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Volume - 2 - 2019 Issue - 2


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1 Let-7d A Novel Regulator in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Author: Dr. Manjari Sonam1, Dr. Shaista Suhail1, Dr.Fahad M. Samadi1
2 Orthodontic Management of Ectopically Erupting Central Incisor: A Conservative Approach

Author: Dr Shubangi Mani1 ,Dr Komal Thange2 , Dr N.G Toshniwal3, Dr Nilesh Mote4, Dr Jyoti Rajbhar5, Dr Devdatta Wankhade6, Dr Aditya Pawar7
3 Surgical Management of Fractured Miniscrew

Author: Dr Shubangi Mani1 ,Dr Komal Thange2 , Dr N.G Toshniwal3, Dr Nilesh Mote4, Dr Jyoti Rajbhar5, Dr Devdatta Wankhade6, Nilu Singh7
4 Indices to Assess Tooth Mobility-A Review

Author: 1Dr. Shubhangi Mani,2Dr. Amit Mani, 3Dr.Shivani. Sachdeva, 4Dr.Shalakha Maniyar,5Dr. Anuraga.S, 6Dr. Preeti Kale
5 Bilateral Long Span Fixed Distal Shoe Space Maintainer: A Case Report

Author: Dr. Amitava Bora*, Dr. Rajib Saha**, Dr. Piyali Datta**, Dr Prof .Goutam Kundu***
6 Management of Hemiseptal Defect In Maxillary Anterior Tooth – A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Amit Mani, 2Dr. Shubhangi Mani ,3Dr. Raju Anarthe ,Dr. Gowri Pendyala,5Dr.Shalakha Maniyar,6Dr. Preeti Kale
7 Effect on Working Time of Heat Cure Poly (Methyl Methacrylate) Denture Base Resins at Different Refrigeration Storage Temperatures And Time Intervals - An Invitro Study.

Author: 1Ramakrishna Madathanapalle *,2Pydi Madhuri Priya, 3Nirmala Pasam, 4Komuravelli Anil Kumar, 5Pradeep Kumar Madathanapalle, 5Shadakshari Shivamurthy
8 Complications of Dental Implants Associated With Augmentation Procedure and Its Management: A Review

Author: 1Dr. Amit Mani, 2Shubhangi Mani,3Dr. Raju Anarthe, 4Dr. Shivani Sachdeva,5Dr. Preeti Prakash Kale, 6Dr. Meenakshi Singh Thakur,7Dr. Shalakha maniyar, 8Dr.Sekharmantri Anuraga,9Dr. Asawari Lawande
9 Management of an Immature Child with Severe Early Childhood Caries.

Author: Dr. Nahid Iftikhar1, Dr. Binita Srivastava2, Dr. Nidhi Gupta3 , Dr. Natasha Gambhir4, Dr. Rashi Singh5
10 Drugs and Orthodontics: A Review

Author: 1Dr. Shubhangi Mani, 2Dr. Amit Mani, 3Dr. N. G. Toshniwal, 4Dr. Nilesh Mote, 5Dr. Devdatta Wankhade
11 Biomechanical Stress Analysis of Mandibular First Permanent Molar Restored with Different Restorative Materials : A 3-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis.

Author: Dr. Nahid Iftikhar1, Dr. Devashish 2 ,Dr. Binita Srivastava3, Dr. Nidhi Gupta4 , Dr. Rashi Singh5
12 Corticotomy and Orthodontics: A Review

Author: 1Dr. Shubhangi Mani, 2Dr. Nilesh Mote, 3Dr. Amit Mani, 4Dr. N. G. Toshniwal,5Dr. Devdatta Wankhade
13 Inflammatory Gingival Enlargement And Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) A Case Series

Author: Dr.V.Ramya,Dr.J.Bhuvaneswarri, Dr.Preethi Paddmanabhan, Dr.Vidhya Rekha,Dr Sajid Hussain
14 Endodontic Surgical Procedure Performed Using A Novel Ozonated Disinfection Protocol And Autologous Platelet Concentrate As Graft- Case Report.

