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Volume - 2 - 2019 Issue - 3


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1 Amount of Residual Disinfectant after Disinfection of Different Denture Base Resin Materials

Author: Dr. Y. Ravishankar, Dr. B Prasad,Dr. Kalluri Srinivas,Dr. M. Harikrishna
2 Rehabilitation of completely edentulous patient with implant supported fixed prosthesis- A case report

Author: Dr. Ritu Batra1, Dr. Pallavi Vashisht2
3 Correlation between Curve of Spee and signs and symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder

Author: 1Dr Prafull Parchake,2Dr Shweta R Bhat,3Dr Sheetal A Jankare
4 A review of two plants used in Bangladesh for toothache and general oral care

Author: Khoshnur Jannat1, Nusratun Nahar2, Be-nazir Farzana1, Rownak Jahan1, Taufiq Rahman3, Mohammed Rahmatullah1*
5 Versatility of Alloplastic Material to Recontour Facial Deformities

Author: 1Dr. Ankita Saxena, 2Dr. Rajesh B. Dhirawani,3Dr. Ankit Sharma,4Dr. Ankush Sune
6 Determination of Gender Dimorphism in Mandible and Crania -A Digital Radiographic Study

Author: 1Dr Mehroz Amena, 2Dr Shahnaaz Saba
7 The comparative evaluation of the color stability of two ceramic systems with varying thickness and frequency of firing: an invitro study

Author: Keerthi Palagiri1, Karunakar Shetty2, Mahesh Kumar M3
8 Treatment of Paresthesia due to Periapical Granuloma in a patient with Oral Sub-Mucus Fibrosis: Case Review

Author: Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma,Dr. Divya Dureja,Dr. Ishita Joshi
9 Cephalometry: Rationale for Management of Recurrent Fracture of Maxillary Prosthesis

Author: Dr. Ritu Saneja, Dr. Rajesh Seturaman, Dr Pavan Dubey
10 A Comparative Evaluation of Efficacy of Potassium Oxalate and Diode Laser in Treatment of Dentinal Hypersensitivity

Author: Shubhangi Gupta Law1, Aditya Law2, Manvi Chandra Agarwal3
11 Radicular Cyst Followed By Pulpectomy in Deciduous Molar: A Case Report

Author: 1Shruti Singh, 1Neena Eregowda ,2Poornima P, 3Roopa K.B.
12 PRF: From You for You: A Changing Era in Dentistry

Author: 1Dr. Viddyasagar Mopagar,2Dr. Chirag Sankhe, 3Dr Asha Nara, 4Dr. Sourabh Joshi,5Dr Meghna Padubidri, 6Dr Amit Padmai
13 An Effective Way of Reducing Traumatic Ulcer In Early Phase of Orthodontic Treatment - A Single Blind Randomized Controlled Trial.

Author: Dr. B.C. Patil,Dr. Spoorthy Obalapura,Dr. Akash Kencha,Dr Vishwanath Patil
14 Immunology of Dental Caries and Caries Vaccines: An insight

Author: Dr. Divya.S, Dr. K.Karpagaselvi, Dr. Suvarna .V. Biradar
15 The use of customized trainers in Class II division 1 malocclusion.

Author: Dr. Boukhazani Fouzi
16 A Single Step Surgical approach for Root coverage and Vestibuloplasty in Mandibular anterior teeth- A Case Study

Author: 1Tambe Lashika V., 2Gaikwad Rajesh., 3Banodkar Akshaya, 4Borade Shrutika
17 Comparative evaluation of cyanoacrylate, LASER and LASER with Cyanoacrylate in the treatment of Dentin hypersensitivity - A split mouth clinical trial.

Author: 1Dr. Vivekananda MR., 2Dr.Shamna Mohammed Ali.,3Dr.Harsha MB.,4Dr.Shivaprasad D.
18 Force generation by orthodontic samarium cobalt and neodymium iron boron magnets at various distances-an Invitro study

Author: 1Eunice John, 2Pradeep Babu Kommi, 3R.S Senkutvan, 4U.B Rajasekaran, 5Arani Nandakumar, 6Aniruddh Yashwant
19 Redefining Integrative Biologic Medicine Through Ayurveda. – An Ancient Way

Author: Dr.J. Bhuvaneswarri,Dr.V. Ramya,Dr.Preethe Padmanabhan
20 Implant Supported Mandibular Overdenture in Pre-existing Complete Denture Wearer- Acceptance, Function and Stability

Author: 1Dr. Navjot Kaur, *2Dr. Fahad Ahmad, 3Dr. SPS Sooch
21 Predeciduous teeth: To extract or not ?

