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Volume - 3 - 2020 Issue - 5 - September


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1 Augmentation of Dental Alveolar Bone by Implanting a Ca/P/S-based Bone Void Filler via Vestibular Tunnel Approach - A Preliminary Cases Report

Author: 1Shirng-Jiahn Chiou, 2Chien-Ping Ju, 3Jiin-Huey Chern Lin
2 Evaluation of Changes in Bite Force and Occlusal Contact Area Before and After Bilateral Sagittal Split Osteotomy of Mandible

Author: 1Dr Antony P G , 2Dr Naveen Nandagopal, 3Dr Rosemary George , 4Dr Anilkumar , 5Dr Aneesh Sebastian
3 Stem cells: the contemporaries of periodontal regeneration

Author: 1Cherry Jain, 2Mayur Kaushik, 3Mrinalini Agarwal
4 Age Estimation from Mandible Using Cephalometry

Author: 1Dr. M. Chandrasekhar, 2Dr. Marisetty Charitha, 3Dr. Ayesha, 4Dr. G. Chandrasekhar, 5Dr. Padmaja
5 Gender Determination from Mandible Using Lateral Cephalogram- A Short Study

Author: 1Dr. M. Chandrasekhar, 2Dr. Marisetty Charitha, 3Dr. Ayesha, 4Dr. G. Chandrasekhar, 5Dr. Naresh Naik
6 Prevalence and Awareness of Nutritional Anemia among Under Graduate and Post Graduate Dental Students in Ghaziabad, India - A Cross?Sectional Study

Author: 1Dr. Monika Kumari, 2Dr. Basavaraj Patthi, 3Dr. Ashish Singla, 4Dr. Ravneet Malhi, 5Dr. Ananthalekshmy. R, 6Dr. Mohnish Muchhal
7 Irimedadi Oil (Taila) In Oral Health Care: A Review

Author: 1Srishti Kumar, 2Atul Kaushik, 3Seema Kumar, 4Monika Varshney
8 Antimicrobial effect of systemic and local delivery of Azithromycin against Porphyromonas gingivalis : A Randomized clinical trial

Author: 1Dr. Shruthi. K. R, 2Dr. Bhavya. B
9 Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice about Dental Waste Management among Dental Practitioners in Ghaziabad - A Questionnaire Based Cross-Sectional Study

Author: 1Dr. Ananthalekshmy. R,2Dr. Basavaraj Patthi, 3Dr. Ashish Singla, 4Dr. Ravneet Malhi, 5Dr. Monika Kumari, 6Dr. Mohnish Muchhal
10 Occlusal Plane Analyzers – A Review

Author: 1Dr P.K.Monika, 2Dr B.L.Rao, 3Dr T.S.V. Satyanarayana, 4Dr Pratyusha, 5Dr Jibi Joseph, 6Dr P.S.H.L.Parvathi
11 An innovative protective barrier kit to confine Aerosols produced during dental procedures

Author: 1Dr Bikash Kumar Pattanaik, 2Dr.Seema Pattanaik
12 Evaluation of Dental Fear and Anxiety in Children Aged Between 6-14 Years

Author: 1Dr Devi Prasad Rai, 2Dr Shanthala B M, 3Dr Srinivas L shanthraj, 4Dr Shubham Shekhar, 5Dr Vidhya Vijayan, 6Dr Deepa Rose Sebastian
13 Assessment of Awareness of Pictorial Warning Present on Tobacco Products Used In India among Tobacco Users Attending Outpatient Department of Oxford Dental College.

Author: 1Dr. Keerthy Sreekumar, 2Dr. Madhusudhan. S, 3Dr. Archana Krishna Murthy, 4Dr. Antara Shome, 5Dr. Divya. B. M, 6Dr. Visakha. S
14 Effect of Different Sealers on the Sealing Ability of Single Cone Obturating System-A Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr. M.Pratap kumar, 2Dr.L.Karthik, 3Dr.P.Samba shiva rao, 4Dr.M. Vasantha, 5Dr.K.Sowmya, 6Dr.V. Gayathri Devi
15 Intercept to Align by 2 x 4 Appliance – Series of 3 case reports

Author: 1Manisha Tyagi, 2Shobhit Mishra, 3Abhishek Jain, 4Arushi Gautam, 5Elizabeth Moirangthem, 6Aman Jain
16 Bacterial leakage along retrofilled roots, stored in saline solution, and restored with Super-EBA or MTA: an in vitro study

