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Volume - 3 - 2020 Issue - 4 - August


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1 Basal Implants- A Narrative Review

Author: 1Dr. Neeta V. Bhavsar, 2Dr. Shreeja Nair, 3Dr. Vasanthan I
2 Assessment of White Esthetics Using Digital Smile Designing Software: An in Vivo Comparative Study

Author: 1Dr. Surendra Kumar G.P., 2Dr. Sushma Rani V.
3 Management of Mutilated Anterior Tooth Using Anatomic Post and Core: A Novel Approach

Author: 1Dr. Kuntal Wagh, 2Dr. M. M. Warhadpande, 3Dr. Darshan Dakshindas
4 Mandibular Ramus - A Guide in Determination of Gender

Author: 1Dr. M. Chandrasekhar, 2Dr. Marisetty Charitha, 3Dr. Ayesha, 4Dr. G.Chandrasekhar, 5Dr. Jyothirmai
5 Comparative Evaluation of Different Storage Media at Different Time Intervals in Maintaining Periodontal Ligament Cell Viability- An in Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Divya Negi, 2Dr. Amit Kumar Sharma, 3Dr. Kamal Kishor Gupta, 4Dr. Devender Kumar Sharma, 5Dr. Ankita Gaur, 6Dr. Vasundhara Pathania
6 Bio stimulation - The stimulus for the periodontal healing and regeneration

Author: 1Dr Shivaprasad, 2Dr Nagarathna DV
7 Guided Bone Regeneration

Author: Dr Aditya Sharma, Dr Mayur Kaushik, Dr Mehvish Saleem
8 In Vivo Comparative Evaluation of Three Methods to Determine Working Length – Conventional Radiograph, Electronic Apex Locator and Histological Section

Author: Chowdhury Deepshikha, Mazumdar Paromita, Shil Raghunath
9 Management of an Aberrant Mandibular Labial Frenum By V-Rhomboidoplasty - A Case Report

Author: 1Suchetha A., 2Swati George, 3Apoorva S.M, 4Sapna N., 5Divya Bhat, 6Freeda Ampotti
10 Implant failures- a case report

Author: 1Dr.Swapnita Vaity, 2Dr. Omkar Shetty, 3Dr. Gaurang, Mistry, 4Dr. Ashwini Kini
11 Somatic Gag Reflex in Dental Treatment Procedures: An Anatomical Perspective

Author: Wita Anggraini
12 Attitude of Dentists towards PPE Following Covid-19 Pandemic

Author: 1Agisha Raaje.P, 2Evansal Ranj.J, 3Joyson Moses, 4Sharanya Ravindran
13 Three Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Dynamic Stress Analysis Pattern in Class II Cavity Restored with Amalgam and Composite

Author: Dr. Dhanasekarn Sihivahanan, Dr. P. E. Mukundan
14 Bridge Flap Technique for Recession Coverage - A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Aparna Tyagi, 2Dr. Amit Bhardwaj
15 Acrodermatitis Enteropathica: A Classical case responsive to Zinc

Author: 1Dr. Binod Kumar , 2Dr. Kiran Kumre
16 Effect of application of chelating agents and organic acids on push out bond strength of fibre post to root dentin:an in vitro study.

Author: 1Rameezuddin.T, 2Senthil Kumar.K, 3Anupama.R, 4Honap Manjiri Nagesh, 5Yashini.T
17 The Effect of Locally Delivered Statins in the Treatment of Infrabony Defect in Chronic Periodontitis: A Literature Review

Author: 1Dr Ishita Kamal Jain, 2Dr. Sarika S Shetty
18 Comparative evaluation of Root Roughness after Instrumentation with Curettes, Ultrasonic, Diamond Tip Sonic Scaler with control group: A in Vitro study

Author: 1Dr. Anita Mehta, 2Dr. Nitin Khuller, 3Dr. Parul Gagneja, 4Dr. Preetinder Singh
19 Presurgical Nasoalveolar Moulding In Cleft Lip and Palate Patients: An Overview

Author: 1Dr. Bhuvaneswari Mani, 2Dr.Sangeetha Duraisamy, 3Dr. Edeinton Arumugam, 4Dr. Poornima R Jnaneshwar, 5Dr.Muralidharan Dhanasekaran, 6Dr. Pavithra Mani
20 Free Gingival Graft for the Treatment of Gingival Recession: A case report

Author: 1Dr. Anita Mehta, 2Dr. Nitin Khuller, 3Dr. Harsukhman Kaur, 4Dr. Ramandeep Singh Brar, 5Dr. Preetinder Singh
21 Integrative Tobacco Cessation: Practices and Perspectives among Health Care Professional Students – A Cross Sectional Study

Author: 1Dr Mythri H
22 Comparison of antioxidant potential of lycopene and melatonin in chronic periodontitis patients

Author: 1Dr. Shifa Fathima, 2Dr. Uma Sudhakar, 3Dr. S Gopalakrishnan, 4Dr. Gd Gomathi, 5Dr. Kavya Balan, 6Dr. Sayeed Farzana Begum
23 A link between severe periodontal disease and cancer risk: A review

Author: 1Dr. Pramod FW, 2Dr. Nishita SB
24 Power Arm for Intrusion and Retraction Mechanics (PAIR) – Effective Assistance for Efficient Tooth Movement.