Author: 1Sangram Sankpal , 2Mital V. Kevadia , 3Anil T. Patil, 4Sandhyarani B., 5Ramoli R. Pawar,
22 Comparative Evaluation of Masticatory Performance and Swallowing Threshold of Patients with Mandibular Tooth Supported Overdenture, Implant Supported Overdenture and Natural Dentition- A Clinical Study

Author: 1Dr Nazia Khan,2Dr Deepak Mahla
23 Correlation of Bone Mineral Density and Periodontal Status Of Postmenopausal Women

Author: 1Dr. Rakhewar Purushottam S, 2Dr. Borade Rupali R, 3Dr. Thorat Manojkumar S,4Dr. Chacko Lisa N, 5Dr. Patil Saurabh S, 6Dr. Bhoir Sneha S
24 Effect of Pogostemon Parviflavus Leaves Extracts against Candida Albicans

Author: Manjari Sonam1, Shaista Suhail1*, Fahad M Samadi1
25 Implant Therapy in Aggressive Periodontitis - A Deadly Rehabilitation

Author: 1Dr. Lolakshi Kachroo, 2Dr Deepika Bali,3Dr. Nymphea Pandit
26 A Survey for Evaluating the Awarness, Knowledge and Perception of Various Treatment Modalities for Replacement of Missing Teeth

Author: 1Dr. GVR Himashilpa, 2Dr. Y. Ravishankar, 3Dr. Kalluri Srinivas, 4Dr. M. Harikrishna
27 Efficacy of Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy on Microbiological and Biochemical Variables in Patients with Chronic Renal Disease and Periodontitis.

Author: 1Rekha Rani Koduganti, 2Thirumalesh K.M., 3Rajaram.K.G.
28 Arch Perimeter Calculation Using Ellipse Equation

Author: Neeraj Saini1, Sridhar Kannan2, Nitin Arora3, Ashish Kumar Singh4, Abhita Malhotra5,Sajna Fassul6
29 Comparative evaluation of fluoride releasing hydrophilic pit and fissure sealant with a highly filled nano-hybrid pit and fissure sealant in the prevention of dental caries in children- an in-vitro study.

Author: 1Dr. Mili Dube, 2Dr. Sonal Gupta, 3Dr. Ritu Khanduja
30 Assessment of Oral Cancer Awareness among Dental Students and Patients: A Cross-sectional Survey

Author: 1Dr. Diksha Singh, 2Dr Shaleen Chandra, 3Dr Priyanka Singh*, 4Dr. Manish Kumar Singh, 5Dr. Pradakshana Vijay
31 Role of Nicotine Replacement Therapy in Tobacco Cessation

Author: 1Dr Nazia Qurashi, 2Dr Laxmikanth Chatra, 3Dr Prashanth Shenoy,4Dr Veena K M, 5Dr Rachana Prabhu
32 Apexification with apical plug of MTA-Report of Case

Author: Abdulgani Azzaldeen, Abu-Hussein Muhamad
33 Lipid Profile in Leukoplakia and Oral Cancer

Author: Dr. Usha Chikkaiah1, Dr. Shrinidhi MS2 , Annaji AG3, Dr. Hemavathi KB4, Dr. Jyothi. PA5
34 Outcomes of Transdermal Nicotine Patches Aiding Smoking Cessation among Schizophrenia Patients- A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Author: 1Dr .R.Dharshanram, 2Dr . Parangimalai Diwakar Madankumar,
35 Asthma and Periodontal Disease

Author: 1Dr. Shrinidhi M S, 2Dr. Soumya B G, 3Dr. Gufran Danish Khan, 4Dr. Shivakumar. T P,5Dr. Chethana K C, 6Dr. Usha Chikkaiah
36 Host Modulatory Agents in Periodontics: A Review