Author: 1Edgard Jabbour, 2Ibrahim Nasseh
17 Comparative evaluation of efficiency of different file systems in terms of remaining dentin thickness using cone-beam computed tomography: An In Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Anisha Sinha, 2Dr. Anu Narang, 3Dr. Manish Agarwal, 4Dr. Jyoti Saket, 5Dr Ritwik Shyamal
18 Zika Virus: A Concise Viewpoint

Author: Dr. Ruchi Raval, Dr. Betsy Thomas
19 Cheiloscopy – An insight into the past literature

Author: 1Dr. Nishanth.P, 2Dr. Priyanka. G, 3Dr. Ketaki . J. , 4Dr. Shahela Tanveer
20 Comparing Microleakage in Porcelain Laminate Veneers after Ultrasonic Scaling With Margins Placed 0.5mm And 1mm from CEJ – An In Vitro Study

Author: 1Deepti J.V, 2Harini Karunakaran, 3Dr Sadasiva Kadandale, 4Dr Senthil Kumar Kumarappan, 5Dr Anupama Ramachandran, 6Dr Manu Unnikrishnan
21 The Power and Perils: Perspectives of Being a Reviewer- A Questionnaire Study

Author: 1Dr. Divyangi Goel, 2Dr. Basavaraj Patthi , 3Dr. Ashish Singla , 4Dr Ravneet Malhi, 5Dr. Ambar Khan, 6Dr. Pankaj Kumar Chaudhary
22 Custom Made Telescopic Crowns for Reinforcement of Single Maxillary Tooth Supported Overdenture- A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Deshraj Jain, 2Dr. Alka Gupta, 3Dr. Swetha Sampath
23 Does The Current BDS Curriculum Prepare US For Tomorrow

Author: 1Dr. Amit Gupta, 2Dr. Vidhi C Rathi, 3Dr. Pallavi Srivastava, 4Shree Goyal, 5Surbhi Sharma, 6Supriya Dahiya, 7Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
24 S-SPYnometer for Cant

Author: 1Dr. Suga Reddy, 2Dr. Saranya Sasidharan, 3Dr. Pavani Durga Padavala , 4Dr. Yashaswini K. V.
25 Comparative evaluation of retention of different attachment systems and techniques in implant retained overdentures: An in vitro study

Author: 1Dr. Polysmita Ojah, 2Dr. Chandana Nair, 3Dr. Ankita Pal, 4Dr. Megha Chopra, 5Dr. Nausheen Khan, 6Dr. Pradipto Parai
26 Sella Turcica – A Mirror of Endocrine Diseases

Author: 1Dr. Anuradha Chennupati, 2Dr. X Augustin Prabha, 3Dr. Raja V Naga Ranjith K, 4Dr. P. Mallika Mahalakshmi, 5Dr. A. Dasarathi, 6Dr. Marisetty Charitha
27 Prospective Study of Immediate Placement of Implants into Infected Debrided Socket

Author: 1Dr.Tauseef Fazal, 2Dr. Samreen Fatma, 3Dr. Rohan Kumar
28 Dental Treatment Modality for Ectodermal Dysplasia: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Anup Cholepatil, 2Dr Vaishali Ashtaputre, 3Dr Sumedh Lathi, 4Dr Shivkumar Mule
29 Effectiveness of Dental Game Apps In Managing Anxiety In Pediatric Dental Procedures

Author: 1Dr.Harshitha.K, 2Dr.Ajay.Rao.H.T, 3Dr.Sham.S.Bhat, 4Dr .Afreen Shabbir
30 A correlative study to evaluate the effect of various skeletal and dentoalveolar parameters on smile esthetics in different malocclusion groups

Author: 1Dr Kanupriya, 2Dr Shruti Mittal, 2Dr Prerna Hoogan Teja
31 Assessment of denture cleaning habits and the various denture cleaning methods used by the elderly people of south coastal Karnataka – A short study

Author: 1Dr. Bala Saraswati Bhat, 2Dr. Deeksha Gupta, 3Dr. Seema Marathe,4Dr. Namrata Shah Naidu, 5Dr. Himanshu Arora
32 The Impact of Social Media Network Websites and Their Influences among Dental Professionals and Dental Students in Chandigarh: A Cross Sectional Online Survey

Author: 1Dr. Mukund Khushu, 2Dr. Gurpreet Kaur, 3Dr. Navneet Kaur
33 A Cone-Beam Computed Tomographic Assessment of Different Obturation Techniques in Primary Molars- An In Vivo Study

