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Volume - 3 - 2020 Issue - 3 - June


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1 Evolution of Crowns in Pediatric Dentistry

Author: 1Dr. Sharmili Velchamy, 2Dr .S. Abinaya, 3Dr. Joyson Moses, 4Dr. Sharanya Ravindran, 5Dr.Kalpana.H
2 Multi-Health centers’ Cohort-Observational study of the Impacts of preventive/comprehensive dental care on the pediatric population of the St. Croix Community

Author: Dr. Sam Ayad Issa, Mr. James Woods
3 Recent Methods of Anxeity Control in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Updated Review.

Author: 1Ahmed Wallan AlAhmary, 2Nasser Nasser Almutairi, 3Mohammed Faisal Alnaim, 4Saud Fahad Alamani, 5Sami Tirad Alanazi
4 Prevalence of early childhood caries and the associated risk factors among 1-5-year-old children in a Medical Block of Jorhat District, Assam.

Author: 1Dr. Pinky Goswami, 2Dr. Bhaskar Das
5 Periodontal Status of Mandibular Second Molar after Surgical Removal of Mandibular Mesio-Angular Impacted Third Molar

Author: 1Dr. Vishnu J, 2Dr. Ravindran Nair K S, 3Dr. k. Harikumar, 4Dr. Padma E
6 Satisfaction Levels in Bilateral Balanced Occlusion and Centric Occlusion in Complete Denture Patients and Its Co-Relation to Mandibular Condyle-fossa Relationship: An In-vivo Study

Author: 1 Dr. Nandini .N. R., 2Dr. Gaurav Beohar, 3Dr. Swapnil Parlani
7 Impression tactics In Prosthodontics- A Review

Author: 1Vathsalya GM, 2Lakshmana Rao B, 3Monika PK , 4Jibi Joseph, 4Sravanthi TLG , 6Aditya K
8 Knowledge, Practice and Attitude of Oral Piercing Among Third and Final year Dental Students of Faridabad District- A Survey Study

Author: 1Dr. Kapila Chakarvarty, 2Dr. Shivam Singh Tomar , 3Dr. Anchal Varshnay, Dr. Indu Tanwar
9 Recent Advancements in Pediatric Dentistry

Author: 1 Dr. Sharmili Velchamy,2 Dr .S. Abinaya, 3Dr. Joyson Moses, 4Dr.Sharanya Ravindran
10 Evaluation of the Efficacy of Herbal Mouthwash /Chlorhexidine Rinse as a Co-Adjuvant in the Treatment of Chronic Generalized Gingivitis. - A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Author: 1Dr. Ashima Verma, 2Dr. Vikas Jindal, 3Dr. Ranjan Malhotra, 4Dr. Amit Goel, 5Dr. Shiva Chauhan, 6Dr. Shivali Vashisht
11 Comparative Evaluation of the Efficacy of Flossing With and Without Holder as an Adjunct to Toothbrushing with Sulcular Method – A Randomized Clinical Trial

Author: Dr. Shivali Vashisht, Dr. Vikas Jindal, Dr. Ranjan Malhotra, Dr. Amit Goel, Dr. Malvika Thakur,Dr. Ashima Verma
12 The Educational experience of Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS) and Traditional assessment methods among Dental Students and Examiners: A Comparative study.

Author: 1Kadambari Ambildhok, 2Vittaldas Shetty
13 Comparative Evaluation of Video graphic Smile Dynamics In Different Skeletal Patterns Using Cephalometric Parameters

Author: 1Dr. Sharon Ann Abraham, 2Dr. Amrita Puri, 3Dr. Anil Miglani
14 A comparative evaluation of microleakage and compressive strength of Glass Ionomer Cement, modifications of Glass Ionomer Cements and Cention N- An Invitro study

Author: 1Dr. Gurveen Kaur, 2Dr. Hemali S. Nankani, 3Dr. Mavishna MV, 4Dr. K Vijay Venkatesh
15 Comparative Analysis of Different Rotary File System on Crack Formation in Dentin: A CBCT Analysis