Author: Dr.Swetha Gadde1*, Dr.Chakravarthy Mupalla2
37 Comparison of Shear Bond Strength and Adhesive Remnant Index of Brackets Bonded with APC Flash free Adhesive Precoated System and a Conventional Adhesive System – An In-Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Vishwanath Patil, 2Dr. B C Patil, 3Dr. Shilpa Elizabeth Wilson
38 Clinical experience with implant retained overdenture treatment option having ball attachments -A 8 years follow up

Author: 1Dr.Alka Gupta, 2Dr. Deshraj Jain, 3Dr. Deepak Agrawal, 4Dr. Vilas Newaskar, 5Dr. Vishakha Kapoor
39 Nager Acrofacial Dysostosis: A Case Report

Author: Abirami Kumar1, Hemalatha Ramkumar2, Senthil Dhakshinamurthi3
40 Effectiveness of Two Different Modifications of Manual Toothbrush on Plaque Control – A Multiple Baseline Trial among 12-17 Year Old Children with Cerebral Palsy

Author: 1Dr. Lakshmi Krishnan,2Dr. Kiran Iyer, 3Dr.P.D Madan Kumar
41 Comparative evaluation of glycosylated hemoglobin levels in periodontitis patients and healthy individuals – A Cross-Sectional Study.

Author: 1Dr. Muhammed Faiz. C. P., 2Dr. Rachana .V. Prabhu, 3Dr. Laxmikanth Chatra,4Dr. Prashanth Shenoy, 5Dr. Veena K. M.
42 Effect of Surface Conditioning Methods on Microtensile Bond Strength of Resin Cement to Glass Infiltered Ziriconia-Reinforced Ceramic

Author: 1Dr Ashfaq Yaqoob,2Prof (Dr) Ravi Kumar CM
43 Estimation of Salivary and Serum Ceruloplasmin Levels in Subjects with and Without Chronic Periodontitis - A Comparative Biochemical Study

Author: 1Dr Harini K, 2Dr.Nanjammanni .N, 3Dr. Shobha R, 4Dr.Shivaprasad.R.K
44 Role of Gingival Biotype on Implant Esthetics -An Observational Study

Author: 1Dr. Kavyashree P.M, 2Dr. Nagarathna D.V,
45 Comparison of the Success and Longevity of Glass Ionomer Cement In Relation To Amalgam Restorations in Primary Molars – A Retrospective Study

Author: 1Dr Savitha Sathyaprasad, 2Dr Krishnamoorthy S H,3Dr Vinisha Vinod, 4Dr Ramesh R,5Dr Monika G K,6Dr Nikhil Das K R
46 Severe Bone Loss in Pulpal Vitality Upper Incisor: Case Report

Author: 1Evandro Franco da Rocha,2Valea Campanelli Franco da Rocha,3Mateus Campanelli Franco da Rocha
47 Radiographic Profile of Symptomatic Impacted Mandibular Third Molars in the Arab Israeli Population

Author: Abu-Hussein Muhamad, Watted Nezar, Abdulgani Azzaldeen
48 Comparative Evaluation of Shade Matching of Vital Maxillary Central Incisor by Different Observers, Shade Guides and Instrument

Author: Dr. Shreya singh1, Dr. Karunakar Shetty2, Dr. Divya3
49 Radix Entomolaris and Its Anatomical Variations - A Review

Author: 1Dr. Abhijeet Haridas,2Dr. Aparna Palekar,3Dr. Basawaraj Biradar,4Dr. Ankita Dalvi,5Dr. Piyush Gupta
50 Comparing Conventional Syringe with Camouflage Syringe by Evaluating Behavior and Anxiety in 6 -10 Year Old Children While Administering Local Anaesthesia – A Cross Over Trial with Split Mouth Study Design.

