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Volume - 3 - 2020 Issue - 1- February


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1 Dyke Davidoff Masson Syndrome-Oral Manifestations

Author: 1Banerjee Sohini,2Kar Debkamal
2 The Epidemiology of Mandibular Fractures – A Single Center Study

Author: Dr Manjunath N M, Dr. Archana M., Dr Preema Melani Pinto
3 A Comparitive Evaluation of MTA and Biodentine for Apexification in Young Permanent Central Incisors: A Case Report

Author: Dr. Vinay Thakur, Dr. Bisma Aziz, Dr. Maria Manhas, Dr. Azhar Hashmi, Dr. Pallavi Mishra
4 Comparative evaluation of addition of carbon nano fillers and graphene and its effect on impact strength and flexural strength of heat cure denture base resin. - An in vitro study

Author: 1Dr.Pooja Swami, 2Dr.Pronob Sanyal, 3Dr. Kathan Nayak, 4Dr.Rakshith Guru
5 Comparative Evaluation of Marginal Accuracy of Castings Fabricated By Conventional Casting Technique and Accelerated Casting Technique Using Nickel Chromium Alloy and Cobalt Chromium Alloy-An In-Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Ashish Kumar Rathod, 2Dr. Vijaysinh More
6 Evaluation of the Size of Sella Tursica in Skeletal Class II Patients In South Indian Population- A Cephalometric Study

Author: 1Joseph Abraham, 2Srirengalekshmi, 3Subashree Rathi Selvan
7 Relation between second molar developmental stages and MP3 as a growth indicator

Author: 1Joseph Abraham, 2Navneethan R, 3Subashree Rathi Selvan, 4Srirengalekshmi,
8 Unicystic Ameloblastoma of the mandible – A rare case report

Author: 1Dr. Sujeev N, 2Dr. Fazil K.A, 3Dr. Anusha Rangare Lakshman, 4Dr. Nishad NT
9 Improvement of Soft Tissue Aesthetic for Prosthetic Replacement of Anterior Tooth using Roll Flap Technique in Combination with Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF): A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Priyadarshini Nadig, 2Dr. Priyanka Doshi, 3DR. Sarath Chandran, 4Dr.Krupali Gandhi, 5Dr. Shivlal Vishnoi, 6Dr. Gaurav Bakutra
10 Comparative evaluation between the efficacy of low-level laser therapy and trans-cutaneous electric nerve stimulation [TENS] in the management of temporo-mandibular joint disorders

Author: 1Dr Vidhi Verma, 2Dr Aditya Harsh, 3Dr Rajesh Tak, 4Dr Vikas Singh, 5Dr Ankita Bohra
11 Variations in the Root canal morphology of Permanent First Mandibular Molars in Central Kerala population: A CBCT Study

Author: 1Dr Pallavi Chandran, 2Dr Remya M
12 The Use of Manuka Honey to Improve Healing After Third Molars Surgery

Author: 1Dr. Vijay Mishra, 2Dr. Vidhi C. Rathi, 3Dr. Pallavi Srivastav, 4Dr. Shivam Aggarwal, 5Dr. Neel Gupta, 6Dr. Pooja R. Kapse
13 Management of Open Apex with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate-2 Case Reports

Author: 1Dr. Mahpara Shafi, 2Dr. Rohit Kochhar, 3Dr. Manju Kumari, 4Dr. Sonal Soi Sharma
14 A Case Report on Relevant and Conservative Prosthodontic Management of Hemisected Molar

Author: 1Dr. Mayuri Kamath, 2Dr. Veena S Prakash
15 A Confocal Microscopic Evaluation of Microleakage in Class V Cavities Restored With Composite Resin Using Different Intermediate Liner

Author: 2Dr Veenakumari R, 2Dr Pradeep P.R, 3 Dr Manasa D.R , 4 Dr Shreya Maiti
16 Longitudinal Clinical Evaluation of GIC Restoration Done With Alternative Restorative Technique and Its Comparison with Conventional Class 1 Cavity Preparation