Author: 1Dr. Manali Prakash Jadhav, 2Dr. Sunilkumar Laxman Nagmode, 3Dr. Mithun Krishna, 4Dr.Rithesh Bangera
25 Rhinomaxillary Mucormycosis: Report of a case

Author: 1Dr. Anita Munde, 2Dr. Isha Chauhan, 3Dr. Sudha Biradar, 4Dr. Kiran Jadhav
26 An immunological approach to treat chronic periodontitis

Author: 1Priyanka Gupta, 2Dr. Rameshwari Singhal, 3Dr. Pavitra Rastogi, 4395-402Dr. Nand Lal
27 Management of non-vital traumatized tooth with open apex using Biodentine as an apical matrix: A case report

Author: 1Dr Honap Manjiri Nagesh, 2Prof. Dr Mithra N. Hegde, 3Dr. Mahalaxmi Yelapure
28 Chondrosarcoma of the Mandible: Case Report and Review of Literature

Author: 1Dr. Samujjwal Das, 2Dr. Amit Ray, 3Dr. Sudeshna Bagchi, 4Dr. Sanjeet Kumar Das
29 Geriatric Periodontology

Author: 1Dr Akansha Sharma, 2Dr Amit Wadhawan, 3Dr Soundarya Singh
30 Awareness of Newer Challenges in Cross Infection Control and Their Management Protocol among Endodontists: A Questionnaire Based Survey

Author: 1Saranya Radhakrishnan, 2Darshana Devadiga, 3Mithra. N. Hegde, 4Mahalaxmi Yelapure, 5Shazeena Qaiser, 6Upasana Reddy
31 Comparative evaluation of change in microhardness of demineralized enamel underneath bio-smart pit and fissure sealants.

Author: 1Dhanshri S Khade, 2Swapnil Taur, 3Shashikiran N.D, 4Savita Hadakar, 5Sachin Gugawad, 6Namrata Gaonkar, 7Pooja N Mapara
32 Rebuilding Esthetics with Cad Cam Designed Titanium Cement Retained Implant Prosthesis: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Ankita Pal, 2Dr. Megha Chopra, 3Dr. Mukesh Kumar Singhal, 4Er. Prashant Gupta
33 An assessment of Rubber Dam use by Paediatric Dental Professionals and Post Graduate Trainee in India: Questionnaire based Survey

Author: 1Dr. Shrutika Udayrao Mankar, 2Dr. Devendra Nagpal, 3Dr.Gagandeep Lamba, 4Dr. Purva Chaudhary,5Dr. kavita hotwani,6Dr. Prabhat singh Yadav
34 Covid 19 Pandemic: A Review for Dental Health Care Professional

Author: Dr. Rutuj Waghmare, 2Dr. Shreya Srivastava, 3Dr. Ali khan, 4Dr. Jyoti Raghuvanshi, 5Dr. Shobha Joshi, 6Dr. Sanjana Bhargava, 7Dr. Akash Shegaonkar
35 Aids in chemical plaque control: A review

Author: 1Dr Manini, 2Dr Nitin Tomar, 3Dr Mrinalini Agarwal
36 Comparative Evaluation of Color Stability of Maxillofacial Silicones Following Accelerated Aging Conditions

Author: 1Dr. Abha Nair, 2Dr. Sudeep Saratchandran, 3Dr. Dinesh Nair, 4Dr. Sapna Bhaskaran
37 A study of characteristics of supernumerary teeth and their association in Indian population over a period of 10 years

Author: 1Parul Singhal, 2Heena sarangal, 3Ritu Namdev, 4Nancy Goel, 5Shruti Jha
38 Comparative evaluation of the shear bond strength of a new nano- hybrid flowable ormocer with conventional composite

Author: 1DR. Joshua. R. S, 2DR. S. Sararvana Kumar, 3DR. Annamalai PR, 4DR. A. Prema
39 Nasal alar ecchymosis secondary to nasotracheal intubation in orthognathic surgery – case report

Author: 1Ramaraj P N, 2Mariea Francis, 3Thamil Amudhan C R, 4Mohammed Basim B.
40 Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumor – A Report of Two Cases & Literature Review