Author: Dr. Shyambhavi Srivastava, Dr.Pooja Kabra,Dr. Ekta Choudhary
15 Assessment of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of Nyctanthes arbor tristis - an in-vitro study

Author: 1Dr. Shahna N*, 2Dr. Suchetha A,3Dr. Darshan B M, 4Dr. Sapna N, 5Dr. Apoorva S M, 6Dr. Divya Bhat
16 Third molars in orthodontics and its controversies.

Author: Dr. A. Arif Yezdani, Dr. Krithika Ashokan
17 Apexification – Apex Fixed Then And Now: Review of Case

Author: 1Dr, Panna Mangat, 2Dr. Anil K. Tomer, 3Dr Akankshita Behera, 4Dr Nitish Mittal, 5Dr. Ashvin G. John, 6Dr. Ayush Tyagi
18 Ranula: Two Interesting Case Reports

Author: 1Dr. M. Chandrasekhar , 2Dr. Marisetty Charitha, 3Dr. Ayesha Thabassum, 4Dr. G. Chandrasekhar , 5Dr. Shaziya Firdouz
19 To Evaluate the Effectiveness of Omeprazole Associated With Calcium Hydroxide and Erythromycin as an Intra Canal Medicament - An Invivo Study on Rats

Author: 1Major(Dr) Lakinepally Abishek , 2Dr Padma Gandi ,3Dr. Dileep.S.K, 4Dr Kishore D, 5Dr Edulapalli Keerthi , 6 Dr Gayathri Divya Sugavasi
20 Effect of Phase I periodontal therapy on Interleukin-33 levels in periodontal disease

Author: 1Dr. Sujatha Pai B., 2 Prof. Dr. A.R. Pradeep
21 Mpacted Anterior Teeth Localisation: Cognition over Radiation

Author: 1Dr. Nimisha Divakar,2Dr. Sudhi Krishnan, 3Dr. Binu Purushothaman, 4Dr. Auswaf Ahsan
22 Socket Shield Technique: Boon to Implant Dentistry –A Review

Author: 1Dr. Rahul Sharma, 2Dr. Karunakar Shetty,3Dr Salem Elharazeen, 4Zaher Tawfik Elshoubki,5Abdulrahman Ahmed Almuntashiri
23 An Innovative Hybrid Technique for Fabrication of Custom Made Ocular Prosthesis: A Case Report

Author: Dr Saee Deshpande, Hienna Plahalle
24 Effectiveness of Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft (SCTG) With Coronally Advanced Flap (CAF) For Papilla Reconstruction.

Author: Dr. Sneha S. Puri
25 Esthetic Rehabilitation Of Decayed Primary Incisors Using Figaro Crowns And Strip Crowns

Author: 1Dr.Subhamay Chakraborty, 2Dr Abhishek Das, 3Dr Payel Agarwala, 4Dr.Shabnam Zahir, 5Dr.Pratik Kumar Lahiri, 6Dr.Prof.Gautam Kumar Kundu
26 Repair of Furcal Perforation with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate

Author: Dr.Surya Narayan Rai
27 hronic Oral Ulcer- Marker of Unvoiced Tuberculosis

Author: Dr. Shweta Dwivedy, Sudarshan Pandit
28 Evaluation of Leptin Levels in Gingival Crevicular Fluid during Orthodontic Tooth Movement

Author: Dr. Sheetal Yamyar1, Dr. Amit Gupta2, Dr. Seema Pendharkar3, Dr. Nidhi Gupta4
29 Infected Supernumerary or Supplemental Tooth

Author: Dr. Binita Srivastava, Dr. Nidhi Gupta, Dr. Natasha Gambhir, Dr. Rashi Singh,Dr. Shalini Dixit
30 Lipoma of the Buccal Vestibule- Report of a Case

Author: Dr. Swapan Kumar Majumdar1, Dr. Subhasish Burman2, Dr. Debabrata Mandal3, Dr. Divya Chadda4, Dr. Siddhartha Mishra5, Dr. Malay Kanti Bachhar6
31 Amelogenesis Imperfecta- Hypoplastic Variant

Author: 1Dr. Abhishek Verma, 2Dr.Nitin Kumar Moral, 3Dr. Nidhi Moral, 4Dr. Sabourni Sarkar, 5Dr. Anmol Bagaria
32 The Advent of Agriculture and the Corresponding Effect on the Human Masticatory Complex

Author: Dr. Olavo Neil1, Dr. N. G. Toshniwal2, Dr. Vishal Dhanjani3, Dr. Sumeet Mishra4, Dr. Vinay H. Vadvadgi5, Dr. Saloni Nerkar6
33 Replantation of Primary Avulsed Teeth: A Myth or a Boon ?

