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Volume - 3 - 2020 Issue - 2 - April


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1 Value of Salivary Biomarker as a Diagnostic Tool in Oral Cancer- A Systematic Review

Author: 1 Diana Daniel, 2 Jerin Jose, 3 Santosh B S, 4 Sindhu S Rao
2 Rare Case Report: Paramolar-Bilateral Associated With Clinical Complication

Author: 1Dr. Pallavi Sharma, 2Dr. Vikas Jindal, 3Dr. Amit Goel, 4Dr. Komal Fanda
3 Knowledge of Dentists towards Cone Beam Computed Tomography in Delhi NCR Region – A Questionnaire Survey

Author: 1 Dr. Vikash Ranjan,2 Dr. Shalabh Kaushik,3 Dr. Soumendu Bikash Maiti
4 Effect of Dry and Wet Cyclic Loading on the Longevity of Dental Composites

Author: 1Dr. Gurveen Kaur, 2Dr. K Vijay Venkatesh, 3Dr. D Sihivahanan
5 Use of OTF in iris positioning -A Case Report

Author: 1 Dr Veena Saraf, 2 Dr Divya Toshniwal, 3 Dr Sayali Kalantri, 4 Dr Kanchan Sehwal
6 Esthetic Evaluation Of Smiling Profiles In Relation To Incisor Labolingual Inclination And Maxillary Anteroposterior Position – A Photographic Study

Author: 1Dr. Ekavenika Kovelakar, 2Dr. Srinivas Satyanarayana Katta
7 Comparison and evaluation of the cast index score with dmft and icdas ii of 9-11 year olds residing in East Bangalore

Author: 1Dr. Clarissa Suting, 2Dr.Laghna Gowda, 3Dr. Ila Srinivasan, 4Dr. Swathi Kakathkar, 5Dr. Akhil.P, 6Dr.Nayana. K.M
8 Evaluation of Enzymes (ALT, AST AND ALP) In Serum and Saliva of Chronic Periodontitis Patients Before and After Non Surgical Periodontal Treatment

Author: 1Dr. Ajith S, 2Dr. Sanjeev R, 3Dr. Shyamaladevi M P , 4Dr. Plato Palathingal, 5Dr. Najeer Musthafa
9 Evaluation of Prevalence of Dental Caries in Diabetic Tobacco Users in a Sample Indore Population: A Cross Sectional Study.

Author: 1Ruchi Verma, 2Suparna Ganguly Saha, 3Anuj Bharadwaj, 4Mainak Kanti Saha, 5Shrija Paradkar
10 Awareness of Oral Hygiene measures in the population of Bhavnagar District

Author: 1Dr. Sunil K. Bapure, 2Dr Arpit Oza, 3Dr Suchit Dana, 4Dr Takshil D. Shah
11 The miracle gel for Down syndrome adolescents

Author: 1Dr. Anupama S Prakash, 2Dr. Priya Subramaniam, 3Dr. Shwetha Rao
12 Antibiotic Therapy and Pediatric Dentistry

Author: 1Dr. Pooja Goel, 2Dr. Manu Sharma, 3Dr. Ambreena Khurshid, 4Dr. Sanjay Chachra, 5Dr. Abhishek Dhindsa, 6Dr. Achla Sethi
13 Comparative evaluation of various intraoral topical anaesthetics and precooling agents for pain perception during needle prick in Pediatric Patients – A Clinical Study

Author: 1Dr Ambreena Khurshid, 2Dr Pooja Goel, 3Dr Sanjay Chachra, 4Dr Abhishek Dhindsa, 5Dr Gurpreet Kour, 6Dr Manu Sharma, 7Dr Nadia
14 Prevention and infection control measures for oral health professionals in India Amidst covid-19 outbreak- A Review

Author: 1 Vishwanath Pattar,2 Swetha Math, 3 Shashank Vijapure
15 Retrievability of calcium hydroxide mixed with different vehicles from root canals with various chelators used in combination with sodium hypochloride: an in vitro cone beam computed tomography volumetric analysis.

Author: 1Dr. Pawan Pawar, 2Dr. Meenal Gulve, 3Dr. Swapnil Kolhe, 4Dr. Gayatri Aher
16 Evaluation of Relationship Between Maxillary Sinus Mucosal Thickening And Alveolar Bone Loss In Localized Periodontitis

Author: 1Dr Laxmikanth Chatra, 2Dr Nazia Qurashi, 3Dr Prashanth Shenoy, 4Dr Veena K M, 5Dr Rachana Prabhu
17 To Determine The Push Out Bond Strength of Four Different Root Canal Sealers- An In Vitro Study.

