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Volume - 5 - 2022 Issue - 1- January


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1 Sanfilippo syndrome type III B – medical clinical and dental implications: Case report

Author: 1Dr. Jyoti sumi Issac, 2Dr. Reem Babiker Eltayeb
2 Effect of child abuse on dental treatment needs

Author: 1Dr. Ifzah Usman
3 Knowledge and perception of parents towards dental treatment of their children during covid-19 pandemic-A questionnaire-based study

Author: 1Dr. Shraddha Saikia, 2Dr. Shivani Mathur, 3Dr. Vinod Sachdev, 4Dr. Swagata Laxmi Barua
4 Radix Entomolaris – A Case Series

Author: 1Sushil Pandey, 2Bonny Paul,3Mantri Shivkumar,4Kavita Dube,1Akruti Jain
5 Endodontic Management of a Mandibular First Molar with Five Root Canals: A Case Report

Author: 1Ashutosh Kumar,2Kavita Dube, 3Shiv Kumar Mantri, 2Bonny Paul
6 Oral health status and treatment needs in Haemophilic children in Srinagar, India

Author: 1Dr Ifzah, 2Dr Nazia Lone
7 Comparative Evaluation of Retention of Implant Supported Restorations Using Zinc Phosphate Cement with Two Different Cementing Techniques Before and After Thermocycling- An In-Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Manaswita Yadav, 2Dr. Rajashri Jadhav, 3Dr. Manhit Singh Lehl, 4Dr. Surya Udai Singh
8 Comparative Evaluation of Dental anxiety levels among Children and their Parents before and after Dental Treatment-A Cross-sectional Study

Author: 1Dr. Reshma Joseph, 2Dr. Jyoti Sumi Issac, 3Dr. Parvathy Girija, 4Dr. Arjun DS
9 Bioceramic sealers – A Review

Author: 1Akruti Jain,2Bonny Paul,3Mantri Shivkumar, 2Kavita Dube,1Sushil Pandey
10 Surgical management of mucous extravasation cyst in lower lip: A case series

Author: 1Dr.R. Kadhiresan, 2Dr.U. Arunmozhi, 3Dr. R.A. Jenifer Cynthia, 4Dr. M. Indumathi, 5Dr.R. Reshma
11 Treatment of Class 2 div 2 subdivision with severe anterior crowding by Damon Q Self Ligating Bracket System

Author: 1Janu S Nair, 2Amal S Nair, 3P Anil Kumar
12 Role of ultrasonography as a diagnostic tool in inflammatory swellings of odontogenic origin in orofacial region

Author: 1Dr. Vasundhara Singh, 2Dr. M. K. Sunil, 3Dr. Upender Malik, 4Dr. Arpan Manna, 5Dr. Surangama Lehri, 6Dr. Tanha Khan
13 Single visit or multiple visits in a primary tooth: choice the dentists of Kashmir make

Author: 1Dr. Sana Farooq, 2Dr. Nazia Lone, 3Dr Mohsin Sidiq
14 Let Us Mend the Bend Before Birth- An overview of prenatal repair in Spina bifida

Author: 1Dr. Chrishantha Joybell
15 Geriatric oral health - An emerging recent challenge

Author: 1J. Bhuvaneswarri
16 An unusual type of bad split pattern in bilateral sagittal split osteotomy: A case report

Author: 1M. R. Haranadha Reddy, 2D. Chandana Sowjanya, 3M. Bhargavi, 4G. Sai Sarath
17 Suction tip: A tip for hollow denture -A case report

Author: 1Dr.S. Padmaja, 2Dr. Nischitha A.B.
18 Effect of implant drill wear on heat generation at the marginal bone during implant site preparation using an infrared camera: An in vitro study

Author: 1Ehsan Gravand, 2Mohamad Noori
19 Use of Panoramic Mandibular Index (PMI) and Mandibular Cortical Width (MCW) or Mental Index (MI) to evaluate the Bone Mineral Density (BMD) and to determine the Sexual Dimorphism – A Panoramic Radiographic Study