Author: Dr. Anil Patil, Dr. Rutuja Bhalerao, Dr.Sandhyarani B.
34 Evaluation and Comparision of Biomechanical Properties of Different Loops for En Masse Retraction of Anterior Teeth Using Finite Element Analysis: An In-Vitro Study.

Author: 1Dr. Pooja Gunjal, 2Dr. Ketan Vakil, 3Dr. Kunal Patil, 4Dr. Jeegar Vakil,5Dr.Snehal Pathak, 6Dr. Nimish Wajekar
35 Efficacy of Herbal Mouthwash In Comparison With Chlorhexidine in Chronic Generalised Periodontitis Patients

Author: Dr.S.Agila, Dr.S.P.K.Kennedy Babu
36 Full Title: Replacement Resorption –Proxy of Root By Bone A Case Report

Author: Dr. T.Sri Vandana , Dr.Madhumitha ramakrishnan*,Dr.K.Shanthi**
37 Assessment of Antibacterial, Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Effects of Cinnamommum Zeylanicum (Cinnamon) – An In-Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Esha Tanwar, 2Dr. Suchetha A,3Dr. Apoorva S M, 4Dr. Sapna N, 5Dr. Darshan B M,6Dr. Divya Bhat
38 Ridge Split With Piezotome in Deficient Edentulous Region of Maxilla and Mandible and Immediate Placement of Implant

Author: 1Dr.B.Pavan Kumar,2Dr. Rachakonda Swamy , 3Dr.V.Venkatesh, 4Dr. Vuyyuru Vidya Devi
39 A Comparative Study on the Anti-Microbial Efficacy of Two Ayurveda Powders (Prathisarana) Used In Periodontal Disease

Author: K.P.P. Peiris1, G.V.P. Samaranayake2, D.M.K.K. Wijebandara2
40 Effects of Punica Granatum Peel on Oral Bacterial Species- An In-Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Latha G., 2Dr. Suchetha A, 3Dr. Divya Bhat, 4Dr. Sapna N, 5Dr. Darshan B M, 6Dr. Apoorva S M
41 Comparative evaluation of 0.2% hyaluronic acid gel (Gengigel®) and photodynamic therapy in the Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis: A Clinical Study

Author: 1Dr. Suchetha A, 2Dr. Esha Tanwar, 3Dr. Sapna N, 4Dr. Darshan B M,5Dr. Apoorva S M, 6Dr. Divya Bhat
42 Application of Platelet Rich Fibrin in Surgical Management of Periapical Lesions: Case Report

Author: Dr. Nahid Iftikhar1, Dr. Binita Srivastava2, Dr. Nidhi Gupta3 , Dr. Natasha Gambhir4, Dr. Rashi Singh5
43 Comparative Evaluation of the Dimensional Accuracy of Multiple Implant Impressions Using 3 Different Impression Materials Analyzed Immediately, After 24 Hours & After 2 Pours – An In-Vitro Study

Author: Dr Karunakar Shetty,Dr. Ajimol Theresa Jose
44 Correlation Of Viral And Bacterial Concentrations In Plaque And Glycemic Status In Patients With Chronic Periodontitis With And Without Type 2 Diabetes Following Phase 1 Therapy - A Clinical, Microbiological And Biochemical Assessment

Author: Dr Shreya Shetty*, Dr Karunakar Shetty, Dr Aruna Vanka
45 Combination Therapy for Management of Mucocele in Children – A Case Series

Author: 1E. RajendraReddy, 2M.Kiranmayi, 3S.Thabitha Rani, 4Srikanth Raju,5Srujana M P,6Anil kumar
46 Nonsyndromic Hereditary Gingival Fibromatosis: A Case Report

Author: Dr. Shivaprasad Bilichodmath*, Dr. Anju Cecil,Dr. Geetha K
47 Comparison of En-Masse Retraction in Sliding Mechanics with Different Bracket Slot Using Mini-Implants at Different Vertical Levels- A 3d Fem Study

Author: Dr. Mansi Kadivar, Dr. Hina Desai, Dr. Sarvesh Agrawal,Dr. Pooja Yadav
48 Peripheral Desmoplastic Ameloblastoma: Case Report And Review of Literature.