Author: 1Dr.Krishnan Padminee, 2Dr.Hemalatha R,
51 Acceptance Of Stainless Steel Crown By 6 To 9 Year Old Children - A Questionnaire Study

Author: 1Dr Savitha Sathyaprasad, 2Dr Nandan S,3Dr Ramesh R, 4Dr Vinisha Vinod,5Dr Nikhil, 6Dr Monika G K,7Dr Geetha R
52 The Influence of Residual Calcium Hydroxide Intracanal Medicaments On The Bond Strength Of A Bioceramic Sealer: In Vitro

Author: Dr. Prabala K V1, Dr. Prasannalatha Nadig2
53 A Comparative Evaluation Of The Effect Of Various Finish Lines On The Marginal Seal And Occlusal Discrepancy Of Cast Full Crowns After Cementation - An Invitro Study.

Author: 1Dr. Shiv Kumar, MDS, Reader*, 2Dr. Virender Kumar, MDS, Assistant Professor, 3Dr. S.P.Dange, MDS, Professor & Head , 4Dr. Iqbal Kaur, BDS, P G Student, 5Dr. Sharique Rehan, MDS, Senior Lecturer
54 Endodontic treatment and Aesthetic management of dental anomalies using direct composite.

Author: Dr. Harsh Vijay Singh, Dr. Namita Kalra, Dr. Rishi Tyagi, Dr. Amit Khatri, Dr. Sunil Kumar, Dr. Deepak Khandelwal
55 Etiology and Treatment of Non-Carious Cervical Lesions

Author: 1Evandro Franco da Rocha, 2Valeria Campanelli Franco da Rocha,3Leonardo Portilha Gomes da Costa,4Nadia da Rocha Svizero
56 Comparison of Antimicrobial Efficacy of Custom-Made Orthodontic Adhesives- A Double Blinded In-Vivo Study

Author: 1Dr. Premchind TK,2Dr. Ankur Agarwal,3Dr Reena R. Kumar, 4Sonal Attri,5Ashish Yadav
57 Root Canal Morphological Variations of Permanent Mandibular Second Molars Among Patients Reporting to Private Clinics in Vellore District, South India” – An In Vitro Cone Beam Computed Tomography Study.

Author: 1Prabhu AR* , 2K. Karpagavinayagam, 3Bindu Meera John, 4Siva Priya. R, 5Geena Mary George
58 Efficacy of Platelet Rich Fibrin as a graft and membrane Vs Hyaluronic acid and Amniotic membrane in the treatment of Grade II mandibular furcation defects: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Author: 1Dr. Lavanya Boyeena, 2Dr.Rekha Rani Koduganti,3Dr. Veerendranath reddy Panthula,4Dr Surya Prasanna Jammula
59 Comparative Evaluation of Three Different Flowable Intra-Orifice Barriers on the Fracture Resistance of Endodontically Treated Roots Obturated With Gutta Percha- An Invitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Sandeep Rudranaik, 2Dr. Sahadev Chickmagaravalli Krishnegowda, 3Dr. Bharath Makonahalli Jaganath,4Dr. Santhosh P Sagar, 5Dr. Paul Pritam. M, 6Dr. Syed Mohammed Tayeeb
60 Full Mouth Rehabilitation of Multiple Decayed: A Clinical Case Report

Author: 1Dr.Mohd Sibghatullah Khatib, 2Dr.Swapna D V, 3Dr.Priyanka Bhat, 4Dr.Roopa R Nadig
61 Evaluation of Knowledge, Attitude and Awareness of patients regarding dental implants in Central India.

Author: Ramnath Pradeep Revankar,Seema Sathe,Anjali Bhoyar Borle,Surekha Godbole, Samidha Pande,Priyanka Khungar
62 Antimicrobial Property of Lemon Grass Oil against Aggregatibacter Actinomycetemcomitans

Author: 1Dr. Ume Sameera,2Dr. Paunami Paul,3Dr Shivaprasad Bilichodmath*,4Dr. Geetha k
63 Ridge Augmentation using Combination technique with Demineralized Freeze Dried Bone Allograft Block and Collagen Membrane with Delayed Implant Placement-A Case Report.

Author: 1Dr. Lashika Vasant Tambe,2Dr. Mala Dixit Baburaj, 3Dr. Nikita Dilip Patil
64 Zygoma Implant for Atrophic Maxilla

Author: Dr. Benita P., Dr. Balamurugan. R
65 Correlation of Condylar Guidance, Labio-Lingual Inclination Of The Upper Central Incisors, Incisal Guidance And Y-Axis Between Different Classifications Of Skeletal Malocclusion In Antero-Posterior Plane: A Clinical And Radiographic Study.

