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Volume - 3 - 2020 Issue - 6 - November


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1 Iatrogenic Displacement of mandibular 3rd molar tooth fragment into pterygomandibular space- Case report and Review of Literature

Author: 1Dr. Neelam Shakya, 2Dr. Deepak Agrawal, 3Dr. Pramit Mishra, 4Dr. Vidya Balke
2 Comparative Evaluation Of Microhardness And Flouride Release In Primary molar Enamel Treated With Acidulated Phosphate Flouride Gel Alone And In Combination With Diode Laser (810 nm) – An In Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Maneesha R, 2Dr. Sageena George, 3Dr. Alex Mathews Muruppel, 4Dr Anandaraj S, 5Dr Faredha Haaris, 6Dr Neeha Das
3 CBCT assisted management of severely calcified root canal system – A case report

Author: Abdulhadi Alhelwani,
4 A unique case of mesiodens associated with anterior tooth trauma

Author: 1Shah Preetam, 2Paranjape Madhura
5 Biological Post- A case series

Author: Akanksha R Rao, Sunil Mankar, B S Keshava Prasad
6 An Invitro comparison of removal efficiency of Calcium hydroxide delivered by different vehicles: A volumetric analysis using Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Author: 1S. Sritejeswar, 2Bhavika B. Shetty, 3Divya Shetty, 4Shruti Bhandary, 5Rajaram Naik
7 Gingival Enlargement Caused By Amlodipine- A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Anumala Deepa, 2Dandu S.S.P Reddy, 3Nagireddy Ravindra Reddy
8 Effects of customised child friendly mask along with PPE following Covid 19 upon dental anxiety amongst 5 to 10 year old children-a cross sectional study

Author: 1Dr Savitha Sathyaprasad,2Dr Krishnamoorthy S H, 3Dr T Mercy Vinolia, 4Dr Pavithra V Rao, 5Dr Sahana, 6Dr Aravind, 7Dr Irfana
9 Evaluation of Fluorides on Colour and Mechanical Properties of Monolith Zirconia & Layered Zirconia

Author: 1Dr. Sravani Garimella, 2Dr. M. Harikrishna, 3Dr. Y.Ravishankar, 4Dr. Kalluri Srinivas
10 Comparative Evaluation of Shear Bond Strength of Orthodontic Brackets Bonded To Teeth With Conventional Halogen Based Light Curing Units And Light Emitting Diode (LED) Curing Units - An Invitro Study

Author: 1Dr Rajan K K, 2Dr Ranjith Raveendran, 3Dr.M.Jayarama
11 Evaluation of Antiinflammatory Effect of Curcumin Gel as an Adjunct to Scaling and Root planing in Chronic Periodontitis - A Clinical Study

Author: 1Dr. Sushma K. Phatale, 2Dr. Mahesh Chavda
12 Evaluation of anatomical variations of Posterior superior alveolar artery and Maxillary sinus using Computed Tomography.

Author: 1Dr. Pooja Tagade, 2Dr. Mukta Motwani, 3Dr. Apurva Khator, 4Dr. Shruti Talmale
13 Complement and Its Role in Periodontal Pathogenesis

Author: 1Dr. K. Malathi, 2Dr. G. Sandhya, 3Dr. R. Thanmanam
14 Comparative Evaluation of Microleakage In Full Veneer Metal Crowns Luted With Various Glass Ionomer Based Cements – An Invitro Study.

Author: 1Mesari Koteswara Rao, 2Anche Sampath, 3G. Phani Krishna, 4G. Krishnaveni, 5A.Veena Sravanthi
15 Questionnaire based survey of Knowledge, behaviour and attitude of Dentists in North India about COVID-19 pandemic

Author: 1Dr. Swagata Laxmi Barua, 2Dr. Sapna Ran
16 Evaluation of the Effect of Addition of Aluminium Oxide on Thermal Diffusivity and Flexural Strength of Heat Polymerized Acrylic Resin

Author: 1Dr Anjali Raheja, 2Dr. Kusum Datta, 3Dr. Davinderjit Kaur Shergill, 4Dr. Anita Mehta, 5Dr. Nitin Khuller, 6Dr. Preetinder Singh
17 Is Optical Coherence Tomography A Revolutionary Technology In Periodontics – A Review