Author: 1Dr Purnima verma, 2Dr Anu Narang, 3Dr Manish Agrawal, 4Dr Swati Gurjar
16 Effect of alexithymia and its impact on oral health: a systematic review

Author: 1Dr . M. Monica Gurupriya, 2Dr . Kiran Iyer, 3Dr. P.D. Madankumar
17 How to deal with the real abutments in fixed dental prosthesis- questionable not ideal

Author: Dr Harisha Dewan, Dr Hitesh Chohan
18 Effect of Final Irrigation Protocols on Fracture Resistance of Root Filled Teeth Using Universal Testing Machine- An In-Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Saksham Narainia, 2Dr. Pradeep P.R. 3Dr. Veenakumari R, 4Dr. Dasari Vineela.
19 Comparitive Analysis of the Fracture Resistance of Four Different Root Canal Sealers and Its Sealing Ability Using Confocal Microscope -An Invitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Niveditha Suresh,2Dr. Veenakumari R, 3Dr. Pradeep P.R., 4Dr Lekshmi A.L.
20 Evaluation of bite force before and after cross bite correction in children and adolescents: A Prospective Study.

Author: 1Dr.Shravani Deshpande, 2Dr.Swati Karkare, 3Dr.Bhushan Pustake
21 Treatment of Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Using a Customized Mandibular Repositioning Appliance – A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Rezeen Aziz, 2Dr. Goutham Reddy, 3Dr. Sanju Somaiah,4Dr. Sunil Muddaiah, 5Dr. Balakrishna Shetty
22 Tooth -an important source of DNA in forensic investigation

Author: 1Dr . Nikita Yogesh Sahasrabudhe, 2Dr. Ketki Kulkarni
23 Evaluation of Different Irrigants on the Bond Strength of Fiber Posts To Dentine

Author: 1Dr Dasari Vineela, 2Dr Ananthakrishna S , 3Dr Veenakumari R , 4Dr Pradeep Pr, 5Dr Sakasham Narainia
24 Orthodontic Derotation of Upper Premolar: A Case Report

Author: 1Ann Sara Paul, 2Goutham Reddy, 3Sunil Muddaiah, 4Sanju Somaiah, 5Balakrishna Shetty
25 Noval Covid-19 Global Outbreak and a Need for Proactive Dental Care- A Review

Author: 1Dr. Prachi Gupta, 2Dr. Abhinav Garg
26 Comparative Evaluation of Effects of Probiotics on Streptococcus Mutans and Sobrinus Count In Orthodontic Patients

Author: 1Manu Mathew,2Sanju Somaiah, 3Goutham reddy, 4Sunil mudaiah, 5Balakrishna Shetty, 6Vikram Susil
27 Practising dentistry during and after COVID 19.

Author: 1Dr. Renuka Pawar, 2Dr. Karishma Sarode, 3Dr. Channamallapa Ganiger, 4Dr. Sandesh Phaphe, 5Dr. Yusuf A. Ronad, 6Dr. Pratap Mane
28 Influence of mouthbreathing on dentofacial growth and pharyngeal airway space in children-A randomized controlled trial.

Author: 1Dr. Lakshmi Thribhuvanan, 2Dr. M.S. Saravanakumar, 3Dr. Anjana.G, 4Dr. MuraliKrishnan. B, 5Dr. Vidya Manoharan, 6Dr. Amrutha Joy
29 Rebond: A Case Report of 2 Reattachment Cases

Author: 1Dr. Nimeshika R., 2Dr. Swetha K., 3Dr. Bhavana.V., 4Dr. Khwaja Moinuddin
30 Rehabilitation of knocked out teeth by replantation and autotransplantation – a case report

Author: 1Urmila Chauhan, 2T. M. Mangala, 3Rushikesh Mahaparale,4 Adish Saraf, 5Sneha Mali
31 Extracranial Meningioma in Temporal Bone: An Unusual Diagnose

Author: 1Dr Manmohan Bramta, 2Dr Sanjeev Malhotra, 3Dr. Vishal Singh, 4Dr. Neha Sharma
32 Correlation between Body Height, Mandibular Length and Intercanine Width in Subjects with Skeletal Class I and Class II Malocclusion

Author: 1 Dr. Abinaya Somaskandhan, 2Dr. Janani Jayapal, 3Dr. A. Nandakumar, 4Dr. Devaki Vijayalakshmi. R
33 An In-vitro Comparative evaluation of fluoride release from Cention N, GIC, Composite and metal modified GIC at different pH levels.

