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Volume - 3 - 2020 Issue - 6 - December


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1 Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Ocular Defects - A Review

Author: 1Dr. Vikas B. Kamble, 2Dr. Raviraj G. Desai, 3Dr. Kashinath C. Arabbi, 4Dr. Danveera S. Raut Dessai, 5Dr. Aparajita Lal
2 SARS-COV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2): The new normal in the perspective of a Pediatric Dentist

Author: 1Taniya Thakur, 2Dr. Pratik Kumar Lahiri, 3Prof(Dr) Gautam Kumar Kundu
3 Analysis of Titanium Reconstruction Plates in Patient's with Mandibular Benign Tumor

Author: 1Dr. Vilas P. Newaskar, 2Dr. Amit Varma, 3Dr. Pramit Km Mishra, 4Dr. Unnati Gedam
4 Modifiability of modern dentistry with aloevera

Author: 1Dr. Vipul Vashist, 2Dr. Amrita Pandita Bhatia, 3Dr. Alok Sharma, 4Dr. Suresh Babu J., 5Dr. Swarnalatha C., 6Dr. Nashwa Alzaki Ali Bushara, 7Dr. Abhishek Singh Nayyar,
5 Assessment of Dental Practitioners’ Knowledge, Attitude and Current Trends in Isolation of Operative Field amidst COVID-19 Pandemic in Central India

Author: 1Dr. Shriya Shahu , 2Dr. Pratima Shenoi, 3Dr. Rajesh Kubde , 4Dr. Gautam Badole , 5Dr. Himani Thawale , 6Dr. Sachin Bengal
6 Are Archaea Periopathogens? Truth or Falsehood

Author: 1Anurag Bhatnagar, 2Mallanagouda B. Patil, 3Kavita Chandrasekaran, 4Sunil Kumar D Chavan
7 Customized Ocular Prosthesis - A Case Report

Author: 1Sumit Deshpande, 2Nagaprasad M Naik, 3Syed Abdul Qayum, 4Siddhant Dandawate
8 Working Mechanism of Lasers in Dentistry

Author: 1Dr. M. Sirisha, 2Dr. Bharani Krishna.T, 3Dr. Mohammad Naffizuddin, 4Dr.Mummidi Manasa, 5Dr.Nirav Shah, 6Dr.K.Tilak Vardhan Reddy
9 Oral Health Related Quality of Life (OHRQoL) in older adults suffering from Alzheimer’s disease: a Hospital based, Cross sectional study

Author: 1Dr. Ambar Khan, 2Dr. Basavaraj Patthi, 3Dr. Ashish Singla, 4Dr. Ravneet Malhi, 5Dr. Pankaj Kumar Chaudhary, 6Dr. Divyangi Goel
10 Evaluation of Cytotoxic Effect of Different Denture Base Material- Heat Polymerized Resin, Flexible Dental Resin and Microwave Cured Dental Resin

Author: 1Dr. Ashish Kumar Rathore, 2Dr. Deshraj Jain, 3Dr. Alka Gupta, 4Dr. Sapna Rathore, 5Dr. Sonam Gehi
11 Aberrant Root Canal Configuration of Mandibular Second Premolar – A Case Report and Literature Review

Author: 1Himani Thawale, 2Pratima Shenoi, 3Vandana Kokane, 4Gautam Badole
12 To evaluate prevalence of spaced, non spaced dentition and occlusal relationship of primary dentition and malocclusion in school children of Darbhanga district, (Bihar) – A gender comparative cross-sectional study.

Author: 1Dr Md Imran, 2Dr. Karuna Bharti, 3Dr. Kalpana Thakur, 4Dr. Rudra Mazumdar, 5Dr. Bharti Anand, 6Dr. Samreen Fatma
13 Comparative Evaluation of the Fracture Resistance of Attached Fragments Using Three Different Materials - An In Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Rehan Ahmad Khan, 2Dr. Lubna Afreen, 3Dr.Malwika Sisodia, 4Dr. Amaan Khan, 5Dr. Samreen Fatma, 6Dr. Tauseef Fazal
14 Saliva as a Diagnostic Tool in Dentistry – A Review

Author: 1J. Sai Sahiti,2Vamsee Krishna N, 3S. Datta Prasad, 4C. Sunil Kumar, 5S. Sunil Kumar, 6R. Bharathi Suma
15 Comparison and Evaluation of Vitamin D Levels in Children with and Without Caries