Author: 1Dr. Amrita Sonawane, 2Dr.kiran Deshpande, 3Dr. Parag Gangurde, 4Dr. Girish Karandikar, 5Dr. Alok Shah, 6Dr. Shashank Gaikwad,
66 To evaluate the effects of varying positions and heights of power arms and locations of temporary anchorage devices in sliding mechanics on en-masse retraction of maxillary anterior teeth: A FEM study

Author: 1Dr.Aaditi Ghadge, 2Dr.Alok Shah, 3Dr.Girish Karandikar, 4Dr.Parag Gangurde, 5 Dr. Shashank Gaikwad, 6 Dr. Bhagyashree Jadhav
67 A Comparison of Palatal Bone and Palatal Cortical Plate Thicknesses for Micro-Implant Placement between Adolescents and Adults, In Both the Genders – A CBCT Study

Author: 1Dr. Kamini Singh, 2Dr. Parag Gangurde,3Dr. Girish Karandikar, 4Dr. Alok Shah, 5Dr. Shashank Gaikwad, 6Dr. Pallavi Shinde
68 Gingival Unit Graft: A Promising Technique for the Management of Miller’s Class III Recession

Author: 1Houda El Ghoulbzouri, 2Houda El Ayachi, 3OumKeltoum Ennibi, 4Amine Cherkaoui
69 Waterlase : An Innovative Technology in Periodontics

Author: Dr. Sushma Belkhede, Dr. Maya Mhaske, Dr. Vivek Rathod, Dr. Sanjay Sarode
70 Clinicopathological Study of Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma in a Kashmiri Population

Author: Fayiza Yaqoob Khan1, Mubashir Mushtaq2
71 Comparative evaluation of serum CA 125 in oral submucous fibrosis, oral squamous cell carcinoma and healthy controls: A chemiluminescence immunoassay study

Author: 1Soni Jigar,2Phulari Rashmi G S, 3Shah Arpan K, 4Rathore Rajendrasinh S,
72 Comparative evaluation of the antimicrobial efficacy of five different herbal extracts as root canal irrigants - an ex vivo study

Author: 1Dr. Viddyasagar Mopagar, 2Dr. Deepti Musmade, 3Dr. Saurabh Joshi, 4Dr Neeta Padmawar, 5Dr Asha Nara, 6Dr Amit Padmai
73 A Case Report on Rare Entity: Spindle Cell Carcinoma of Maxillary Alveolus

Author: Dr. Anju Mathew
74 Can a Wisdom tooth replace a decayed molar…?

Author: 1Dr. Dileep.S.K.,2Dr Edulapalli Keerthi,3Dr Gayathri Divya Sugavasi, 4Major (Dr) Lakinepally Abishek
75 Mandibular Canine Index as a Tool for Sex Determinant

Author: 1Dr. Nawal Khan,2Dr. Munaza Shafi
76 Management of Pain Immediately After Placement of First Retraction Arch Wire: Comparison of Bite-Wafers and Sugar Free Chewing Gum Use with Controls

Author: 1Dr. Tarakesh karri, 2Dr. Padma Priya C.V, 3Dr. Suresh Gorantla, 4Dr.Vizia mudada,5Dr. Ramoji rao lenka,
77 Endodontic Management of Maxillary Premolar Using Metapex And 2% Chlorhexidine As Intracanal Medicaments.