Author: 1Dr. Arpan Manna, 2Dr. M.K. Sunil, 3Dr. Roopika Handa, 4Dr. Tanha Khan, 5Dr. Aiman Mahfooz
20 Awareness of lasers in dentistry among general population of kalaburagi district– A survey

Author: 1Priya Toshniwal, 2Jayashree A Mudda, 3SR Desai, 4Veena A Patil, 5Bhagyashree Patil, 6Rahees
21 Maternal attitude towards use of hand over mouth technique and papoose board in pediatric patients: A questionnaire study

Author: 1Dr. Savitha Sathyaprasad, 2Dr. Prapti J Raval, 3Dr. Leema Cherian, 4Dr. Amogha K B, 5Dr. Anjali N
22 A study of External Apical Root Resorption and vitality in patients treated with fixed orthodontic therapy

Author: 1Maj S Gopi Pavan Sudhir, 2Col Sonali Sharma, 3Maj Sumit Sharma, 4Maj Saurabh Sharma, 5Maj Anubhav Chakrabarthy
23 Proanthocyanidines a boon in treatment of periodontitis and diabetes - A two-way relation

Author: 1Dr. Arjun MR, 2Dr Anil Melath, 3Dr. Gireesh Kumar KM
24 Provisional crown and bridge and its colour unreliability: An investigative approach on the consequences of intraoral thermal changes using reflection spectrophotometry and FTIR

Author: 1Dr. Joyce Thomas, 2Dr. Alex Mathew Muruppel, 3Dr. Sudeep Saratchandran, 4Dr. Dinesh Narendren, 5Dr. Noxy George Manjuran, 6Dr. Milen Mariam Rajeev
25 Influence of silver diamine fluoride, potassium iodide and glutathione treatment on the shear bond strength of glass ionomer cements to artificial caries affected dentine: An in vitro study

Author: 1Dr. Sunanda Gaddalay, 2Dr. Anita Kale, 3Dr. Nayan Chavan, 4Dr. Anuja Dhumal, 5Dr. Ajit Shinde, 6Dr. Amol Badgire
26 Indian approach to teaching dentistry is wrong, should the system change - A survey

Author: 1Dr. Arjun MR, 2Dr Anil Melath, 3Dr. Gireesh Kumar KM
27 Covid-19, mouthwashes and dental indices - A fascinating periodontal triad

Author: 1Zubair Ahmad Janbaz, 2Suhail Majid Jan, 3Roobal Behal
28 Influence of lateral cephalometric radiography on treatment planning and preferences in various malocclusions

Author: 1Lucky Yadav, 2Renuka Bamal, 3Akanksha Jaswal, 4Ashish Kumar, 5Pankaj Kumar Pareek, 6Monika Khairwa
29 Conservative technique for management of gingival recession: A case report

Author: 1M.S. Rangareddy, 2Raji Viola Solomon, 3Basa Srinivas Karteek, 4Chavva Lakshmi Charan Reddy, 5Kasturi Sri Ram
30 Survey on the perception of forensic odontology-Its knowledge, awareness and practice among dental practitioners in India

Author: 1Mahjuba Zehra
31 Evaluation of secretor status by the presence of ABO (H) blood type antigens from saliva in patients with oral potentially malignant disorders and oral cancer

Author: 1Dr.V Sairam, 2Dr. Geethamalika M.V., 3Dr. Shilpa Syam
32 Role of Oral Physician in Early Diagnosis of Papillon Lefevre Syndrome – A rare case report

Author: 1Dr. Hemcle Shalma G, 2Dr. Akshita A, 3Dr. Sidra Bano, 4Dr. A. Arun Prasath
33 Comparative evaluation of efficacy of different irrigation systems and effect of different final irrigation regimens in the penetration of root canal irrigant using radiopaque dye - An in vivo study

Author: 1Saloni Gupta, 2Munish Singla, 3Harleen Kaur, 4Dr. Litik Mittal, 5Dr. Monika Garg, 6Dr. Reetu Arora
34 Prosthetic rehabilitation of hemimaxillectomy with attachment retained obturator – A case report

Author: 1Dr. Meenakshi Akshaya Lingam, 2Dr. Periyasamy, 3Dr. Ishwarya Balasubramanian
35 Retrospective study assessing the prevalence of second mesiobuccal root in permanent maxillary first molar among population of Hafar al Batin using the only CBCT in speciality Dental Centre