Author: 1Dr. Deepshikha Soni, 2Dr. Rohini Dua, 3Dr. Ripin garewal, 4Dr. Annupriya Sikri
16 Esthetic Evaluation of Incisor Inclination in Profiles during Smile

Author: 1Dr. Richa Vakil ,2Dr. Sonali Mahadevia, 3Dr. Bhavya Trivedi, 4Dr. Arth Patel , 5Dr. Neha Assudani, 6Dr. Mauli Shah
17 Incorporation of Cellulose Microfibers, Cellulose Nanocrystals and Nano Hydroxyapatite in Glass Ionomer Cement to Evaluate and Compare Compressive Strength - An Invitro Study

Author: 1M. Kishore, 2C.Sunil Kumar, 3S. Datta Prasad, 4S. Sunil Kumar, 5N. Vamseekrishna, 6K. S. Chandrababu
18 Anthropometric Analysis of Anterior Maxillary Teeth Using Digital Photography-An Institution Based Cross-Sectional Study

Author: 1Dr. N. Sangeetha Meena, 2Dr. A. Meenakshi, 3Dr. Guguloth Amani
19 Deceptive appearance of a large radicular cyst.

Author: 1Apurva Mohite Khator,2Mukta Motwani
20 Oral Telangiectatic Granuloma: A Case Report

Author: 1Kratee Sharma
21 Laser In Dentistry- Awareness among Dental Students in Patna Eastern India - A Cross Sectional Survey

Author: 1Dr. Diksha Chaudhary, 2Dr. Sadananda L.D., 3Dr. Veeranna Ramesh, 4Dr. Suma B.S
22 Management of Instrument Separation and Ledge Formation in Mandibular First Molar with Radix Entomolaris - A Case Report

Author: 1Saurabh Ramtekkar, 2Sadhana Raina, 3Sonia Baghla
23 Gingival Retraction Systems: A Review

Author: 1Rohit Raghavan, 2Shajahan. P. A, 3Manoj. A. A
24 Plaque Ph Changes After Consumption of Sucrose, Milk Containing Sugar and Green Tea Containing Sugar among 8 – 12 Years Old Children

Author: 1Dr. Himanshu Gupta, 2Dr. Navpreet Kaur, 3Dr. Kirti Verma, 4Dr. Suneel Kumar Gupta, 5Dr. Balkrishn Gaur
25 To Study The Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Of Dental Students Jnims About The Infectious Diseases During The Clinical Postings.

Author: 1Dr Sneha Singgam, 2Dr Laitonjam Jonita Devi, 3Dr Oinam Joychandra Singh
26 Sclerotherapy as an Ultra Conservative Management of Hemangioma of Tounge

Author: 1Dr.Md.Jawed Iqbal, 2Dr. Sheeri Sabir, 3Dr.Sanaullah, 4Dr.Navin Mishra
27 Laser Acupuncture- A Healing Light

Author: 1Dr Sana Farista, 2Dr Aditi Chaudhary, 3Dr Ravi U.D, 4Dr Shanin Farista, 5Dr Lynn Johnson
28 Observational Study of Oral Health Status and Treatment Need of Institutionalized Mentally Retarded Children.

Author: 1Dr. Priya Agrawal, 2Dr. Jyoti Wankhade, 3Dr. Sattyam Wankhade, 4Dr. Sulabha Radke, 5Dr. Sachin khatri, 6Dr. Surendra Bahetwar
29 Surgical management of Palatally placed, Inverted and Impacted Mesiodens using CBCT – A Developmental Mishap

Author: 1Dr Palak Nayyar, 2Dr Rohini Dua, 3Dr Ripin Garewal, 4Dr Annupriya Sikri
30 To Evaluate and Compare the Efficacy of Non-Steroidal Anti- Inflammatory Drug with and without Serratiopeptidase, and Curcumin with Piperine in Reducing Post Endodontic Pain: A Clinical Study

Author: 1Dr. Navin Mishra, 2Dr. Swati Singh, 3Dr. A.K Sharma, 4Dr. Nimmi Singh, 5Dr. Isha Narang, 6Dr. Shishir Kumar
31 Attributes and Perception of People Who Delay Their Dental Treatment

Author: 1Dr Noopur Kokane, 2Dr Vandana Kokane, 3Dr Sachin Bengal
32 Evaluation of Pulp tissue dissolving ability of Ocimum Sanctum’s (Tulsi) Essential Oil Extract for Its Proposed Use as an Intracanal Irrigant/Medicament. A pilot ex–vivo study