Author: 1Dr. Kartik Poonja, 2 Dr. Janaki Iyer, 3 Dr. Niharika Swain, 4 Dr. Shilpa Patel
49 Lower Third Molar Impactions - Efficacy of Piezosurgery In Comparison With Conventional Rotatory Technique.

Author: 1Dr Belgal Priyanka Govind, 2Dr Deepak. S, 3Dr. Sunil Vasudev
50 Prevalence and Impact of Dental Pain on Oral Health Related Quality Of Life among 8-12 Year Old School Children in Bangalore City

Author: 1Dr Arun Paul, 2Dr Gaurav Gupta,3Gulam Anwar Naviwala,4Deepa Prakash, 5Prijitha Alex
51 Dentinogenic Ghost Cell Tumor - A Rare Neoplastic Form of Calcifying Odontogenic Cyst

Author: 1Dr Suchetha A,2Dr.Surya Suprabhan, 3Dr Divya Bhat, 4Dr K Balavikhram
52 Transmylohyoid Intubation in the Management of Maxillofacial Fractures: A case report

Author: 1Yogesh Mishra, 2Madan Mishra, 3Shubhamoy Mondal, 4Abhinav Srivastava
53 Electromyography of the Masticatory Muscles – A Quick Glance

Author: Dr. Olavo Neil1, Dr. N. G. Toshniwal2, Dr. Amit Mani3, Dr. Sumeet Mishra4, Dr. Varsha Garudkar5, Dr. Shalmalee Kurvey6
54 Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics: Brief Review

Author: 1Dr. Amit Mani,2Dr. Sekharamantri Anuraga, 3Dr. Shivani Sachdeva , 4Dr. Shubhangi Mani, 5Dr. Chaitanya Buddhikot
55 Evolutionary Changes In The Jaws And Teeth Of Homo Sapiens – In A Nutshell

Author: Dr. Olavo Neil1, Dr. N. G. Toshniwal2, Dr. Sumeet Mishra3, Dr. Bhairavi Kashalkar4
56 Endodontic Retreatment of Mandibular First Premolar – An Enigma to Endodontist

Author: 1Dr. Dileep.S.K,2Major(Dr) Lakinepally Abishek,3DrEdulapalli Keerthi, 4DrGayathri Divya Sugavasi
57 A Journey through the World of Glass Ionomer Cements in Orthodontics

Author: Dr. Olavo Neil1, Dr. N. G. Toshniwal2, Dr. Shubhangi Mani3, Dr. Sumeet Mishra4, Dr. Ashwini Nalkar5, Dr. Shalmali Jadhav6
58 Gorlin – Goltz Syndrome – A Case Report

Author: 1Dr.Srinivas Gadipelly, 2Dr.G.Harsha, 3Dr.Harika Vemula,4Dr.Zainuddin Elyas Khany
59 Anti-Apoptotic Gene: Survivin

Author: 1Dr. Ali Abedi, 2Dr. Pavan G Kulkarni, 3S R K Nandan 4Dr. Shyam Prasad Reddy 5Dr. P Raja Babu 6Dr. Suryakanth Malgikar
60 Influence of Kinematics on Apical Debris Extrusion

Author: Dr Sitalakshmi P T, Dr Sujatha I,Dr Jayalakshmi K B,Dr Varun Viswanath V
61 Periodontic- Endodontic Lesions - A Review

Author: Dr.V.Deepak1, Dr. J Juliet Josephin2, Dr. P. Raja Babu3, Dr. Jagadish Reddy Gooty2, Dr. Suryakanth Malgikar2,Dr. Abhinav Gupta4, Dr.V.Ravikiran Reddy4
62 Foreign Body in a Fractured Tooth: Successful Retrieval and Management by Intentional Reimplantation

Author: 1Dr. Surendrakumar Kaluram Bahetwar, 2 Dr Tulsi Gajendra Lodhi, 3Dr Arti Rameshwar Dolas 4Dr Dipanshu Kumar,5Dr Kalpak Peter
63 Comparative Evaluation of Bite Forces in Patients with Mandibular Fractures Treated With Microplates and Miniplates

