dr Gurpreet Kaur
75 A Review on Obturating Materials for Primary Teeth and Recent Advancement

Author: 1Dr Divyashree R Shet, 2Dr Soumya Shetty, 3Dr Sneha Shah, 4Dr Manjusha U Rai
76 Minimally Invasive Technique Salvaging the Black Triangle: A Case Series of Papilla Reconstruction

Author: 1Dr Shilpa Jaryal, 2Dr Gurpreet Kaur

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