Author: 1Dr. K.Malathi, 2Dr. N.Srividya, 3Dr. K.Vijay kumar, 4Dr. M.Vedhavani, 5Dr. G.Sandhya
18 Early Assessment of Risk of Malocclusion Using Baby - Roma Index In Indian Population

Author: 1Dr Ankit, 2Dr Annupriya, 3Dr Amandeep, 4Dr. Mitasha Sachdeva, 5Dr. Sahil Kainth, 6Dr. Harveen Kaur Sekhon
19 Three dimensional evaluation of condylar symmetry and condyle-fossa relationship of the temporomandibular joint in Class I malocclusion patients: A CBCT study

Author: 1Dr Amandeep Kaur, 2Dr. Vinay Dua, 3Dr. Ankit Sikri, 4Dr. Mitasha Sachdeva, 5Dr. Annupriya Sikri, 6Dr. Sahil Kainth
20 Esthetic Consideration in Denture Prosthesis: A Review on Characterization Practices

Author: 1Dr M. A. Eswaran, 2Dr J. Sandhiya, 3Dr R. Prabakaran
21 Estimation of levels of Apelin in Gingival Crevicular Fluid of Periodontitis patients: An Immunological Analysis

Author: 1Dr. Gayathri, 2Dr.Kranti.Konuganti, 3Dr.Ashwini S
22 A Comparative Evaluation of Force Decay Characteristics between Retraction Springs and Elastomeric Chains - An In-Vitro Study

Author: 1Himali Gupta, 2Pooja Sharma, 3Kuldeep DMello
23 Fresh frozen bone as a viable alternative to autologous bone in large cystic defects: A histopathological, scanning electron microscope and energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) analysis.

Author: 1Vineeth Kumar K, 2Vinit Kumar, 3Lalitha R M, 4Kavitha Prasad, 5K Ranganath, 6Prajwal K Bharadwaj, 7Shwetha V.
24 Endodontic Treatment of Mandibular First Premolar with Type IV Wiene’s Root Canal: A case report

Author: 1Benita M. Fernandes, 2Manjusha M Warhadpande, 3Darshan Dakshindas
25 Knowledge among Pedodontics Post Graduates to Face Clinical Scenario Following Covid-19 Outbreak-A National Level Cross Sectional Survey

Author: 1Dr. Savitha sathyaprasad, 2Dr. Nandan S, 3Dr. Pavithra V Rao, 4Dr. Sahana S N, 5Dr. T. Mercy Vinolia, 6Dr. Aravind A., 7Dr. Irfana Ilyas
26 A Review on Clinical Performance and Failures of Zirconia Based Fixed Partial Denture

Author: 1Dr. M.A.Eswaran, 2Dr. Rathika Rai, 3Dr. Harish Kumar.S , 4Dr. Raj Kumar. P .
27 Comparative evaluation of ability of three different dentifrices to remineralise artificial carious lesions in enamel

Author: 1Dr Anita J Kale,2Dr Ruchi S Rathi, 3Dr Sunanda L Gaddalay, 4Dr Ramchandra S Kabir, 5Dr Amol A Badgire, 6Dr Praveen F Dhore
28 Awareness about Antimicrobial Resistance among Dental Practitioners in India- A Systematic Review.

Author: 1Dr. Rajkumar C, 2Iyyaparaj.P, 3Madankumar.P D.
29 A case report on surgical management of ankyloglossia- An unspoken abnormality

Author: 1Dr. Faraz Ahmed, 2Dr. Sagnik Banerjee, 3Dr Rahul Jainer
30 Antimicrobial Efficacy of Laser Activated Irrigation and Ultrasonic Activated Irrigation Against e-faecalis – An Invitro Study

Author: Dr. Anjali Menon, Dr. Ruchika Gupta Dewan, Dr. Neeraj Malhotra, Dr. Rohit Kochhar,
31 Dental Radiology Practice during COVID-19

Author: 1Sujatha S Reddy, 2N Rakesh , 3T Pavan Kumar, 4Shwetha V., 5Sreekanth P Kunjumon, 6Vaishnavi.P
32 Retentive Solutions For Wandering- Use of Hader Bar And Clip - A Case Report.