Author: 1Dr. Monali Sengupta, 2Dr. Brahmananda Dutta, 3Dr. Atul Anand Bajoria, 4Dr. Anandamoy Bagchi
34 Resin Infiltration Technique in Primary Teeth: A Review

Author: 1Ramoli R. Pawar, 2Sandhyarani B.,3 Anil T. Patil, 4Mital V. Kevadia , 5Devendrapratap M Singh, 6Aranta A Chindane
35 Impacted Maxillary Incisors in Children: An Eruption Guidance

Author: 1Nisha Kumari, 2Parul Singhal, 3Naveen kumar, 4Ritu Namdev
36 Effect of Various Agents on Remineralization of Artificial Carious Lesions on Primary Molar: An Invitro Study

Author: 1Mital V. Kevadia, 2Sandhyarani B., 3Anil T. Patil, 4Ramoli R. Pawar , 5Sujatha P, 6Krishna Patil
37 Evaluation of Flexural Strength, Hardness, Adaptation and Dimensional Changes in Three Commonly Available Denture Base Resins - An In Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Sunitha Ronanki, 2Dr. Y.Ravishankar, 3Dr.P.Shameen kumar, 4Dr. T. Satyendra kumar
38 Incidence of Infraorbital Nerve Involvement and Neurosensory Changes Following Zygomaticomaxillary Complex Fracture- A Retrospective Study.

Author: 1Dr. Kritant Bhushan , 2Dr. Mansi Luthra Sharma , 3Dr. Neha Sharma, 4Dr. Manmohan Bramta
39 Accidental Ingestion of Nance Palatal Archwire in COVID 19 lockdown

Author: 1T.P Chaturvedi, 2Shivam Verma, 3Ajit Vikram Parihar, 4Deepak Singh
40 A Systematic approach in rehabilitation of hemimandibulectomy: A case report

Author: 1Dr.Nikita Gharat, 2Dr.Naisargi Shah, 3Dr.Shruti Gill, 4Dr.Prashant Patil
41 Comparative Radiological Evaluation of Penetrating Ability of Various Herbal Irrigants With 5.25%Sodium Hypochlorite - An Invitro Study

Author: 1Dr. L. Karthik, 2Dr. P. Samba Shiva Rao, 3Dr. M. Pratap Kumar, 4Dr. K. Sowmya, 5Dr. V. Gayathri Devi, 6Dr.M.Vasantha
42 Assessment of oral hygiene and gingival health status among special children in Mathura District

Author: 1Toijam Khema Devi, 2Sonal Gupta, 3Ritu Khanduja, 4Niketa Sahu
43 Biosafety Measures in a Cytopathology Lab during the Covid-19 Era: A Review

Author: 1S.Samyukta, 2Dr. Sathish Muthukumar, 3Dr. C. Sreeja, 4Dr. Nachiammai, 5Dr. Serena Francis, 6Dr. Harini Priya
44 Prevalence of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome as an Occupational Risk Hazard among Dentists Working In North India- A Cross Sectional Study

Author: 1Dr Shilpa Jaryal, 2Dr Navneet Kaur, 3Dr Gurpreet Kaur
45 Case Report: Nasal Deformity & Reconstruction with Rib grafting & Forehead flap

Author: 1Dr Adarsh Lingesh babu Pawar, 2Dr Mayank Jaiswal, 3Dr Jayanth BS
46 Comparative evaluation of four ultrasonic coolant liquids on aerosol contamination generated during ultrasonic scaling procedure in chronic periodontitis patients

Author: 1Dr Prankur Shukla, 2Dr Gagan Jaiswal, 3Dr Joseph Thomas, 4Dr Anuja Gangrade
47 Periodontal Disease and immunity

Author: 1Dr.Mithlesh Bhagat, 2Dr. Rohit Kumar Singh, 3Dr.Chandan Sengupta, 4Dr. Neha Rampure, 5Dr.Eirsa Farheen
48 Image processing in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics – A review

Author: 1Dr. Amulya Sundara Raj,2Dr. G. Sreejith Kumar
49 A rare case of multiple odontogenic keratocyst in a pediatric patient

Author: 1Parvathy.G, 2Muraleekrishnan.M, 3Harish Kumar.A
50 Prevalence of Traumatic dental Injuries among school children of Jammu: A cross-sectional survey