Author: 1Dr. Anuradha, 2Dr. Kamal Kishor Gupta, 3Dr. Vasundhara Pathania , 4Dr. Amit Kumar Sharma, 5Dr. Dr. Ankita Gaur, 6Dr. Vinay Bal Singh Thakur
17 Calcium Release And Ph-Characteristics of Calcium Hydroxide When Placed In Pulp Chamber And Root Apex – An- In Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Palvi Gupta, 2Dr. Kamal Kishor Gupta, 3Dr. Amit Kumar Sharma, 4Dr. Ankita Gaur, 5Dr. Vasundhara Pathania, 6Dr. Ishant Sood
18 Effect of photobiomodulation on post operative healing in periodontal flap surgery

Author: Dr Bhavya B, Dr Safiya Fatima Khan
19 Determination of Working Length Using Different Methods - An Invivo Invitro Study

Author: 1Noushad M C, 2Fathimath Suhara, 3Kavya Maheesan, 4Roopesh C
20 Evaluation of Canal Centering Ability of REVO-S and Hyflex-EDM Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography: An In Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr Pragyan Paliwal, 2Dr. Akanksha Bhatt, 3Dr. Balakrishnan Rajkumar, 4Dr. Vishesh Gupta, 5Dr. Shruti Mary Sunil, 6Dr Dibajit Sur
21 Cone beam computed tomographic analysis of furcation groove of maxillary first premolar – an invitro study

Author: 1Dr Remya M,2Dr Pallavi Chandran
22 Drugs: The neglected influencer of orthodontic treatment and outcome

Author: 1Dr Paridhi Gupta, 2Dr Bhagyalakshmi A.,3Dr Raghunath N.
23 Management of Flabby Maxillary Anterior Ridge by Modified Hobkirk Technique: A Case Report

Author: Dr.Nayar Islam
24 Comparison of Salivary Beta Glucuronidase Activity in Chronic Periodontitis Patients with or Without Diabetes Mellitus-A Clinico Biochemical Study

Author: 1Dr. Neethi. M, 2Dr. Nandini Manjunath, 3Dr. Disha Damodaran
25 Evaluation of marginal and internal fit of Co-Cr copings by different manufacturing methods

Author: Recep Kara
26 ‘AJ’ Angle: The Aesthetic Norm for Soft Tissue Profile

Author: 1Jayakrishnan, 2Abhinay Sorake, 3K Nillan Shetty, 4Rohan Rai, 5Anjali Jayaraj
27 Is Bone One Session Treatment an Ambit to a Periodontist - Review

Author: 1Dr Harithrra V, 2Dr Abdul Gafoor Siniya , 3Dr Maya Rajan Peter, 4Dr Angel Fenol, 5Dr Anuradha Bhaskar, 6Dr Reshma Suresh
28 Comparative Evaluation of The Antioxidant And Chelating Property of Chemical And Herbal Irrigants on Push out Bond Strength of A Root Canal Endodontic Sealer

Author: 1Dr Arathi S Nair , 2Dr Veenakumari R , 3Dr Pradeep P.R , 4Dr Niveditha S ,5Dr Lekshmi A L
29 Endodontic irrigation : An update.

Author: 1 Fadwa Lachker, 2Nisrine Bassim, 3Faiza Abdallaoui,
30 Occlusion indicating materials: An insight

Author: 1Harshitha Alva, 2Prakyath Malli, 5Rajalaxmi S.
31 Multidisciplinary Approach to Restore Broken Anterior Teeth with Zirconia Crowns - A Case Report

Author: Dr.Rahul Patil
32 Evaluation of Antifungal Activity of Mint on Fluconazole Resistant Candida Glabrata

Author: 1 Dr Lekshmy Jayan,2 Dr N. Priyadharsini,3 Dr Ramya R, 4 Dr K Rajkumar
33 Microbial colonisation in tooth brushes: creating awareness among the unaware population

Author: 1Dr. Sahana Pushpa. T, 2 Dr. Balamurugan. R
34 An insight into etiology and management of non-carious cervical lesions among Indian population