Author: 1Dr. Ashutosh Chaudhari, 2Dr. Prashant Bondarde, 3Dr. Sudha Patil, 4Dr. Shoeb Mujawar, 5Dr. Priyanka Parakh, 6Dr. Suhas Navgire
18 Comparative Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activity of Pomegranate, Papaya Juices, 0.12% Chlorhexidine And 2% Sodium Fluoride Against Streptococccus Mutans: An In Vitro Microbial Study.

Author: 1Dr. Priyanka Parakh, 2Dr. Sudha Patil, 3Dr. Prashant Bondarde, 4Dr. Shoeb Mujawar, 5Dr. Ashutosh Chaudhari, 6Dr. Suhas Navgire
19 Regeneration in the Horizon - Case Series Using Platelet Rich Plasma and Platelet Rich Fibrin in Traumatized Immature Permanent Teeth

Author: 1Dr.Meghna Padubidri, 2Dr.Rachita Mustilwar, 3Dr.Sourabh Joshi, 4Dr.Neeta Padmawar, 5Dr.Gowri Pendyala, 6Dr.Viddyasagar Mopagar
20 The Restorative And Periodontal Intersection. A Myth or Reality.

Author: 1Tammineedi Sravanthi, 2Basam Lakshman Chowdary, 3Chava Vijay Kumar, 4Mandava Prasad, 5Basam Ram Chowdary, 6Singaraju Gowri Sankar
21 Dental Care Barriers and Oral Hygiene Challenges for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Author: 1Dr. Reem AlMadani, 2Dr. Sunil Babu Kotha, 3Madawi M. Al Otaibi,4 Dr. Mohammed S. Aldossary
22 Comparative Evaluation of The Cytotoxicity of 3% Sodium Hypochlorite, Chloroquick, 2% Chlorhexidine And Neem Leaf Extract As A Root Canal Irrigant On Human Red Blood Corpuscles At Cellular Level: An In Vitro Study.

Author: 1Dr. Suhas Navgire,2 Dr. Prashant Bondarde, 3Dr. Sudha Patil, 4Dr. Shoeb Mujawar, 5Dr. Ashutosh Chaudhari, 6Dr. Priyanka Parakh
23 Evaluation of Cavity Adaptation of Silver Nanoparticle Modified Biomineralizing Material

Author: 1Mavishna.MV, 2Kondas Vijay Venkatesh
24 Disinfection efficacy of Laser induced photoacoustic streaming on primary root canals infected with Enterococcus faecalis: An ex-vivo study.

Author: 1Prof Chandrashekar M Yavagal, 2Dr Lokeshwari Manjunath, 3Dr Deepak BM
25 Basic Erosive Wear Examination - A Review

Author: 1Dr Gayathri P , 2Dr Shiji Dinakaran, 3Dr Aruna V P, 4Dr Shima Mohan M, 5Dr Midhun M J, 6Dr Shabna Shajahan, 7Dr Archana Nair
26 Effect of different surface treatment protocols on adherence of streptococci mutans to enamel: An Invitro study

Author: 1Lt Col Sonali Sharma, 2Lt Gen SM Londhe SM, 3Maj Anubhav Chakraborty, 4Lt Col J Gurpreet Singh Bhalla,
27 Effectiveness of Botulinum Toxin A for Treatment of Hemimasticatory Spasm

Author: 1Dr. Abhishek Singh, 2Dr Sailesh Kumar Mukul, 3Dr Sumit Singh, 4Dr Dhritiman Pathak, 5Dr. Aiswarya Vaidyanathan
28 Vanishing Bone Disease of Mandible: A Diagnostic Challenge

Author: 1Dr. Abhishek Singh, 2Dr. Jagjit Kumar Pandey, 3Dr Sailesh Kumar Mukul, 4Dr. Hemendra Kumar, 5Dr. Aiswarya Vaidyanathan
29 Prevalence of Periodontal diseases in North Gujarat

Author: 1Dr Rachana M. Gandhi, 2Dr Haritma Nigam, 3Dr Mital Gandhi, 4Dr Takshil D. Shah, 5Dr Pravin Parmar
30 Withering C’s: A Morphometric Cone Beam Computed Tomographic Evaluation of the Cervical Spine

Author: 1 Dr. Anitha Raghunathan, 2 Dr. K.Saraswathi Gopal, 3Dr. V. Poongodi, 4 Dr. Divya. R
31 Evaluation of Properties of Retrograde Filling Materials

Author: 1Hemali S. Nankani, 2Vijay Venkatesh, 3Sihivahanan, 4Anchu Rachel Thoma
32 Evaluation of surface roughness of two different heat-cure acrylic resins finished by different grits of sandpaper followed by polishing.