Author: Deebah Choudhary
51 COVID-19: Clinical implication in paediatric dental practice

Author: 1Dr Cindrella Laurence, 2Dr Ankur Jain, 3Dr Rinky Sisodia, 4Dr Satish Maran, 5Dr Anaya Kale, 6Dr Sapna Mishra, 7Dr Krishna Sagar
52 COVID-19: A dental update on the risk factors, prevention and management protocol

Author: 1Dr. Vamsi Krishna Chimata, 2Dr. Tejaswini Ghorpade, 3Dr. Farhin Katge, 4Dr. Devendra Patil, 5Dr. Shilpa Shetty, 6Dr. Paloni Koticha
53 Dynamic Forehead wrinkles management in South Indian Population using Botulinum Toxin Type A - A Case series

Author: 1Dr. Hareesh Veeramalla, 2Dr. B. Pavan Kumar, 3Dr. Vidya Devi, 4Dr. B. Vinay Goud
54 Perception, knowledge and attitude on evolving phase of dentistry in covid-19 scenario among dental health professionals: a cross- sectional online questionnaire survey

Author: 1Dr. Deeksha Ahuja Jhatta, 2Dr. Gurpreet Kaur, 3Dr. Navneet Kaur
55 Endodontic Management of Radix Entomolaris: Two Case Reports

Author: 1Dr Swathi P, 2Dr Anupama S Gopinathan, 3Dr Kanchana Devi A, 4Dr Shabna Shajahan Illathuparambil, 5Dr Rugma Raj, 6Dr Renjini S
56 Perception & knowledge about digital dentistry among dental professionals in Patna, Bihar - A descriptive cross sectional study

Author: 1Dr. Gagan Raj, 2Dr. Suma B.S., 3Dr. Garima Mangal, 4Dr. Nirmala Kumari, 5Dr. Taruna, 6Dr. Bhawana Agrawal
57 Current Trends in Irrigation Protocol during Endodontic Treatment among Post Graduates in India - A Survey

Author: 1P Karunakar, 2M.S. Rangareddy, 3Basa Srinivas Karteek, 4Chavva Lakshmi Charan Reddy, 5B. Sravan Kumar, 6Md Abdul Wahed
58 A Sneak Peek into the Orthodontic Photography Room

Author: 1Prof. Dr. Kuldeep DMello, 2Dr. Sayeri Hossain, 3Dr. Nibedita Biswas, 4Dr. S.M. Shahnawaj Tahir, 5Dr. Piyush
59 Rapid Maxillary Expansion – An Overview

Author: 1Dr. Piyush, 2Prof. Dr. Kuldeep DMello, 3Dr. Omkar Singh Yadav, 4Dr. Sayeri Hossain, 5Dr. Nibedita Biswas
60 Management of human periodontal osseous defects with alloplast and platelet rich plasma.A clinical and radiographic study with surgical re-entry after 9 months.

Author: 1Dr Aditi Bose, 2Dr H. N.Santosh, 3Dr Bebika Thoudam
61 A comparative evaluation of alveolar ridge dimension with different bone mapping techniques preceding to implant placement: original study

Author: Dr. Nikhil N. Pawar, Dr. Payal A. Karkar
62 Efficacy of Ketorolac Tromethamine Polymeric Wafer on Postoperative Pain Relief after Periodontal Surgery – An Observational Study

Author: 1Dr. Mahantesha S, 2Dr. Chandini H S, 3Dr. Deveswaran R., 4Dr. Ashwini S. , 5Dr. Bharath Gowda M.C.,6Dr. Shalini B
63 Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practice about child oral health in district oral health centre in Haryana

Author: 1Dr. Heena Sarangal, 2Ritu Namdev, 3Shruti, 4Radhey Shyam
64 Effect of Duration of Fragment in storage media and different types of storage media on the Bond Strength of the Reattached Tooth Fragment- A Novel Approach

Author: 1Dr. Dhiraj wagh, 2Dr. Sudha Patil, 3Dr. Prashant Bondarde, 4Dr. Shoeb Mujawar, 5Dr. Aruna Vishwakarma, 6Dr. Akshay Kothari
65 Assessment of Knowledge and attitude among postgraduate students of Pediatric Dentistry towards PPE (Personal protective equipment) and decontamination protocol during COVID-19 pandemic in India: A Cross-sectional Study.