Author: Dr. Sahana Pushpa. T, Dr.Balamurugan. R
35 Magnification in Endodontics: A Review

Author: 1Gis Rose Varghese,2 Prathap M.S, 3Nishi Jayasheelan, 4Shakkira Moosa Kutty
36 Minimal Invasive Endodontics: The New Revolution

Author: 1Limsha Nath V.P. , 2S. Vidhyadhara Shetty , 3K. Harish S. Shetty , 4Vivian Flourish D costa
37 Gingival Cyst of Newborn- A Report of Two Cases

Author: Dr. Sinjana Jana, Dr. Chiranjit Ghosh, Dr. Amitabha Chakraborty, Dr. Bibhas Dey
38 Tooth Auto Transplantation: A Review

Author: 1Fathima Ibrahim, 2S.Vidhyadhara Shetty, 3Shakkira Moosakutty, 4Jeslee Ann Jose
39 DSLR vs Iphone

Author: 1 Dr.U.Vivekanandan, 2 Dr.Priya.G, 3 Dr. P.Rajakumar, 4 Dr. Sharmila.M
40 Comparative evaluation of complications in preseptal transconjunctival approach versus stepped skin-muscle subciliary approach in the management of pure blow out fractures of the orbital floor

Author: 1 Indranil Deb Roy, 2Vivek Saxena,3 Narendra Babu BK, 4 Ikbal Hossain
41 A Novel Technique to Achieve Stability and Retention of Complete Dentures in Compromised Maxillary And Mandibular Rigdes: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Aparana Sharma,2 Dr. Jay Vikram,3 Dr. Anurag Hasti, 4Dr. Shairy Vashisht,
42 Impact of Platform-Switching On Interproximal Bone Levels in Two-Stage Implants: 1-Year Results From a Prospective Clinical Trial

Author: 1Dr. Megha Chopra, 2Dr. Mayank Vermani, 3Dr. Shailesh Jain, 4Dr. Aparana Sharma
43 Knowledge and Attitude among Pediatricians towards Emergency Management of Avulsed tooth of Vadodara City, Gujarat

Author: 1Dr Harleen Kaur Soni, 2Nihari M Dave
44 Comparison of Reliability and Accuracy in Cephalometric Landmark Plotting and Cephalometric Analysis between Manual and Computerized Cephalometric Methods

Author: 1Dr Sanjeed Kabeer, 2Dr Ravi S, 3Dr Bhagyalakshmi A, 4Dr. Pradeep S, 5Dr Raghunath N
45 Comparative Analysis of the Effect of an Aerated Energy Drink And 35% Hydrogen Peroxide on Microhardness of Nanocomposite Resin

Author: 1 Dr Veena kumari R, 2Dr Vijay shankar L V,3Dr Pradeep P.R, 4 Dr Lekshmi A L, 5 Dr Arathi S Nair
46 Evaluation of Apical Sealing Ability of A Calcium Silicate Based Sealer With A Calcium Hydroxide Based Sealer Using Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope: An In Vitro Study.

Author: Dr. Anita Precilla Dsouza, Dr. Nithin Suvarna
47 PIT and Fissure Sealants – A Narrative Review

Author: 1Dr. Henna Mir, 2Dr. Shivalingesh KK, 3Dr. Divya Srivastava, 4Dr. Adeeba Saleem, 5Dr.Swati Pathak,6Dr.Waseem Ashraf
48 Repositioning of Buccal Corticotomy: An alternative to conventional technique of cyst removal

Author: 1Dr. Shilpa .S. Bawane , 2Dr. Pushkar. P. Waknis, 3Dr Gandhali Limaye , 4Dr. Prathamesh Bhujbal, 5Dr. Shreyas. S. Mohile
49 Knowledge of Dentists about Pediatric Drug Dosing and Related Errors: A Pilot Study

Author: 1Dr. Sangeetha P. Venkatesh, 2Dr. Prabhawati. P.I.
50 Contamination of Toothbrushes after Use – A Randomized Control Trial & Pilot Study