Author: 1Urmila Chauhan, 2T. M. Mangala, 3Rushikesh Mahaparale,4 Adish Saraf, 5Sneha Mali, 6Sagar Pawar,7Avani Shah
34 Color Stability of Two Commercially Available Denture Base Resins on Staining and Subsequent Exposure to Denture Cleansers – A Spectrophotometric Study

Author: 1Dr. Rahul Jainer, 2Dr. Siddharth Bansa, 3Dr. Jagadeesh H.G, 4Dr. Sangeeta Madaan, 5Dr. Nikita Khurana, 6Dr. Vaibhav Buttan
35 Comparative Evaluation Of Human Saliva For The Presence Of Nickel And Chromium Released From Orthodontic Appliances Due To Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation (Cell Phone Usage) – A Clinical Study

Author: 1 Basil Sunny, 2Sunil Muddaiah , 3Goutham Reddy, 4Sanju Somaiah, 5Balakrishna Shetty, 6Mysuru Vasudevamurthy Akshatha ,
36 Epidermolysis Bullosa- A Rare Case

Author: Dr. Binod Kumar, Dr. Kiran Kumre
37 Evaluation of Gender Wise Variations in Volume of Maxillary Sinus Using CBCT.

Author: 1Dr Veena K .M., 2Dr Rameesa Razak, 3Dr Laxmikanth Chatra, 4Dr Prashanth Shenoy, 5Dr Rachana V Prabhu
38 Light cured versus chemical cured resin composite for bonding orthodontic brackets: Can you tell the difference?

Author: Meshari Faleh Alreshidi, Mahmoud Sedky Adly
39 Hyperparathyroidism Manifesting As Invasive Cervical Resorption: A Rare Case Report

Author: 1Dr Aruna V P, 2Dr Sam Joseph V G, 3Dr Anulekh Babu , 4Dr Aparna Mohan E, 5Dr Gayathri P , 6Dr Shima Mohan M , 7Dr Midhun M J , 8Dr Kanchana Devi
40 Restoring Subgingival Caries of Molar Using Deep Margin Elevation–A Case Report

Author: 1Dr Akhil Yadav B, 2Dr Lekshmy S Devi, 3Dr Sreeja Sreedhar, 4Dr Lakshmi Aravind
41 Comparative Evaluation of 0.8% Hyaluronic Acid Gel and Diode Laser Therapy As An Adjunct To Scaling And Root Planing: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Author: 1Dr Nisha Singh, 2Dr. Ashwini S, 3Dr Vikender Yadav , 4Dr Shailesh Kumar, 5Dr Kamini Kiran
42 Comparison of two different materials in the treatment of enamel hypoplasia with minimal invasive technique-an in vivo study

Author: Dr. Mohammad Iqbal, Dr. Juhi Hussain
43 Comparative Evaluation of Anti Microbial Efficacy of Root Canal Sealers Modified With Different Herbal Extracts against E Faecalis: An In Vitro Study

Author: 1Shraddha Nahar, 2TM Mangala, 3Rushikesh Mahaparale, 4Adish Saraf, 5Sneha Mali, 6Sagar Pawar, 7Urmila Chauhan, 8Avani Shah
44 Treatment of Massive Radicular Cyst in a Child with 3 years Follow-up: A Rare Case Report

Author: 1Dr Naresh Sharma, 2Dr Amit Mohan, 3Dr Naresh Kumar Verma
45 A Comparative Evaluation Of Various Nasal And Pharyngeal Parameters In Different Growth Patterns In Angles Class I Malocclusion: A Cross sectional Study In Contemporary Indian Population.