Author: 1Dr.B.Pavan Kumar, 2Dr.M.Manoj Srikanth, 3Dr.V.Venkatesh,4Dr. Vuyyuru Vidya Devi
64 Endodontic Disinfection Using Photodynamic Therapy with Indocyanine Green dye (ICG)

Author: 1Dr. Dileep.S.K,2 Major(Dr) Lakinepally Abishek, 3Dr. Kishore. D,4Dr. A. Aravindkumar, 5Dr.Gayathri Divya Sugavasi, 6Dr.EdulapalliKeerthi
65 Teenage Patients And Their Parent’s Expectations- A Questionnaire Based Study

Author: Dr Divya Puranik,Dr Shweta R. Bhat
66 Role of Prosthodontist in Mullerian Agenesis: A Case Report

Author: 1 Dr Tulsi Gajendra Lodhi,2Dr Surendrakumar Bhagwatrao Patil, 3Dr Surendrakumar Kaluram Bahetwar, 4Dr Aparna Balkrishna Sharma, 5Dr Ashish Mahadeorao Warhekar
67 Comparative Evaluation of Stress Distribution on an endodontically treated deciduous maxillary central incisor restored with different post materials under various traumatic loading conditions: 3-D Finite Element Analysis

Author: Dr. Binita Srivastava,Dr. Malvika Panchal Sharma,Dr. Nidhi Gupta,Dr. Rashi Singh,Dr. Natasha Gambhir
68 An Esthetic and Functional Fixed Posterior Space Maintainer-A Case Report

Author: Dr. Malvika Panchal Sharma, Dr. Binita Srivastava, Dr. Nidhi Gupta, Dr. Natasha Gambhir, Dr. Rashi Singh
69 Properties of a Tricalcium Silicate Based Sealer

Author: 1Dr. Shazeena Qaiser*, 2Prof. Dr. Darshana Devadiga ,3Prof. Dr. Mithra N. Hegde
70 Arginase: An Emerging Key Player in Periodontal Disease and Diabetes Mellitus

Author: Dr. Nagaraj B. Kalburgi1, Dr. Arati C. Koregal2, Dr. Nandini S. Shirigeri3
71 Lasers: A Minimal Invasive Approach in Maxillofacial Surgery

Author: Dr. Seema S Pendharkar
72 3-D Titanium Miniplate In The Treatment Of Parasymphysis Fracture.

Author: Dr. Seema S Pendharkar
73 Bilateral Maxillary Dentigerous Cyst

Author: Dr Oliyath Ali1, Dr Ishrit Yasin2 , Dr Shabir Hussain2, Dr Haji Mohd Ali3
74 The Effect of Vertical Skeletal Pattern in the Buccal Corridor Area Show during Posed Smile

Author: Deepanshu Jhunthra1, Kamal Bajaj2, Vikas Jharwal3, Deepak Meena4
75 Evaluation between Soft Tissue Chin Thickness and Mandibular Divergence Pattern

Author: Dr. Kiran Gode, Dr. Ketan Vakil, Dr. Jeegar Vakil,Dr. Snehal Pathak*, Dr. Rajlaxmi Rai, Dr. Nimish Wajekar
76 A Review of Technique of Lesion Sterilization and Tissue Repair in Primary Teeth

Author: Dr Geetanjali Jadhav1,Dr Lalit Patil2,Dr Smita Patil3
77 Gender divergence in dimensions of tongue: A morphometric study

Author: 1Prachi Anand, 2M.S.Raju, 3Sunira Chandra, 4Dewanshu Kumar
78 Estimation of Homocysteine Levels in Overweight Patients With and Without Chronic Periodontitis

Author: 1Dr. Saba Lambe *,2Dr. Sangeeta Muglikar,3Dr. Salika Sheikh, 4Dr. Fouzia Shaikh, 5Dr. Makarand Lokhande
79 Clinical pearl for Orthodontic management of instanding Lateral Incisors

Author: Dr. Jyoti.Rajbhar*,Dr. Nilesh Mote, Dr. N.G.Toshniwal, Dr.Komal Thange,Dr.Nilu.Singh, Dr.Devdatta Wankhade
80 Periodontal management of gingival enlargement with Laser Therapy in Sturge-Weber Syndrome – A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Juliet Josephin J, 2Dr. P Raja Babu, 1Dr. G Vikram Reddy, 3Dr. Vidya Sagar S, 1Dr. Suryakanth Malgikar
81 Negligence In Dental Clinic – Formalin Injected Accidentally Into The Buccal Vestibule - A Case Report.