Author: 1Syed Javad Saleem, 2Nasiha Fathima, 3Deepa Jayashankar, 4Savitha P N, 5Soorya Poudval
33 Pulp Capping Agents: An Evolutionary Review

Author: 1Dr. Snigdho Das
34 Steps in research planning-A literature review

Author: 1Shah Preetam, 2Paranjape Madhura
35 Effectiveness of Aqueous onion extract (Allium Cepa ) on facial abrasions – A case report

Author: 1Dr Rishabh Shah, 2Dr Vikram Prajapati, 3Dr Navin Shah, 4Dr Ananth Kumar G.B., 5Dr Nupur Shah
36 Bilateral Condylar Hypoplasia – A Rare Case Report and Review of literature

Author: 1T Pavan Kumar, 2Ruchika Choudhary, 3Sujatha S Reddy, 4N Rakesh , 5Shwetha V.
37 Angular Photogrammetric Soft Tissue Analysis of the Nasofrontal, Nasolabial and Mentolabial Angle: A Cross Sectional Study

Author: 1Dr. Shaji T. Varghese, 2Dr. Divya Babuji Pandiyath, 3Dr. Lijo. K. Jose, 4Dr. Rosaline Tina Paul, 5Dr.Hrudya Balachandran, 6Dr.Ligil A.R, 7Dr. Sajitha K.B, 8Dr. Muhammed Raheesh
38 Submental Island Flap in Head and Neck Reconstruction – A Review

Author: 1Dr. Marbon Joevitson , 2Dr. Eshona Pearl , 3Dr. Mathew Jose , 4Dr. Sajesh , 5Dr. Nandagopan
39 An Overview on Prosthodontic Considerations for Esthetic Rehabilitation

Author: 1Dr M.A. Eswaran, 2Dr Kreethika.S, 3Dr Priyanka. H
40 Effect of Different Apical Diameters on Apical Seal of Human Dentition – An In Vitro Study

Author: 1Jyoti Saket, 2Manish Agarwal, 3Anisha Sinha
41 Prosthetic Management of Hard Palate Perforation caused due to Rhinosporidium infection in a child with Dimorphic Anemia: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Deshraj Jain, 2Dr. Alka Gupta, 3Dr. Unnati Gedam, 4Dr. Amit Varma
42 Pyogenic granuloma- A Case series

Author: 1Dr Karthik Balasubramanian, 2Dr Sweety Agarwal
43 Liquid supported denture: A superlative option for flabby ridge

Author: 1Dr. Prachi Gulati, 2Dr. Sapna Rani, 3Dr. Ankur Thakral, 4Dr. Swagata Laxmi Barua
44 Rehabilitation of an amputated finger using custom-made acrylic prosthesis: A clinical report

Author: 1Dr. Rahul Jainer , 2Dr. Sangeeta Madaan, 3Dr. Kashinatha H.M., 4Dr. Nandini Jain, 5Dr. Siddharth Bansal, 6Dr. Nikita Khurana
45 Frictional Resistance of Self Ligating Versus Conventional Brackets in Wet Environment: Effects of Arch-Wire Cross Section and Alloy

Author: 1Madhok Saksham, 2Goyal Manish, 3Kumar Mukesh, 4Yadav Ekta, 5Shaha Kalpit, 6Khan Hasan Salman
46 Assessment of Dentinal Hypersensitivity cases seen by Dental Practitioners in and around Mumbai, Maharashtra - A Short Survey Study.

Author: 1Snehal Ghodke, 2Sritej Jagtap, 3Dr. Aditya Shinde, 4Dr.Trupti Naykodi, 5Dr. Amrut Bambawale
47 Modified Micro-marsupialization of Sublingual Ranula in a Pediatric Patient - A Case Report

Author: 1Anjani S Mallya, 2Rita Zarina. A, 3Digesh Balachandran , 4Bibina C P
48 Pterygoid Implants: A New Treatment Modality in Severe Atrophic Maxillary Ridge

Author: 1Dr. Arpan Sheth,2Dr. Supreet Kaur Grover,3Dr. Swapna Killamsetty,4Dr. Rizleena Majeed,5Dr. Ritika Kataria,6Dr. Jitender Kumar Mandyal
49 Recent Advances In Local Anesthesia: A Review

Author: 1Dr. Aniket Sonavane,2Dr. Sreena Nellimad Sreedharan,3Dr. Heena Gandhi, 4Dr. Sneha Tammineedi, 5Dr. Ritika Kataria, 6Dr. Jitender Kumar Mandyal
50 Metastatic Cervical Carcinoma of Mandible Mimicking Residual Cyst– A Diagnostic Dilemma

Author: 1Dr. M. Suresh Kumar, 2Dr. K. Amarnath, 3Dr. Mohd Moiz Ahmed, 4Dr. D. J. Vyavahare
51 Invisalign: An Unperceived Aligners

Author: 1Dr. Gaurav Ahuja, 2Dr. Ankit Sikri, 3Dr. Mitasha Sachdeva, 4Dr Harvinder Bhangu
52 Ogilvie’s Syndrome a Rare Cause of Colonic Obstruction- Case Series and Review of Literature.