Author: 1Dr. Riyazhusein Kisan, 2Dr. Amit Nehete,3Dr. Nitin Gulve, 4Dr. Kunal Shah, 5Dr. Shivpriya Aher
46 Effect of Three Different Types of Gloves on the Setting Time of Addition Silicone and Condensation Silicone Putty Impression Materials

Author: Lagdive Sanjay B., Shah Rupal J., Vegad Dhanji T., Dodia Meet A.
47 Screw-Less and Cement-Less Retrievable Implant Prosthetic Systems- A Review

Author: 1 Dr. Shilpi Sanghvi, 2Dr. Asha M. Rathod, 3Dr. Gaurang Mistry, 4Dr. Omkar Shetty
48 To Assessed the Ph Change in Dental Plaque on Consumption of Plain/Flavored Milk in 7-14 Yr Old Children

Author: Dr. Deepika Meena, Dr. Deepak Meena
49 Prevalence of Endodontic Emergencies during COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease in Jammu Population

Author: 1Deebah Choudhary
50 To Assessed the Ph Change in Saliva on Consumption of Plain/Flavored Milk in 7-14 Yr Old Children

Author: 1Dr. Deepika Meena, 2Dr. Deepak Meena
51 Trends In Publications of Review of Literature In Prosthodontic Journals - A Five Year Retrospective Study

Author: 1Dr. Nidhi K Momaya, 2Dr. Ansu Elizabeth Blessan, 3Dr. Girish Galagali, 4Dr. Prakash Nidawani
52 Fluorosis-No More An Aesthetic Problem

Author: 1Dr. Shveta Sood, 2Dr. Naresh Sharma, 3Dr. Akshara Singh, 4Dr.Varshini Rajagopal
53 A Literature Review: Free Radial Artery Forearm Flap: A Technique for Oral Cavity Composite Defects

Author: 1Dr Rajesh Kshirsagar, 2Dr Rajat Bhende, 3Dr Priyadarshini Banerjee, 4Dr Reshmi Sharma, 5Dr Kisana Tadas, 6Dr Nitin Oswal
54 Coronally Advanced Flap with Chorion Membrane in Treatment of Gingival Recession- A Case Report

Author: 1 Dr.Anuja Gangrade, 2Dr.Gagan Jaiswal, 3Dr.Kanteshwari I.K, 4Dr.Rajesh Kumar, 5Dr. Heena Agrawal, 6Dr. Prankur Shukla
55 Mandibular second premolar an endodontic dilemma: 2 case reports

Author: 1Shraddha Nahar, 2TM Mangala, 3Urmila Chauhan,4 Rushikesh Mahaparale, 5Adish Saraf
56 Comparative Evaluation of Antimicrobial Efficacy Of Calcium Hydroxide, Propolis, Calcium Hydroxide Combined With Chitosan And Chitosan Against Enterococcus Faecalis: An In Vitro Study.

Author: 1Shraddha Nahar, 2TM Mangala, 3Rushikesh Mahaparale, 4Adish Saraf, 5Sneha Mali, 6Sagar Pawar, 7Vincia D’Souza, 8Shubham Mandhane
57 Occlusal Rehabilitation of A Female Patient with Pseudo Class III Malocclusion by Non- Extraction Protocol Using Conventional Mechanics for Esthetic and Profile Refinement - A Case Report

Author: 1Jawale Bhushan, 2Rodrigues Lishoy, 3Patil Tushar, 4Mhatre Swapnil, 5Panicker Ajay,6Kerudi Veerendra
58 Correction of A Palatally Positioned Maxillary Canine by Conventional Fixed Appliance Orthodontic Treatment for Improvement of Smile Arc - A Case Report

Author: 1Jawale Bhushan, 2Rodrigues Lishoy, 3Hattarki Rohan , 4Nehete Amit, 5Agrawal Anil, 6Chaudhary Amit
59 Anterior Rehabilitation With Five Unit Zirconia Bridge – A Case Report