Author: 1Dr. Nikhila B. Shroff, 2Dr. Ashita Kalaskar, 3Dr. Subhash Kumbhare
41 A spit can do magic – Saliva in Forensic dentistry

Author: 1Dr. Anusha R.L,2Dr. Xavier Pradeep Dmello A, 3Dr. Frankantony Britto, 4Dr. Varsha R. Shetty J, 5Dr. Santhoshkumar Hiremath, 6Dr. Ashwini T.L
42 Comparative evaluation of smear layer removal by EDTA, Apple Cider Vinegar and Fumaric acid when used as irrigant - an Invitro Atomic Force Microscopic study

Author: 1Dr.P.Samba Shiva Rao, 2Dr.L.Karthik, 3Dr.M.Pratap Kumar, 4Dr.V.Gayathri Devi, 5Dr. M.Vasantha, 6Dr.K.Sowmya
43 Aerosols in Orthodontics – Covid 19

Author: 1Deenadayalan Purushothaman, 2Vineeth Kumar.S, 3Dhivya Dilipkumar, 4Krithika.A, 5Nidhi Angrish
44 Gingival Zenith- A critical factor in Esthetics

Author: 1Dr. Neeta V. Bhavsar, 2Dr. Swapna Patki, 3Dr. Rachana Gaonkar, 4Dr. Shreeja Nair
45 Coexistence Of Tuberculosis With Intraoral Carcinoma -A Rare Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Poongodi. V, 2Dr Sri Vidhya, 3Dr. K. Saraswathi Gopal
46 The versatility of surgical lower repositioning of condyle in the treatment of Internal Derangement of Temporomandibular Joint.

Author: 1Dr. Tauseef Fazal, 2Dr. Zaid Ali Khan, 3Dr. Samreen Fatma, 4Dr. Amit Kumar Singh
47 Clinical Failure and its management in fixed partial denture: A Systemic Review

Author: 1Dr. Rohit Kumar Singh, 2Dr.Chandan Sengupta, 3Dr. Saba Anjum, 4Dr Joel Koshy Joseph, 5Dr. Eirsa Farheen
48 Predictive association between periodontitis and oral cancer

Author: 1Dr. Rameshwari Singhal, 2Dr Vivek Agarwal, 3Dr. Pragati RA
49 Management of SARS-Cov-2 inflicted orthodontics

Author: 1Dr. Sayeri Hossain, 2Dr. Omkar Singh Yadav, 3Prof. Dr. Kuldeep 4DMello, Dr. Piyush
50 Host modulation therapy: A review

Author: 1Dr. Vrushali Bhoir, 2Dr. Devanand Shetty
51 Soft Tissue Ridge Augmentation in Maxillary Anterior Region by using Double Fold Palatal Connective Tissue Pedicle Graft- A Case Report

Author: 1Dr Vikas Deo, 2Dr Ramesh Chavan, 3Dr C.S. Chattopadhyay, 4Dr Dinesh Pilania
52 Boon's appliance- A modified nance appliance for cross-bite correction.

Author: 1Dr. Sushmita Pattnaik, 2Dr. Abinash Mohapatra
53 The Effects of COVID-19 on Orthodontic Practice - a questionnaire based study

Author: 1Palash Bhawsar, 2Amitabh Kallury, 3Rajesh Kumar Balani, 4Chandni Bharti, 5Chandrika Dubey, 6Deepika Dhali
54 Role of Social Media in Orthodontics and Dental CDE during Covid-19 Pandemic

Author: Sheena Saluja, Amitabh Kallury, Rajesh Kumar Balani, Chandni Bharti, Chandrika Dubey, Deepika Dhali
55 Cognizance of the Vitality of Proper Ergonomics among Orthodontists

Author: 1Niyosha Riza Khan, 2Amitabh Kallury, 3Rajesh Kumar Balani, 4Chandni Bharti, 5Chandrika Dubey, 6Deepika Dhali
56 Breath Analysis to Detect Recent Exposure to Exhaled Carbon Monoxide And Nicotine Dependence In Mathura – A Cross-Sectional Study

Author: 1Dr. Bhawana Agrawal, 2Dr. Navpreet Kaur, 3Dr. Vivek Sharma, 4Dr. Manish Bhalla, 5Dr. Roopali Gupta, 6Gaganraj,
57 An updated review of FORSUS fatigue resistant device a fixed functional appliance.

Author: : Dr. Amit Choudhary, Dr. Diljot Kaur Makkar, Dr. Rajnish Jindal, Dr. Sarbjeet Singh, Dr. Bhavneet Kaur
58 Assessment of knowledge and attitude regarding plagiarism among faculty members and dental post graduate students in Sri Ganganagar city.