Author: 1Dr Navin Mishra, 2Dr Krishna Biswas, 3Dr Isha Narang, 4Dr Jawed Iqbal
33 Changing Trends in Prosthodontic Practice in COVID Era: A Review

Author: 1Dr.Pavan Kulkarni, 2Dr.Divakar K P., 3Dr. Rony T Kondody, 4Dr.Nagaraj E
34 Dental Caries Risk Assessment among Subjects with Congenital Heart Disease Using Cariogram Study Model

Author: 1Dhanya Krishnan, 2Prakash Chandra, 3Bhaskar MK
35 Evaluation of Microleakage in Direct and Indirect Composite Inlay system – A Dye penetration Study

Author: 1Dr.Ankit Anand, 2Dr.Ranjan Sen Gupta, 3Dr.K.Neha, 4Dr.Mallwika Sisodia, 5Dr.Rohit Miglani, 6Dr.Samreen Fatma
36 A Unique Association of Aspergillosis and Actinomycosis causing Chronic Destructive Osteomyelitis and Osteonecrosis of the Maxilla

Author: 1Dr. Paremala k, 2Dr. Radhika Manoj Bavle, 3Dr. Soumya Makarla, 4Dr. Sudhakara M, 5Dr. Reshma Venugopal
37 Evaluation of Salivary Cotinine Levels in Tobacco Smokers - A Case Control Study

Author: 1Dr. Laxmikanth Chatra, 2Dr. Saba Sayeed, 3Dr. Prashanth Shenoy, 4Dr. Veena K.M, 5Dr. Rachana V Prabhu
38 Vestibular Screen - A Preorthodontic Treatment for Mouth Breathing Habit

Author: 1Dr. Katherina Sushmita Barman P.J., 2Dr. Rena Ephraim, 3Dr. Rajamani, 4Dr. Sharath Chandrashekhar
39 Lip Changes Incident to Aging and Skeletal Modifications

Author: 1Santosh Kumar, 2Syed Shafaq, 3Shikha Jain, 4Fatima Alam
40 Endodontic management of dilacerated radix paramolaris in mandibular third molar

Author: 1Garima Garima, 2Tushar Kohli, 3Namrata Mehta, 4Deepti Sreen, 5Alpa Gupta
41 Nonsurgical management of permanent maxillary canine associated with type III Dens invaginatus with three canals

Author: 1Garima Garima, 2Tushar Kohli, 3Namrata Mehta, 4Deepti Sreen, 5Dax Abraham, 6Alpa Gupta
42 Management of a compromised tooth: apexification or extraction?

Author: 1Garima Garima, 2Tushar Kohli, 3Namrata Mehta, 4Deepti Sreen, 5Alpa Gupta
43 New Approach to Treatment of Incipient Malocclusion with 3 Way Expansion Appliance

Author: 1Dr. Ramnesh, 2Dr. Rena Ephraim, 3Dr. Rajamani, 4Dr. Sharath Chandrashekhar
44 Fabrication of a custom-built ocular prosthesis- A case report

Author: 1Dr.Alok Sharma, 2Dr.Samarth Singhai, 3Dr. Paaras Kotwal
45 Hereditary Sensory Autonomic Neuropathy Type IV – A Rare Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Noora Beegum, 2Dr. SunilRaj.N, 3Dr. Nandan.N, 4Dr . Anitha Anand
46 Comparison of Oral and Intranasal Midazolam Sedation in 3-6-Year-Old Uncooperative Dental Patients

Author: 1Dr. Kritika Bajaj, 2Dr. Rohini Dua, 3Dr. Ripin Garewal, 4Dr. Annupriya Sikri
47 ERAS versus Traditional Protocol in Major Abdominal Surgery: A Retrospective Study and Review of Literature

Author: 1Niranjan Kumar, 2Nikhil Tiwari, 3Ashok Chattoraj
48 Positioning Obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome in Orthodontic practice: A Review

Author: 1Dr. Rony T Kondody,2Dr. Arshad Hussain, 3Dr. Safiya Sana, 4Dr Rekha Reddy
49 Prosthodontic approach to manage maxillary flabby ridge and severely resorbed mandibular residual ridge – a case report

Author: 1Dr. Asish Kumar Barui, 2Dr. T. K. Giri , 3Dr. Abhisek Chowdhury , 4Dr. Khushbu Gupta
50 Etiological factors for loss of interdental papilla in maxillary central incisors- A non-invasive approach.