Author: 1Dr Preeti Patni, 2Dr Babita Yeshwante, 3Dr Nazish Baig, 4Dr Vivek Jadhav, 5Dr Ruchi Kasat
60 Post placement and core build up in root canal treated teeth

Author: 1Dr Preeti Patni, 2Dr Babita Yeshwante, 3Dr Nazish Baig, 4Dr Vivek Jadhav, 5Dr Ruchi Kasat
61 Awareness of COVID-19 amongst undergraduate dental students in India – A questionnaire based cross-sectional study

Author: 1Rhea V. Kashid, 2Dr. Asawari Shidhore, 3Dr. Mohammad Mukhit Kazi , 4Dr. Sameer Patil
62 Comparison of Tell Show Do and Tell Show Do with Video Modeling Techniques Used In Children for Behavior Management

Author: 1Dr. Shakir Hussain Rather, 2Dr. Salmanbhai Karbhari, 3Dr. Meghna Prasad
63 Overdenture with Ceka Attachment – An Approach of Rehabilitating Partially Edentulous Condition: Case Report

Author: 1Cheena Sethi, 2Nirmal Raj, 3Sparsh Garg, 4Shailesh Jain,5Tanupriya Sonkar
64 Evaluation of Oral Health Care Awareness in Anganwadi Workers of Rangareddy District, Telangana, India- A Cross Sectional Study

Author: 1 Dr B Sravani, 2Dr J Sharada, 3Dr K Suhasini, 4Dr I Hemachandrika, 5Dr P Tara Singh, 6Dr Hasanuddin Shaik
65 Influence of Nerve Stimulation on Joint Dislocation: A Case Report

Author: 1Harish Kumar A, 2Supriya Giridhar Bhandage, 3Muraleekrishnan M, 4Moitrayee Sharma, 5Arindom Changmai
66 Knowledge, Attitude and Belief of Regenerative Endodontic Procedure among Dentists. The Survey in Western Maharashtra.

Author: 1Dr. Suddha Mattigatti, 2Dr. Ravindra Jagannath Jadhav, 3Dr. Pankaj Rao, 4Dr. Sunil Kumar Vasudeo, 5Dr. Asiya Mujawar, 6Dr. Hussain Mukhtiyaar
67 Liquid Gold – A Review of Platelet Rich Plasma on Facial Skin and Hair

Author: 1Kavita Raghotham, 2Shilpa Rani M N, 3Moitrayee Sharma, 4V V Nandita A R V Murthy, 5Richa Rai
68 Morphologic and morphometric analysis of the mental foramen: A systematic review

Author: 1Dr. Deval Mehta, 2Dr. Setu P. Shah
69 A Novel Technique to Check the Effectiveness of Two Different Health Education Modes- A Randomized Control Trial

Author: 1 Dr. Naveen N., 2Dr. Sneha Singh, 3Dr. Ram Tiwari, 4Dr. Abhinav Patel, 5Dr. Aanchal Pradhan, 6Dr. Payal Borkar
70 Comparative Evaluation of Apically Extruded Debris during Rootcanal Preparation Using Hyflex-Cm, Reciproc Blue and One Curve- An In-Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Suddha Mattigatti, 2Dr. Shraddha Galande, 3Dr. Ravindra Jagannath Jadhav, 4Dr. Asiya Mujawar, 5Dr. Sagarkumar Prakash Bharane, 6Dr. Ayesha Shaikh
71 Beware: Is a child abuse case landing in your clinic

Author: 1Nimra Iqbal, 2Sana Farooq, 3Sehvish Qureshi
72 Survey of attitude, skills, materials and methods employed in endodontic treatment by general dental practitioners in Delhi

Author: 1Nimra Iqbal, 2Rohit Kochhar, 3Ruchika Dewan, 4Manju Kumari
73 In-Vitro Analysis of Gap Formation between Tooth Restoration Interfaces Using Bulk Fill and Incremental Fill Composites

Author: 1Nimra Iqbal
74 Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation- An Overview

Author: 1Dr Sumeet Palta

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