Author: 1 Dr. Vishal P . Rathod,2 Dr. J R Patel, 3 Dr. Sareen Duseja,4 Dr. Kavan Patel, 5 Dr. Paramba Acharya, 6 Dr. Zeel Somani
33 Temporomandibular Disorders and Its Management

Author: 1Dr. Ankit Kumar, 2Dr. Kuldeep D'mello, 3Dr. Atul Singh, 4Dr. Jitesh Wadhwa, 5Dr. Swati Batheja
34 Quadrilateral Analysis Applied To Chennai Population with Deep Bite

Author: 1Dr. Dhivya Dilip kumar, 2Dr. R. Suga Priya, 3Dr. Poonkuzhali Suresh, 4Dr. Dhinahar, 5Dr. Deenadayalan Purushothaman, 6Akshay Tandon
35 Rehabilitation of Papillon- Lefevre Syndrome Patient: A Case Report

Author: 1Reeta Yadav, 2Akshay Kulkarni
36 Comparison of Bone Mineral Density of Mandible with That of Spine & Femur in Osteoporotic & Non-Osteoporotic Post Menopausal Women Using Dxa Scan

Author: 1Dr. Lisa Elizabeth Jacob, 2Dr. Kailasam Subramanian, 3Dr. Srividhya Srinivasan, 4Dr. Meenakshi Krishnan, 5Dr. Anju Mathew
37 Surgical Management of Periapical Lesion by Apicectomy

Author: 1Dr. Seema D.Pathak, 2Dr. PradnyaV.Bansode,3Dr. Darshana Kale, 4Dr. M. B. Wavdhane
38 Emotional Dissonance and Its Effect on the Dentist’s Performance in Hyderabad City: A Cross Sectional Study.

Author: 1Dr S Vishnu Priya, 2Dr Md Shakeel Anjum, 3Dr G Hariprasad, 4Dr M Jyothi, 5Dr T Pravallika
39 Opinions on Dental Fluorosis, Knowledge of Diagnosis, and Treatment Strategies among Visnagar Dentists: A Questionnaire Survey

Author: 1Dr.Sejal Gopani, 2Dr.Avani Patel,3Dr. Foram Sutaria,4 Dr.Vishal Parmar, 5Dr. Paramba Acharya, 6Dr. Gaurav Vaishnav
40 Maxillary First Molar with Three Mesiobuccal Canals: A Case Series

Author: 1Dr Midhun MJ, 2Dr Anupama S Gopinathan, 3Dr Swathi P, 4Dr Shima Mohan M, 5Dr Aruna VP , 6Dr Gayathri P
41 Maxillary Expansion: A Review

Author: 1Dr. Raunak Manjeet,2 Dr. Kuldeep D’mello, 3 Dr. Atul Singh, 4 Dr. Jitesh Wadhwa,5 Dr. Swati Srivastava
42 Comparison of Mini Implants and Nance Palatal Arch Mediated Anchorage Reinforcement during En-Masse Retraction in Maxillary Dentoalveolar Protrusion-A Cephalometric Study

Author: 1Dr. Aivin K Cleetus,2Dr.Sreejith Kumar,3Dr.Babukuttan Pillai ,4Dr.Manjit Rajan, 5Dr.Anand Krishnan
43 Knowledge, perception, attitude and skills of dental graduates of Kashmir on geriatric dentistry: A whatsapp based questionnaire survey

Author: 1Dr.Sana Farooq, 2Dr.Shafia Sarfi
44 Prevalence of Dental Anxiety Among Children In Sullia & Factors Associated With It – A Cross Sectional Study

Author: 1Dr Savitha N S, 2Dr Shilpa S, 3 Dr Krishnamoorthy S H, 4Dr Ramesh R, 5Dr Geetha R
45 Natal Tooth : The Ouch In The Baby’s Mouth