Author: 1Aishwarya Durai,2Kota Bala Chaithanya Prasad
51 Assessment of flexural strength of high impact implant supported overdenture base material fabricated by different heat polymerization techniques using two different housing retaining materials – A Comparitive in-vitro study.

Author: 1Dr. Fahadah Ubaid, 2Dr. Bharat Raj, 3Dr. Surendra Kumar G.P., 4Dr. Jnandev K.R.
52 Helicobacter pylori- A potential biomarker in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Author: 1Dr. Rucha Diwakar Gore, 2Dr. Sangeeta Jayant Palaskar, 3Dr. Rasika B. Pawar, 4Dr. Nerkar Ashwini A., 5Dr. Tryambake Mrunali R, 6Dr. Shah Darshana R
53 Decisive Factors for Selection of Treatment between Implant Therapy and Endodontic Therapy: A Critical Review

Author: 1Dr. Ashish Choudhary, 2Dr. Ekta Choudhary, 3Dr. Shairy Vashist
54 A CBCT study of three rotary file system in canal transportation - An In-vivo study

Author: 1Dr. Mishan Manohar Jaiswal, 2Dr. Sarita Singh, 3Dr. Vinayam, 4Dr. Rashmi, 5Dr. Krishna Beni, 6Anaba Asif
55 Changing Criterion in Lingual Orthodontics

Author: 1Dr. Gaurav Ahuja, 2Dr. Vinay S Dua, 3Dr. Ankit Sikri, 4Dr. Shilpi S.Garg, 5Dr. Mitasha Sachdeva, 6Dr Harvinder Bhangu, 7Dr. Ritu Jaglan,8Dr Sanya Bansal
56 An analytical study on awareness of knowledge, implementation and barriers of eco-friendly dental office strategies with respect to dentists in a city of Western Maharashtra.

Author: 1Dr. Ashwini. Nerkar. Rajbhoj, 2Dr. Tejas. Mukund.Kulkarni, 3Dr.Anuja Moharir, 4Dr.Rohan Pulgaonkar,5Dr. Abhishek Kumbhalwar, 6Dr. Sneha Suwarnkar
57 Dental Implant Maintenance – Key to Long Term Success

Author: 1Dhanraj Mane Patil, 2Mugdha Deshpande
58 Efficacy of Immediate Loading Cortical Implants in Fresh Extraction Sockets

Author: 1Haris Ali Bhat, 2Mahesh Kumar, 3N Srinath, 4Nabeela Basha, 5Ashish Gupta, 6Priyanka Das Jesabel
59 Herodontics: A Multidisciplinary Approach for the Treatment of a Hopeless Tooth - A Case Report.

Author: 1P. Veerendra Nath Reddy, 2M S Ranga Reddy, 3K. Phani Yasaswini, 4Chavva Lakshmi Charan Reddy, 5Reshma Rayala
60 Comparative evaluation of two different polishing systems on the surface roughness of nano-composite resin materials, an in vitro study.

Author: 1Dr. Priyanka Swapnil Kolhe, 2Dr. Meenal Nitin Gulve, 3Dr. Swapnil Janardan Kolhe, 4Dr. Gayatri Balasaheb Aher, 5Dr. Unnati D. Desai, 6Dr. Himanshi Solanki
61 Tooth Supported Bar Retained Mandibular Overdenture- A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Fouzia Kousar, 2Dr. Basawakumar Majage, 3Dr. Arvind Moldi, 4Dr. Amol Sangewar, 5Dr. Nagesh Ingleshwar , 6Dr. Bhagirathi Lakkam, 7Dr. Mohammed Abdul Sattar
62 Comparison of Fracture Resistance of the Three Different Core Build UP Materials Using Nayyar Core Build UP Technique- An In Vitro Study

Author: 1 Dr. Rohith Shinde, 2Dr. Pranitha Shinde, 3Dr. M. Naresh Krishna Reddy, 4Dr. Sanganand Gavle
63 Diagnostic Wax-UP- Visualising Final Outcome

Author: 1Dr. Abhisek Chowdhury, 2Dr. Seema Rathi, 3Dr. F. Lalrawngbawli, 4Dr. Divya Chadda, 5Dr. T.K. Giri, Professor, 6Dr. Sugata Mukherjee

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