Author: 1Nancy Singh, 2Nagarathna PJ, 3Nikita Bhure, 4Sonal Rathi, 5Sneha Potrajwar
66 Comparative evaluation of chlorhexidine and green tea as ultrasonic coolant on dental aerosols

Author: 1Dr. Manisha Sinha, 2Dr. Nalini M S
67 The Effect of Virtual Reality (VR), Audio-analgesia and Combination of White noise with Aromatherapy on pediatric dental patients anxiety and disruptive behaviour who require administration of local anaesthesia.

Author: 1Dr Anil Patil, 2Dr Sukanya Bahirat, 3Dr Sachin Gunda, 4Dr Sadhyarani B, 5Dr Devendrapratap singh
68 Orthodontic Bite Turbos

Author: Dr. C. Nirupama, Dr. R. Thirunavukkarasu
69 An Unusual Presentation of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome With Secondary Cellulitis: A Case Report And Review of Literature

Author: 1Dr Ajithkumar, 2Dr Sandeep Rajan O, 3Dr Naveen Nandagopal
70 Digital impressions in Orthodontics

Author: 1Dr. C. Nirupama
71 Surgical Reconstruction of Interdental Papilla Using Interposed Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft- A Case Report

Author: 1Virshali Gupta, 2Ankita Dadwal, 3Suruchi Gupta, 4Tushar Abrol
72 Hollow Maxillary Denture Using 3-D Spacer: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Mustafa Fakarudinbhai Laxmidhar, 2Dr. Dipali Laljibhai Mungra, 3Dr. Vilas Valjibhai Patel, 4Dr. Sareen Subhash Duseja
73 Eruption cyst with Natal tooth: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Falguni H. Patel, 2Dr. Shreyas Shah, 3Dr. Daivik Modh, 4Dr. Pratik D. Patel
74 Knowledge and attitude of parents and children about restorations, pulp therapy, and stainless steel crowns on primary molars

Author: 1Sapana Dhake, 2Anil Patil, 3Sandhyarani B
75 Current trends to measure implant stability- A Review Article

Author: 1Neha Jaiswal, 2Kaushitaki Bhaumik, 3Vidhi Sharma
76 Selection of post systems for endodontically treated teeth

Author: 1Dr. Nitin Sharma, 2Dr. Tarush Thakur, 3Dr. Aprajita Dogra
77 The Radical Approach for the management of Odontogenic Myxoma

Author: 1Dr. Tauseef Fazal, 2Dr. Zaid Ali Khan, 3Dr. Samreen Fatma,4Dr. Amit Kumar Singh
78 Xerostomia and the denture patients- current perspectives

Author: 1Dr Dinesh Kumar, 2Dr Ananda Kumar Nandi, 3Dr Tanuj Mendiratta, 4Dr Harmanpreet Atwal
79 Evaluation of condylar fractures management: open vs. closed.

Author: 1Dr Mohd Rashid, 2Neeraj Kumar Dhiman, 3Naresh Kumar, 4Preeti Tiwari, 5Dr Chandresh Jaiswara, 6Dr Ajit Kumar Vishwakarma, 7Dr Shweta, 8Dr Mehul Shashikant Hirani
80 Temporal space infection secondary to Mandibular Molar: a rare case report.

Author: 1Professor Naresh Kumar, 2Dr Mohd Rashid, 3Dr Mehul Shashikant Hirani
81 Esthetic management of generalized spacing in maxillary anterior dentition by laminate veneers using aesthetic pre-evaluative temporaries - a case report

Author: 1Dr. Seema Rathi, 2Dr. Abhisek Chowdhury, 3Dr. Anirban Shome, 4Dr. Khushbu Gupta, 5Dr. T.K. Giri, 6Dr. Sugata Mukherjee
82 Histology of enamel and dentin and its clinical consideration

Author: 1Dr. Saarika Suresh
83 Chronic Osteomyelitis of the mandible- A case report

Author: 1Dr. Nishant Kumar, 2Dr. Smriti Kumari, 3Dr. Shashank Narasimhan, 4Dr. Shradha Tiwari, 5Dr. Riddhi Datri Mishra, 6Dr. Bibhu Prasad Mishra
84 Oral Submucous fibrosis: New technique for management- A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Bibhu Prasad Mishra, 2Dr. Smriti Kumari, 3Dr. Nishant Kumar, 4Dr. Riddhi Datri Mishra, 5Dr. G.K. Thapliyal, 6Dr. Gauri Gupta

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