Author: 1 Dr Anjali Sreedharan,2 Dr Mohammed Shereef
51 Discovering the mysteries, magic and marvels of power driven scaling and visual acuity

Author: 1Dr Mohammed Shereef, 2Dr Anjali Sreedharan, 3Dr Faveenna Sukumaran
52 Excision of submandibular gland during neck dissection in case of Oral squamous cell carcinoma –Critical Review

Author: 1Shaikh Amjad,2Rajiv M. Borle,3Nitin Bhola,
53 Management of dental caries in primary Anterior teeth: A dentist’s perspective in purba medinipur district west Bangal

Author: 1Dr. Krishnendu Bhowmik, 2Dr. Amitabha Chakraborty, 3Dr. Bibhas Dey,4 Dr. Sinjana Jana, 5Dr. Shubha Joy Rakshit
54 Comparison of Acellular Dermal Matrix Graft (Alloderm) With Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft For The Treatment of Millers Class I Gingival Recession - A Clinical Study

Author: 1Dr. Amit Walveker, 2Dr. Debjit Dhamali, 3Dr. Poojitha. M. C, 4Dr. Radhika. B, 5Dr.Uthappa. K.B.
55 Recent Trends in Use of Storage Media Following Avulsion of Teeth in Pediatric Dentistry

Author: 1Dr. Monisha Singhal, 2Dr. Vaibhav Vashishta, 3Dr. Stephen Chain, 4Dr. Swati Verma, 5Dr. Ankita singh, 6Dr. Kritika Gupta
56 Comparative Evalution of fracture resistance of Endodontically treated teeth when restored with Ever X Posterior, Paracore and filtek Z350 XT.

Author: 1Dr. Mohit Kumar, 2Dr. Sonali Taneja, 3Dr. Ayushi Gupta

Author: IJDSIR
58 Dermatoglyphics and its correlation with salivary pH and saliva buffering capacity- A ‘Handy’ tool for dental caries prediction

Author: 1Dr. Sreeraksha Radhakrishna, 2Dr. Ila Srinivasan, 3Dr. Jyothsna V Setty, 4Dr. Nayana K.M, 5Dr. K. Manasa Hegde, 6Dr. Clarissa Suting
59 Intraoral Melanocytic Nevi-A Rare Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Subhasish Burman, 2Prof. Dr. Swapan Kumar Majumdar, 3Dr. Aritra Chatterjee, 3Dr. Soumen Mandal, 4Dr. Md. Arif Hossain, 5Dr. Sanjit Barman, 5Dr. Mohsina Hussain, 5Dr. Anirban Raha
60 Dynamics of Cyclin D1 in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Oral submucous fibrosis: A literature review

Author: 1Dr. Deepali Patekar, 2*Dr. Sachin Sarode, 2*Dr. Gargi Sarode
61 Role of Endodontics in Forensic Odnotology - A Review

Author: 1Greeshma Lal Manjadiyil, 2Dr.Harish S Shetty, 3Dr Shakkira Moosakutty, 4Dr Jeslee Ann Jose
62 Condylar Fracture in Children: Conservative approach.

Author: 1Dr. Bibhu Prasad Mishra, 2Dr. Shivani Kapoor, 3Dr.Abhijeeta Sahoo
63 Bilateral Radix Entomolaris in a Fourteen Year Old Male: A Clinical Case Report

Author: 1Dr Vinay Thakur, 2Dr Karan Thakur, 3Dr Vasundhara Pathania, 4Dr Diksha Sharma, 5Dr Munnasha Uppal
64 The association of Intelligence quotient and Self-concept with oral health status in children

Author: 1Dr Nayana K M , 2Dr Jyothsna V Setty, 3Dr Ila Srinivasan, 4Dr Sreeraksha Radhakrishna, 5Dr Akhil P , 6Dr Clarissa Suting
65 Comparison of instrumentation time and obturation quality between manual files and rotary files in root canal treatment of deciduous teeth.

Author: 1Dr Atul Kumar Singh,2Dr Rahul Mishra

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