Author: 1Dr Edulapalli Keerthi, 2Major (Dr) Lakinepally Abishek, 3Dr. Dileep.S.K., 4Dr Gayathri Divya Sugavasi
78 Periodontal Status of Patients with Cleft Palate (Cl) and Unilateral Cleft Lip, Palate and Alveolus (UCLPA)-A Comparative Study

Author: 1Dr. Munaza Shafi, 2Dr. Nawal Khan
79 Determining The Fate of Developmental White Spot Lesion: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Pradnya V. Bansode, 2Dr. Devika M. Kalaskar
80 Fabrication of Custom Ocular Prosthesis – A Novel Approach

Author: Prof. (Dr.) D.K.Singh, Dr. Umesh Parmar
81 Influence of Dental Chair Backrest Inclination on Registration of Occlusal Contacts in Dentulous Patients - An in-vivo study

Author: 1Dr Divya G. Toshniwal*, 2Dr Veena R. Saraf, 3Dr. Aruna J. Bhandari, 4Dr. Gangadhar S A, 5Dr. Sayali S. Kalantri
82 Comparison of Microleakage under Orthodontic Brackets with Transbond XT and Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Cement.

Author: Dr Sheetal Jankare1, Dr Shweta R Bhat2, Dr Prafull Parchake3
83 Bulk Fill Composite-A Review

Author: 1Dr Dipak Vaghamshi, 2Dr Vineet Agrawal, 3Dr Sonali Kapoor
84 Analysis of Factors Associated With Cracked Tooth – A Review

Author: 1Dr.Riddhi Thakarshibhai Hirani, 2 Dr.Renu Batra, 3 Dr. Sonali Kapoor
85 Extraction – Diabetes Mellitus - Mucormycosis – A Travel Of Journey How To Prevent Legal Issues –A Review of Literature In Current Scenario

Author: 1Indrakumar SP, 2Kavin T, 3Narendar R, 4E.Gayathri Priyadharshini ,5Tamil Thangam P, 6Ineeya A
86 Bone Morphogenetic Proteins: From Origin To Application

Author: 1Dr. Suchetha A, 2Dr. Esha Tanwar, 3Dr. Sapna N, 4Dr. Darshan BM, 5Dr. Apoorva SM , 6Dr. Divya Bhat,
87 Comparative evaluation of efficacy of diode laser and photodynamic therapy as an adjunct to scaling and root planing (SRP) in the treatment of chronic periodontitis - a clinical study

Author: 1Dr. Suchetha A, 2Dr. Shahna N*, 3Dr. Sapna N, 4Dr. Darshan B M,5Dr. Apoorva S M,6Dr. Divya Bhat
88 Comparative Evaluation of Transverse Strength of Conventional Denture Base Resin with Reinforced Denture Base Resin: An In-Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr Lalit Kumar, 2Dr. Ritu Batra, 3Dr Manjit Kumar, 4Dr. Ajay Bansal, 5Dr. Shefali Singh Malik
89 Comparative evaluation of fracture resistance of teeth restored with different types of restorative material- An in vitro study

Author: Dr.Surya Narayan Rai
90 Correction of Anterior Crossbite with Different Approaches: A Series of Three Cases

Author: Dilip Gadhe*, Hrishikesh Karpe, Sneha Sadhwani, Heta Rajawadha, Shraddha Gavade
91 Changes in dental caries indices over a period of last 5 years in Shiraz, Iran

Author: 1Faezeh Ghaderi, 2Raha Habibagahi*, 3Zahra Abdoli Nadik, 4Elmira Niazi, 5Mahboobe Ahamdbeigi
92 Comparison of Efficiency of Ozone and Chlorhexidine Subgingival Irrigation in Orthodontic Patients for Controlling Gingival Inflammation

Author: 1Dr. Anitha Nooney, 2Dr. Venkata Kala Vani Sandra, 3Dr. Chetan. V. Jayade, 4Dr. Madhuri Nadhamuni, 5Dr. Pavan Sai, 6Dr. Lakshmikar Reddy
93 Relation between Tenderness of Temperomandibular Complex and Tension Headache- A Questionnaire Based Study.

Author: Dr. Veena Saraf1, Dr. Sayali Kalantri2, Dr. Umesh Palekar3, Dr. Divya Toshniwal4, Dr. Meenakshi Thakur 5
94 Evaluation of Radix Entomolaris in a Kashmiri Population Using Digital Radiography

Author: Mubashir Mushtaq 1, Fayiza Yaqoob Khan2
95 Evaluation of Three Rooted Maxillary First Premolars in a Kashmiri Population Using Digital Radiography

Author: Mubashir Mushtaq 1, Fayiza Yaqoob Khan2

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