Author: Shivraj singh chauhan, Niranjan Kumar, Shuvam chandi prasad pati
53 Has The Lockdown Affected Our Oral Hygiene ? An E-Survey to Evaluate the Effects of Lockdown on the Oral Hygiene Habits of the Population.

Author: 1Dr. Vinay P. Nawagale, 2Dr. Forum D. Vora, 3Dr. Devanand G. Shetty, 4Dr. Arvind K. Shetty, 5Dr. Suyog S. Dharmadhikari
54 Rare Case of Simultaneous Occurrence of Odontogenic Keratocyst in the Anterior Maxilla and Mandible: Our Experience and Review of Literature

Author: 1Dr. Sneha Ginimav, 2Dr. Manjunath Rai, 3Dr Ramaraj P N, 4Dr Prasanna Kumar D, 5Dr Mahabaleshwara C H, 6Dr Asha Nara
55 Practices Adopted to Prevent Dental Illness and Perceived Need for Dental Care among Parents and Caregivers of 6-12-Year-Old Children in Kozhikode City during COVID 19 Pandemic – An Online Survey

Author: 1Dr. Divya KS, 2Dr. Kannan Vadakkepurayil
56 An ergonomic way of linking open tray copings- a technique modification

Author: 1Menon Prasad Rajagopal, 2Pradeep Samuel, 3Subin Eranhikkal, 4Rahul Nageshraj
57 Periodontal Health and Diabetes: Current Understanding of the Bi-directional Relationship

Author: 1Dr Vikas Deo, 2Dr C.S. Chattopadhyay, 3Dr Dinesh Pilania
58 Hollow ocular prosthesis: an offshoot from the conventional

Author: Arjun Chellath, Sanjayagouda B. Patil, Subin Eranhikkal, Nivea T. Francis
59 Knowledge And Awareness About The Usage of Bonegrafts And Periodontal Regeneration Among The Undergraduates. A Cross- Sectional Questionnaire Survey.

Author: 1M.Yuvasandhiya Devi, 2A.V Saravanan,3P.L.Ravishankar
60 The success rate of pulpectomy in infected pulp of primary molar teeth using manual and rotary instruments using two different filling materials: An In vivo study

Author: Dr Shikha Choubey, Dr Anand Shigli
61 Comparison of Fluoride Concentration of Various Citrus and Non Citrus Fruits Commonly Available In Patna, Bihar- In Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Dhananjay Kumar, 2Dr. Veeranna Ramesh, 3Dr. Sadananda LD, 4Dr. Suma B.S.
62 Erythema Multiforme Associated With Herpes Simplex Virus: A Diagnostic Dilemma

Author: 1Anuradha Pai, 2Sikha Poudyal
63 Endodontic Management of Monoradicular Mandibular Canine Having Two Root Canals: A Rare Presentation.

Author: 1Dr. Madhur Garg, 2Dr. Praveen Singh Samant, 3Dr. Vipul Srivastava, 4Dr. Rinee Khanna
64 Atraumatic Extraction & Immediate Implant Placement: “A Full Arch Rehabilitation’’- A Case Report

Author: 1Dr Shilpa Jaryal, 2Dr Gurpreet Kaur, 3Dr Deepak Grover, 4Dr Satpreet Singh
65 Ligaplants - A new ray of hope uncovering the potential of Tissue Engineering

Author: 1Dr Shilpa Jaryal, 2Dr Shivam Pumma, 3Dr Gurpreet Kaur
66 Evaluation of Alveolar Bone Healing With the Use of Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma in Extraction Sockets: A Cone-Beam Computed Tomographic Study

Author: 1Dr Namrata Adhauliya, 2Dr I M Ali, 3Dr Anupama N K, 4Dr Rajeshwari G. Annigeri, 5Dr K.S. Srivatsan, 6Dr Karan Punn

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