Author: 1Sana Farooq, 2Nazia Lone, 3Mohsin Sidiq, 4Ishtiyaq Geelani , 5Arshid Khanday
46 Lasers in Prosthodontics: A Review

Author: 1 Dr.Bhavya Venkatesh, 2 Dr.Gautam Shetty,3 Dr.Gangaiah.M, 4 Dr.Shreya .Bukkapatnam
47 Impact of Periodontal Health on the Quality of Life among HIV Patients - An Exploration

Author: 1Dr Jyoti I Pattanshetti, 2Dr Shivaraj B Warad, 3Dr Vani C Hunasikatti, 4Dr Nagaraj B Kalburgi ,5Dr Arati C Koregol, 6Dr. Pushpa C Pattanshetti, 7Dr Nandini Shirigeri
48 Irritational Fibroma of Lower Buccal Mucosa: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Shoborose Tantray, 2Dr. Seema Sharma, 3Dr. Nazima Nasrullah, 4Dr. Sajad ul islam Mir
49 Philosophies of Prevention in Prosthetic Dentistry

Author: 1 Dr. Aushili Mahule, 2 Dr. Jaykumar Gade, 3 Dr. Vandana Gade
50 Assessment of Micronuclei Assay as a Screening Tool among Tobacco and Non Tobacco Users - A Cross Sectional Study.

Author: 1Dr. Rajesh Kumar.K, 2Dr. Prathyusha Reddy, 3Dr. Sudeepti Soni, 4Dr. Srikanth, 5Dr. Madeti Trinadh Kumar
51 Efficacy of Injectable- Platelet Rich Fibrin (i-PRF) in Enhancing Gingival Biotype Quality: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr.Prashansa Sharma, 2Dr. Tarun Gaur, 3Dr.Shivam Agarwal, 4Dr. Balram Garg
52 3D Printing - Revolutionizing Prosthodontics: A Review

Author: 1Dr. Jeewan Bachan Dhinsa, 2 Dr. Prabal Sharma, 3 Dr .Bhumika Sharma, 4 Dr. Aishwarya Mehrotra,
53 Twin Radix Entomolaris – A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. S. Balagopal, 2Dr. Nazrin M, 3Dr. Charanya Chandrasekaran, 4Dr. Senthil Nathan Natarajan
54 Fibrolipoma of the Palate: A Common Tumor in an Uncommon Area: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr.Himanshu Bhutani,2 Dr.Ashish Sharma ,3 Dr.Hani Yousuf Naik , 4 Dr.Nishant Kumar
55 Covid-19: A Health Care Emergency and Potentional Risk for Dental Health Professionals

Author: 1 Dr Abhishek Jain, 2 Sumera Pervaiz Khan
56 Mononeuritis Multiplex: A Rare Case Report of the Extra-glandular Manifestation of Sjogren syndrome

Author: 1Dr. Nimisha Divakar, 2Dr. Manoj Vengal, 3Dr. Auswaf Ahsan, 4Dr. Ashir K R
57 PRF An Adjunct to Rejuvenation: A Review

Author: 1 Dr. Asha Nara, 2 Dr. Bodhyanga Kedare, 3 Dr. Viddyasagar Mopagar, 4 Dr. Sharanpriya, 5 Dr. Mahadevi B Hosur, 6 Dr. Sneha Ginimav
58 Management of Zygomatic Arch Fractures by Gillies Temporal Approach: Case Series

Author: 1Dr. Mansi Dey, 2Dr. Amit Sarkar, 3Dr. Udit Rohatgi, 4Dr. Shivam Agarwal, 5Dr. Vidhi C. Rathi, 6Dr. Gagan Khare, 7Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
59 Split the Maxilla – Restore the Vertical and Esthetics: Prosthodontist way - A case report

Author: 1Dr. Aarti Mehta, 2 Dr. Sunil Kumar MV,3 Dr. Harikesh Rao, 4 Dr. Kanwardeep Singh Sohi, 5 Dr. Rajesh Kumar
60 Orthodontic Elastics

Author: 1Dr. Swati Batheja, 2 Dr. Kuldeep D' mello,3 Dr. Atul Singh, 4 Dr. Jitesh Wadhwa, 5 Dr. Ankit Khetan

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