Author: Juveria Arshi1, Sharanabasappa2, Sharanprakash Shetgar3
82 Maxillary Arch Width And Buccal Corridor Width And Area Changes In Class I Extraction Cases.

Author: Dr. Komal Thange, Dr. Shubangi Mani, Dr. N.G Toshniwal, Dr. Nilesh Mote, Dr. Jyoti Rajbhar, Dr. Devdatta Wankhade, Dr. Nikita Darda
83 Regeneration of Intrabony Defects Using Autogenous Dentin Graft - A Case Report

Author: 1Dr.Radhika Tamloorker, 2Dr. Jagadish Reddy Gooty, 3 Dr Juliet Josephin, 4Dr. P.Raja Babu
84 Biopsy of an Innocent Swelling Resulting in a Rare and Unusual Clinical Diagnosis

Author: 1Dr. Ravikiran Reddy Vundela, 2Dr. Samatha. T, 3Dr. Raja Babu Palaparthi, 4Dr. Jagadish Reddy Gooty, 5Dr. Atchuta Abhinav, 6Dr. Vidya Sagar Sisinty
85 Bone Screws in Orthodontics: A Review

Author: 1Dr. Devdatta Wankhade, 2Dr. Shubhangi Mani, 3Dr. N. G. Toshniwal, 4Dr. Nilesh Mote,5Dr. Neil Olavo, 5Dr. Komal Thange, 5Dr. Jyoti Rajbhar, 5Dr. Angaj Malankar, 5Dr. Pooja Katkade
86 Lycopene and Intralesional Steroid Injections in the Management of Oral Submucous Fibrosis- A Comparative Study

Author: Dr Anusuya G Savalagi,Dr Prashant Patil
87 Maxillary Osteomyelitis: A Rare Case Report

Author: 1Dr.Apoorva Gupta, 2Dr.Akshat Sharma, 3Dr.Ankika Arora, 4Dr.Yogesh Gargr
88 Temperomandibular Joint & its disorders with Recent Advances in its Management – A Review

Author: 1Pooja Yadav, 2Hina Desai, 3Kalpesh Patel, 4Shreya Iyengar
89 Immunohistochemical expression of EP-CAM in different histopathological grades of oral squamous cell carcinoma

Author: Sharanabasappa¹, Juveria Arshi2, Huma Agarwal3
90 White Spot Lesions during alignment and leveling in Orthodontic Patients - An Observational Study.

Author: Dr Divya Puranik,Dr Shweta R. Bhat
91 Analysis and Correlation of the Salivary Levels of Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF) In Smokers and Non – Smokers with Periodontitis

Author: Dr.Vickhram.R1, S.Venkatesh2, G. Dharani3, Dr.Swetha Gadde4, R. Kirubagaran5, Dr.Sajid.T.Hussain6
92 Management of Rare Case of Mandibular Canine with Two Roots and Two Root Canals

Author: Major (Dr) Lakinepally Abishek, Dr Edulapalli Keerthi, Dr. Dileep.S.K.,Dr Gayathri Divya Sugavasi
93 Expression of Human Papilloma Virus in Oral Sub mucous Fibrosis Patients- A PCR Based Assay Study

Author: 1Juveria Arshi,2Huma Agarwal, 3Sharanabasappa, 4Deepa Hugar
94 Prosthodontic Rehabilitaion Of Severely Worn Dentition Of A Patient With Bruxism:A Case Report

Author: Dr. Ruchi Shreshtha, Dr.Manu Verma, Dr. Sarandha D.L, Dr.Syed Javad Saleem
95 A Journey through the World of Fixed Functional Appliances

Author: Dr. Olavo Neil1, Dr. N. G. Toshniwal2, Dr. Sumeet Mishra3, Dr. Somit Das4, Dr. Pooja Firake5

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