Author: 1Dr Sadun Mohammad Al Ageel Albeaji,2Dr Faleh Hamed Alshammari, 3Dr. Shikha Arya, 4Dr Noha Basil Alkhadra, 5Dr Zahra Abdulmohsen Alwesaibi, 6Dr Khalid Ali AlFadhli, 7Dr Rakan Mohammed AlHarbi
36 Implant-supported orbital prosthesis -A through and through review

Author: 1Dr. Meenakshi Akshaya Lingam, 2Dr. Shruti Agarwal, 3Dr. Ishwarya Balasubramanian
37 Comparative evaluation of Hydroxyapatite with and without platelet rich fibrin as a bone graft material in mandibular third molar extraction socket

Author: 1Dr. Deepak Pai, 2Dr. Kora Ramya Reddy, 3Dr. Prathiba S
38 A comparative evaluation of Platelet Rich Fibrin and Platelet Rich Fibrin combined with Demineralized Freeze-Dried Bone Allograft (DFDBA) in the treatment of Intrabony Defects in Chronic Periodontitis patients: A Clinico-Radiographic Study

Author: 1Dr. Anju Vishwanath, 2Dr. Aena Jain Pundir, 3Dr. Siddharth Pundir, 4Dr. Nikita Agrawal
39 Ethical Conundrum in Applications of Artificial intelligence in Dentistry

Author: 1Dr. Anshu Vij, 2Dr. Richa Sharma, 3Kunvar Shivang Goyal, 4Dr. Upma Narang
40 The dental health status of individuals with various mental disorders in Iran - A literature review

Author: 1Hamid Badrian, 2Sajad Ghorbanizadeh, 3Kamran Azadbakht, 4Saman Nasiri, 5Reza Youzbashi
41 Comparison of the color stability of different monolithic dental ceramics and dental composites- A narrative review

Author: 1Kamran Azadbakht, 2Hamid Badrian
42 Inter-disciplinary approach for treatment of impacted central incisor with palatally impacted multiple supernumerary teeth: A case report

Author: 1Dr. Jeenal. K. Gupta, 2Dr. Vijayendra. K. Jain, 2Dr. Kunal. K. Gupta
43 Implant supported overdenture with cross arch teeth arrangement in rehabilitation of severely atrophied mandibular ridge- A case report

Author: 1Lakkappa Ganiger, 2Anantha Narayanan Sundararajan, 3Sanjayagouda B Patil, 4Shivmurthy Shadakshari, 5Renuka Prasanna
44 Botulinum Oxide And Its Use In Orthodontics

Author: 1Dr. C. Nirupama
45 Immunity promoting measures during Covid-19 pandemic: An interventional study

Author: 1Dr. Mishan Manohar Jaiswal, 2Dr. Sarita Singh, 3Dr. Neha Kumari
46 Modalities for Oral Hygiene Maintenance in Fixed Partial Denture Wearers

Author: 1Dr. Uzma Irshad
47 Dysontogenetic cyst – report of an intraoral choriostoma with dermal adnexa.

Author: 1Dr. Shruti Srinivasan, 2Dr. Leeky Mohanty, 3Dr. Seema M, 4Dr. Saleha Jamadar, 5Dr. Komali Y
48 Age Estimation by Cone Beam Computed Tomographic Analysis of Articular Eminence Inclination of Temporomandibular Joint in Indian Subpopulation - A Morphometric Study.

Author: 1Dr. Nikhila B. Shroff, 2Dr. Ashita Kalaskar, 3Dr. Lata Balu Gangurde, 4Dr. Sangeeta Ambhore
49 Various Modalities in Tooth Whitening Procedure

Author: 1Dr. Sushmita Bhaskar, 2Dr. Sadhana Alok Raina
50 Omicron: The Next Fatal Being

Author: 1Dr. Shivam Agarwal, 2Dr. Gauri Bargoti, 3Dr. Akriti Dheer, 4Dr. Abhishek Jain, 5Dr. Mohd Shamsher, 6Dr. Balram Garg
51 Apexification: A Comprehensive Review