Author: 1Dr. Anjali Ahuja, 2Dr. Simarpreet Singh, 3Dr. Manu Batra, 4Dr. Deeksha Gijwani, 5Dr. Hansika Popli, 6Dr. mir shayan shakeel
59 Comparison between Two Different Modes of Oral Health Education on Gingival Health: A Randomised Controlled Trial

Author: 1Dr. Manasa Prasad, 2Dr Madhusudhan, 3Dr Archana Krishna Murthy, 4Dr Manjunath C, 5Dr Ships Shree K B, 6Dr Antara shome
60 Prevalence of dynamic occlusion patterns seen in different age groups: A hospital-based study

Author: 1Dr. Sonal Mehta, 2Dr. Ruchi Raj, 3Dr. N. J. Nirmal, 4Dr. Krishna Parikh, 5Dr. Jahnavi Tandel, 6Dr. Hardik Maradiya
61 Maskne – The New Acne, Esthetic challenge faced by healthcare workers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – A short survey study.

Author: 1Dr.Trupti Naykodi, 2Dr. Aditya Shinde, 3Parimal Yewale, 4Asbah Shaikh, 5Urvi Echhpal
62 Esthetic Management of Traumatic Teeth- A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Aditya Shinde, 2Dr. Jayeeta Verma, 3Dr. Jimish Shah, 4Dr.Tanvi Satpute
63 Maxillofacial Prosthesis as an Insight of Future Prosthodontics: A Review

Author: 1Dr. Suyog Bahiramwar, 2Dr.Tushar Mowade, 3Dr.Usha Radke, 4Dr. Saee Deshmukh, 5Dr. Rahul Tekale
64 Evaluation of Awareness, Sources of Information and Knowledge about Common Risk Factors of Oral and General Health among Recent Healthcare Graduates: A Questionnaire Based Descriptive Cross-Sectional Study

Author: 1Srishti Kumar, 2Nancy Madaan, 3Tanvi Tiwari, 4Atul Kaushik, 5Monika Varshney, 6Abhinav Bhargava
65 Radiation Prostheses: An Overview

Author: Dr. A. Hemavardhini, Dr.V. Vidyashree Nandini
66 Solitary Median Maxillary Central Incisor – A Rare Case Report

Author: 1Manoranjan Mahakur, 2Santoshni Samal, 3Ishika Garg, 4Prasanna Kumar Sahoo
67 Ocularistry- The Art of Crafting Prosthetic Eye: A Case Report

Author: 1Harmanpreet Atwal, 2Tanuj Mendiratta, 3M Viswambaran, 4Anup Gopi
68 Excision of Traumatic Fibroma By Electrocautery And Diode Laser: Case Reports

Author: 1Dr. Thaslim Fathima N, 2Dr. Gulafsha M, 3Dr. Anuroopa P, 4Dr. Senthil Rajan R S
69 Functional and Aesthetic Evaluation Following Cranioplasty: A Prospective Study

Author: 1Vivek Saxena, 2Indranil Deb Roy, 3Deepak Shukla, 4Ankur Thukral, 5Shagun Singh
70 Assessment of Knowledge And Attitude Regarding Dental Insurance Among General Population In Mumbai Region –A Cross-Sectional Survey

Author: 1Dr. Mansi H. Doshi, 2Dr. Purvi Bhate, 3Dr. Dheeraj D. Kalra
71 Evaluation of the color stability of heat cure denture base acrylic resins in different staining solution – an in Vitro Study

Author: Chahat Dave Arora, Nirmal Narendra J , Mehta Sonal G,Arora Himanshu , Gupta Deeksha, Memon Sarfaraz,
72 Comparative evaluation of accuracy of 2D and 3D methods for evaluating alveolar ridge dimension prior to implant placement: An in vivo study

Author: 1Dr Mehnama Yousuf,2Dr Anupama N.M, 3Dr Surendra Kumar G P
73 Short dental Implants: Treatment option for atrophic ridges

Author: 1Dr. Nitin Sharma, 2Dr. Tarush Thakur, 3Dr. Aprajita Dogra
74 Short Review on Orthodontic Archwires

Author: Dr. Anindita Mallik, Dr. Yagyeshwar Malhotra, Dr. Parul Uppal Malhotra, Dr. Neera Ohri
75 Residual Cyst – A Misleading Diagnosis with Clinico Pathological Presentation

Author: Dr. Raj Prakash B, Dr. Nitya K
76 Mandibular Ramus Fracture and Treatment Planning: A Review

Author: 1Dr. Bibhu Prasad Mishra, 2Dr. Hani Yousuf Naik, 3Dr. Smriti Kumari, 4Dr. Ambika Luthra

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