Author: 1Dr. Abhilasha Agarwal, 2Dr. Jay Somkuwar, 3Dr. Dipika Yadav, 4Dr. Jyoti Solanki, 5Dr. Shruti Khanna, 6Dr Sadhika Sadhar
52 Stem Cells in Dentistry: A Review

Author: 1Dr. Apexa Yadav, 2Dr. N Surya Vamshi, 3Dr. Furkan Ahmed Khan, 4Dr Harshita Lath, 5Dr. Paiker Jafri, 6Dr. Eknoor Kaur
53 Comparative evaluation of UV sterilization using corona oven disinfection on the dimensional accuracy of elastomeric impression materials - An in vitro study

Author: 1Dr. Julie George Alapatt, 2Dr. Lylajam S, 3Dr. Mehul R. Mahesh, 4Dr. Joy P.T., 5Dr Divya K D
54 To compare and correlate the ki-67 and p53 expression in odontogenic keratocyst, in dentigerous cyst and ameloblastomas

Author: 1Dr Deepa Hugar, 2Dr Shashi Ranjan, 3Dr Santosh Hugar, 4Dr Sangameshwar Sajjanshetty
55 A novel lip repositioning technique with reversible trial for the management of excessive gingival display: A case Report.

Author: 1Dr. Basavaraju Mounika, 2Dr. Sisinty Vidya Sagar, 3Dr. Juliet Josephin J, 4Dr. Suryakanth Malgikar, 5Dr. Bommakanti Revathi
56 Comparison of lip prints, tongue prints and finger prints among Karnataka and Maharashtra population

Author: 1Dr Deepa Hugar, 2Dr Malik Aqueel Ahmed Khan, 3Dr Santosh Hugar, 4Dr Sangameshwar Sajjanshetty
57 Surgical Endodontic Management of Sure Short Extraction Cases of Aggressive Root Resorption - A Case Series

Author: 1Dr Sucheta Kapil, 2Dr Pallavi Kumari, 3Dr Prabhat Mandhotra, 4Dr Deepakshi Angral
58 A knowledge, attitude and practices study regarding interdental cleaning aids among dentists of Saurashtra region in Gujarat

Author: 1Dr. Prerna Pandey, 2Dr. Nayana Patel, 3Dr. Radha Changela, 4Dr. Nisha Verlianey, 5Dr. Ankit Sant, 6Dr. Ruchita Thakkar
59 Oral Manifestations of Corona –Virus disease 2019(COVID-19): A Brief review

Author: 1Dr. Shoborose Tantray
60 Indices in implantology- A proposed classification

Author: Dr. Uzma Irshad, Dr. Mohammad Faisal
61 Non pharmacological recommendations for orthodontic pain

Author: 1Amit Handa, 2Himanshu Shrivastav, 3Shraddha Jadhav, 4Dipali Mane, 5Priyanka Narote, 6Purva Dhannawat
62 Potency and Accuracy of Spirulina in the treatment of Oral Submucous Fibrosis

Author: 1Dr. Somi Fatima, 2Dr. Nitin Agarwal, 3Dr. Sudhir Shukla, 4Dr. Mohammad Umar, 5Dr. Neha Agarwal, 6Dr. Krishan Kant Choudhary
63 The Effectiveness of Invisalign Treatment and Its Disadvantages among Orthodontic Patients in KSA

Author: 1Dr. Rawan Talat Sagga, 2Dr. Rawan Khalid Abujabal, 2Dr. Zahra Hassan Alosaif, 2Dr. Fatimah Adel Madani, 2Dr. Abdulaziz Nasser Alajaji, 2Dr. Sara Nedal Naseem, 2Dr. Mohammad Waleed Aboajmah, 2Dr. Abdulaziz Nizar Ghulam, 2Dr. Raghad Hassan Alsharif , 2Dr. Dina Talal Sroji, 2Dr. Bader Hamad Alkhudhayri, 2Dr. Asrar Saud Alraddadi, 2Dr. Bashayer Abdulrahman Bahamdain, 3Dr. Renad Ahmed Barayan, 3Dr. Shroouq Ali Barayan

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